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February 13, 2012

Figgs.jpg - 102.43 K     Saturday night was a fun night...we went over to the Armory in Somerville to catch what was billed as Roger Miller presents Early Cartoons with Solo Prepared Piano. So I thought he'd be accompanying the cartoons on piano...instead he played scores that I am pretty sure are supposed to go with cartoons then they showed the cartoons without him playing. So I was a little would have been great for him to accompany the images.
   But it was a great event nonetheless. We watched vintage cartoons from the 20's and 30's reminds me of another cool experience: watching him and The Alloy Orchestra playing to makes me wonder what the people originally watching these images thought in their time. They are from an earlier time when society was so much more na´ve. In that way the cartoons were pretty amusing and entertaining. Judy Wilburn was with us and she noted that Roger and Sue actually used to do these sorts of things at their alternative funky things....awesome idea!!

    From there we headed over to Atwood's to catch The Figgs. The place was packed - of course Atwoods is tiny!_ but there had been some buzz about this show...These guys backed up Graham Parker for years...and you can tell they are seasoned musicians . But I don't know...I wasn't getting all that excited...they were OK...then they said "Here's a song we just wrote" and proceeded to perform the stupidest song ever...

    Do me like you said you would baby;
   Do me like I've never been done..."
    and in there somewhere I swear I heard "Put your promise where your mouth is"...

    I'm sorry... JUST WROTE IT??? is this 1985 or is this 2012??? Who would write just ridiculously asinine lyrics? They tried to get the audience to sing along to the chorus and ya know....maybe I wasn't the only one in there who thought it was stupid as shit because no one would sing along!! Needless to say I split shortly after that.....but if you are sorry you missed the show they will be playing at Church for two nights in June (the 1st & 2nd) ....

    Oh and ya gotta go to Tommy White's Facebook page for a walk down memory lane folks: he just posted a bunch of still from the making of Billy Goon Party Rap - which I might add was a BGN Flexi Disk in the early 80's!!

    OK so here's some choice stuff comin' up:

   This Friday Feb 17th James Straight & The Wide Stance are at The Cantab....

    Here's a really awesome show (2 great nights actually) at Great Scott in Allston on Saturday & Sunday Feb 18 & 19 : it's a CD Release party for The Ducky Boys' new disc "Chasing The Ghost" , with The Hudson Falcons, Energy and Tijuana Sweetheart on Saturday and The Pinkerton Thugs, Refuse Resist and Lushlife on Sunday....
    Also on Sunday: The Roy Sludge Trio are doing Sunday the 19th and Sunday the 26th at early 4PM show...Radio is awesome and it would be cool to see them there but they are also doing a show at The Plough on Friday Feb 24th - that would be a great venue to catch this band!

    But wait I'm getting ahead of myself coz I wanted to mention that Up Your Bucket is at Precinct on Wednesday the 22nd!!
    And the Del Fuegos are back with a show at the Paradise on Wednesday as well!!
    And there's a good show at Precinct on Saturday the 25th with The Gentlemen, Watts and The Rationales....and as Bob Colby said Watts are a ROCK band!! YEAH!

    Tony Savarino is celebrating his new CD with his Stratospherical Album Premiere and Release Show on Saturday, March 3 at The Magic Room

    And March 10th there's a killer show at Church with Lyres, Nervous Eaters, Satin Kittens and Port Charles Quintet with Boston's best drummer Dennis McCarthy coming up from Pittsburgh for the show!!- whew!!

    HEY!! Email us with your latest news, I'm feelin' lonely here!!

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