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April 15, 2004

THrills From straight out of the first wave of bona fide punk rock comes this Boston gem. THRILLS were part of the Real Kids/DMZ/Cars/Nervous Eaters/LaPeste school of bash-it-out and make 'em dance school of driving rock and roll. Like a demented cross between the sweet Spector girl-groups and the faster-than-Ramones tempos of a Black Flag, THRILLS were, as their heroes the New York Dolls would say, too much too soon. This collection features their only single, plus demos plus live cuts that no punk completest can or should live without! Includes guitarist/writer/talk show host Johnny Angel on guitar and Merle Allan on bass! So go to to get it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Downbeat 5 kick off a mid-winter weekend in Portland, ME at Geno's with BOMP! recording artists The Coffin Lids….WHERE: Geno's, 13 Brown St., Portland, ME, WHEN: Friday, February 20, 2004 9pm and for you here in town: The Downbeat 5 help The Tarbox Ramblers kick off the relrease of their CD "A Fix Back East" Also on the bill are the incredible Triple Thick and Whoa Man Jesus. WHERE: T.T. The Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St., Central Square, Cambridge, MA WHEN: Saturday, February 21, 2004 8:30pm Admission: $10 (21+)…….I hate these competitions but anyway…..Three Day Threshold has won 3rd place in the New England Songwriters Competition sponsored by New Life Entertainment for their song "Black River Gold." They got a little recording time out of it, so be looking for some new songs coming down the pike. Also, with their 3rd song on MTV's Real World (Behind the Barn, Black River Gold and Victory), MTV has asked Three day Threshold to do some more tracks for them….cool!!….

OK, this is info given to me from a friend…it's not like I read the personals or anything but we hear it was on Craig's List….The guitarist for The Unbusted is hot to trot and wants a groupie, girls!… go see them this Thursday at TT the Bear's Place He asks that you "Stand up front!!!!" What I wanna know is how many "beautiful rock girls" are gonna know the difference between a "tweed (yellow) fender > bassman amp. NOT a black Fender twin or a black > deville."????? Either way since three of The Unbusted's songs were on the Farrelly Brothers soundtrack "Stuck On You" maybe they will become famous and you really CAN have an actual rock star…… please note that we have just posted our brand new Jon Macey interview!!!Jon is a founding father of the Boston Scene and this interview deserves a read 9scroll down to get to it) and to further your education you should go see Jon this Friday…... founder of Fox Pass,
(also a very important figure in Boston Rock history!!)
will be gigging for the first time in a very very long time:

Saturday, February 21st at the Kirkland

He will have original members of Fox Pass as well as newer band members and will be performing songs from his long career spanning these many years….GO!!!


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