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February 25, 2008

New vinyl, we always need that./ OK folks, this week we want to remember the victims of the Station Night Club fire. This past Wednesday was the 5th year anniversary of the fire! It was a terrible tragedy and I know for myself and many others I know it hit home because we spend time on night clubs just like that. The least you can say is that that fire and the loss of the lives of all those people has changed fire laws so that going out to listen to music can be safer. There have been many a time I've been struck with a weird paranoid feeling, while watching the band all of a sudden I'm thinking about where I'd run if there was a fire....let us hope nothing like that ever happens again....
Now speaking of hanging out in clubs.....
This Thursday, Feb 28th, The Worlds Greatest Sinners are at The Plough and Stars and speaking of the Plough I guess last weekend was a swingin' time there, we hear that Wayne Viens, John Felice, Frank Rowe and Asa Brebner were hanging out for the Family Jewels gig and in comes Billy Ruane and whisks said guys away for a fabulous night on the town, yeah yeah sounds fun guys... (Family Jewels, Asa's band, will be there again March 22nd along with the Cranktones)....
This Friday February 29th at Dodge Street in Salem is an really great show with Red Invasion, Joe Mazarri and The Illegals...
And Harper's Ferry is really getting good, March 7th is The Fleshtones, Lyres and Prime Movers
We have a pretty good weekend coming up at the Abbey too: this Friday, the 29th is The Swaggerin' Growlers, American Romantic, Lach and Squallie Greenthumb Then Saturday March 1st is Red Quiet, Radio Knives (who ROCK!), Black Hollies(NYC) and The Hammond Group
And at The Cantab on Saturday are Death & Taxes, Dave Smith and The Dirty Truckers
And folks here is a gig not to be missed; March, 28 2008 at The Living Room in Providence RI: Red Invasion, The Murder Junkies, The Sleazies, Midnight Creeps And its all ages!!! WOW!!
Again, last but never least; is Johnny Angel not only are there BlackJacks T Shirts are now available...NOW for us Thrills fans, and there are lots of us, we hear that they should be available in about two weeks, the design will be Barb's face and the standard logo lettering...we'll let you know where to go for those but for now hwre's where to get your Blackjacks stuff

If you don't want to go out you can stay home and get an earful of Krautrock on WMBR 88.1 FM this week. It's being called the Blizkreig Bop. A similiar thing was done for Swedish punk now Germany gets its propers. When else are you going to get a chance like this.
Part 1 with Sara on Gorilla Got Me: Wed. Feb. 27, 2-4PM
Part 2 with Joanie on Late Riserís Club: Thurs. Feb. 28, 10-noon
and joining the action is Keith who will do an hour of German pop Wed. at 9AM on BOC and Jesse will dedicate his ...Intercontinental... to that area on Wed. at 6PM.
The LRC webpage has a neat picture...Krautrock

Also worth checking out is the new Gizmos MySpace page brought to you by Ted Neimic, one of the original Gizmos along with Kenne Highland, or Krazee Ken Highland as he was called back then. Visit this page and you will see the pic that made me go gaga over Krazee Ken among other stuff, like say Gizmo songs and info! Weeeeee!!!...
And from Lawless Records comes news of the release of the New Frustrations four song "Power Pop Rocks" E.P., "Out of the ashes of the late, great Johnnies comes the debut 45 by the New Frustrations. If you are a fan of all those great power pop bands from the late 70's and early 80's you will love the New Frustrations. Three killer original songs and one cover of the Atlantics, "One Last Night." So can order from here!!!: New Frustrations disk AND note: Limited amount of colored vinyl available. .....
Lawless Records is also working on a Unnatural Axe tribute disk, on which other bands will cover Axe songs...can't wait for that one!!!
And speaking of Unnatural Richie Parsons leaving us behind??? Does he think he is just too good for us Boston Rockers?? NOW that he's gonna have a tribute record and he hangs out with Paris Hilton I guess we just aren't good enough for him anymore.... Well Richie we knew you when!! HA HA, that's a joke folks (we Love ya Richie!) but truth be told...he WAS with Paris as you can see below.....
There you have and send some news if ya wanna..... Bye for this week, ML

Who's that with Richie?
Who's that with Richie?
Oh ya, Paris Hilton.
Photo by John Nikolai
Eric the Great
Lawless Records Mogul wonders
who to sign next!!
Photo by Miss Lyn


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