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March 1, 2010

Mar17POSTER.jpg - 192.45 K     hey we tried to get into Precinct this Saturday to catch The Young Tremors CD Release Party with Watts and The Dirty Truckers but as we approached what do we see but A WAITING LINE!!! Damn!!! They were filled to capacity and the line was long and the temps were cold so we left...went to the old stand by the Middle East up and they were sold out!!! We should have gone to Johnny D's to catch Thee Cuban Heels and Rock Bottom but we spaced that out... typical of we here at the BGN..uh, duh - but that's what makes us so damned lovable right???..anyway I posted on Facebook that I was frustrated coz we couldn't get in and Laura M commented "there are too many good shows happening in tiny venues that sell out, whereas all the crap music gets to play in the large venues. Go figure!"...yup! In agreement Laura, I've said it before...the bigger venues have all the crap and now we're getting shut out? that sucks big time! Anyway I hear It was an excellent show and I am sure it was.
    We're into March now folks! ....hopefully winter will be over keep us going though there's lots to look forward to.....

    For all of us that could not get into Precinct for the Young Tremors CD Release Party they are playing at The Midway every Friday on March: this Friday 3/5 Young Tremors and The Sprained Ankles and The Bad Lieutenants - next Friday 3/12 with The Swinedells and 1977..... then on 3/19 with Classic Ruins and Jay Allen and The ArchCriminals and on 3/26 with the Acrobrats ALL damn good bills!!
    And at TT the Bear's this Friday 3/5 is a great show, it's the Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents CD Release Party also with Barrence Whitfield & the Monkeyhips, Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints, Gene Dante & the Future Starlets, Blizzard of 78, Jed Parish
    and there are just too many excellent choices for this Saturday, March 6th,:
    1) Middle East UP is The Marvels, Dead Friends and Tijuana Sweetheart (formerly Vagiant but the name has changed since Chrissie left the band), Never Got Caught ...!!
    2) over in Allston, at O'Brien's with The Curses , Coffin Lids, The Tampoffs and The Thick Shakes take
    3) (thanks to Amy Prohaska and her fabulous Weekend Update emails I heard about ) The Cover Ups, Girs doing Girls at The Lizard Lounge in got an amazing show with Jordan Valentine as Janis Joplin, Andrea Gillis as Tina Turner, The So So's (Anngelle Wood, Ashley Willard, Beth Holub, Hilary Hughes, Kerri-Ann Richard, and Veronica Dale) as the Go Go's, Jillian Santella as Cyndi Lauper and Jenee Halstead as Emmylou Harris

    SO like I said, its March and it's Boston and that means St. Patrick's Day shenanigans to be had by all.....if you wanna do the drive's an excellent St Paddy's day show with original Dropkick Murphys member Rick Barton and his band Continental, with Bryan McPherson, The New Frustrations, Noggin (Featuring Richie Parsons and members of the Dogmatics), and the Purse Snatchers on Wednesday March 17th at Memorial Hall in Plymouth.
    Of course you have your DropKick Murphys 50 of them in 2 days or'll find 'em or already know about 'em...
At The Middle East Up you got your St Patrick's Day Blowout Featuring: Swaggerin' Growlers, F Bombers, Faulty Conscience, Old Edison, Time and Place
    Three Day Threshold are at Precinct for a St Patrick's Day Party in Union Sq!
    And of course at The Plough and Stars is a FREE St Paddy's Day party with a Pogues cover band!!!
    many options for tossing back several Guinnesses!
    After that The Beachcomber in Quincy on Friday March 19th with Big Bad Bollocks, Beantown Boozehounds, Paul & The Strings and Drago. and.....
    in town at The Middle East UP is a whole weekend event of punk rock.....Boston Rules, OK! and it goes like this: Fri 3/19: Night One - COA, PanzerBastard, Side Effects, Cromulent, Nothing But Enemies, Revilers
    Sat 3/20 -Day One - The Pinkerton Thugs, Tommy and the Terrors, Razors in the Night, Disorderly Conduct, Oi! the Band, Colin and The Cancer
    then Sat 3/20.....Night Two - The Vigilantes, Jason Bennett and the Resistance, These Lies, Paul & The Strings, War of Words
    Sun 3/21 - Day Two - Guns Up!, For the Worse, Ashers, Watchfire, Word for Word Oi.

    And Thursday 3/25 is a very interesting event at TT The Bear's :its Boston Underground Film Festival "Tokyo Steampunk" Party with Humanwine, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Jaggery, and OwlWatcher
    Mark your calendars now for Nancy Neon's Rat Reunion Nights in first weekend of April, at The Cantab The Flashcubes, 1-4-5, The Varmints, The Boize, Foxpass, Third Rail, The Last Ones and The Classic Ruins......
    and more reunions....I can't wait for this one!! Johnny D's (the one in Allston from the good ole days) Reunion!!! At Church Saturday May 1st, with Turbines, Prime Movers, Classic Ruins and Moose & The Mudbugs

... you can email us at: Miss Lyn email......


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