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March 10, 2008

Michele and the Hat people SO this past Friday was a fun night....first I went with pals Michele Meadows and Kim Ackland to The Preview Party for the New England Flower Show, really dahling this is not the regular show for the little people, this is the private preview; open bar, fabulous hors d'overs. Yes and we were there just because we are so special!! So here's a photo of Michele with the infamous "Hat Sisters" who were there in fine style for the evening.....

then we went to see The Fleshtones, Lyres , Prime Movers show at Harper's Ferry . Well you just can't go wrong with a bill like that and there was no disappointment at all... the whole night was great. Harper's has a great stage and pretty decent sound system and all the bands were in great form. The Fleshtones, after all these years, were as crazed and energy packed as ever!! The last time I saw them was at Streets which was also in Allston but on Comm Ave right at the Harvard/Comm Ave intersection. I think it's a CVS now or something!! Anyway here's some pics for you to see of the night.....and have you read Blowie's review of Sweat the Fleshtones story??? just Click .....
Now coming up.....My choice for St Patrick's Day weekend shenanigans right now is this Friday Night, 3/14, at The Middle East UP with Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys, The Stumbleweeds, The Swinedells, The Allrighters EXCELLENT bill if I do say so myself and keep the green spirit goin' the next night (Saturday March 15th) with The Men at Church, beyond that ....

All photos this week by Miss Lyn
The Fleshtones
The Fleshtones
Friday March 28th TT The Bear's Place has The Shods, The Teenage Prayers, Watts and The Tampoffs
and on March 29th you can take a stroll back in time at The Cantab downstairs and pretend you're back on Kirkland Street at Club Bohemia coz the Modniks are playing at The Cantab along with the most fabulous Hank Susskind as MC!! ....
Friday the 21st at The Midway is Fashion Failures, The Killer Abs and The Doom Buggies.... Thursday Mar 27 at The Abbey is the Black Fortress Of Opium CD Release party with Black Fortress of Opium, Garvy J and The Invisible Rays....
And get ready coz on Friday, March, 28 2008 at The Living Room in Providence RI there is a most, most awesome show with Murder Junkies, Red Invasion, Sleazies and The Midnight Creeps...
Music with Muscle
The Fleshtones
In the audience
Fleshones in the audience
and then the sickness spreads to Boston on Sunday March 30th is the GG Allin Memorial Show with Murder Junkies, Thunderhog, Mob Hit, Shit F*ck, Eat The Homeless, Iza and DJ Hair Ball spinning scuzz punk... wow. ...
I can't even think about April right now.....
We do have to leave on a sad note, Kitty Marrs, formerly known as Kitty Litter to many has passed away. She was a well known and loved poet and fashion designer(she designed Aerosmith's clothes back in the day)in this area for many many years...the Poetry Slam at Lizard Lounge is having a Tribute to her Sunday March 9th but you can go here to see some Kitty pics as another tribute to Kitty from Sqwack
But remember folks, I'm looking forwards to your do write huh? Lyn.....
Pokemono Jeff and Rick
Pokemono Jeff and Rick/Lyres
Cam Ackland
Cam Ackland/Prime Movers


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