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March 22, 2010

    First we must start with a fond farewell to Alex Chilton.....
    Alex Chilton did great work with the Box Tops but it's those Big Star LP's that mean so much to a lot of the people who later joined the punk movement. The early seventies were a fallow time for good rock and there in the middle was Alex in Big Star writing and performing some glorious pop. They weren't in sync with any movement; they were out there on their own. The LP's never found a big audience but they found the right audience. REM most obviously and others took it in and processed it in the pop end of punk and the inde music that followed.
   Music means a lot to me and I assume the people reading this and when music like the kind Big Star makes comes out and is almost ignored but you come across it and know THIS IS GREAT it means the world to you. Those are the records you don't put in alphabetical order; those are tucked in the separate stack near the record player. That's where my Big Star LP's are.
   We get so much from artists like Alex Chilton but I don't know if we thank them enough. RIP Alex.

   And Alex was 59....hmm....most of our readers are "up there" in age …and what do I come across on TV this weekend?...Young@Heart the documentary about the seniors who sing rock'n'roll. Here they are performing I Wanna Be Sedated Are we there yet??
    And Larry LaFerla,ex of 007, on Facebook this weekend, was saying "My middle-aged Facebook Friends and I are so nostalgic. Noticed that? Makes me wonder... Imagine that we had FB and YouTube back in the 1960s/70s. Would our parents have been posting old clips of Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra?"
that sort of puts thing sin a new perspective!
    Well we're still rocking right?? And hopefully that'll keep us all young at heart too...... So what's out there......
    Thursday 3/25 is a very interesting event at TT The Bear's :its Boston Underground Film Festival "Tokyo Steampunk" Party with Humanwine, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Jaggery, and OwlWatcher
    Saturday, the 27th at Precinct you can find Watts and The DownBeat 5, cool!
    But there's also a decent line up at The Cantab on the 27th with a Nancy Neon Night featuring The Varmints, Fox Pass, The Mesmerines and Dennis Most and The Instigators (Dennis and his freinds, I hear from Nancy are straight ahead old school PUNK!)
    Next Sunday, March 28th, in Providence RI there's a really good show at Club Hell: Midnight Creeps (headlining), McGunks, Unnatural Axe, Meat Depressed, now that is an excellent show!!!
    Mark your calendars now for April 3rd...Nancy Neon's Rat Reunion Night at The Cantab with The Flashcubes, 1-4-5, The Varmints, The Boize, Foxpass, Third Rail, The Last Ones and The Classic Ruins......(ed. I thought Willie Loco was playing too..have to confirm that!) .

    and more reunions....I can't wait for this one!! Johnny D's (the one in Allston from the good ole days) Reunion!!! At Church Saturday May 1st, with Turbines, Prime Movers, Classic Ruins and Moose & The Mudbugs Nancy Neon is also doing and Art & Rock night at Church on April 11th...the music will be James Straight And The Wide Stance, Asa Brebner & Friends, MOWE and The Varmints starting at 9PM, BEFORE that is an art show with artists who are involved in the rock scene in Boston......that part of the show is from 7-8PM......after which you can go out to eat somewhere or just hang out and talk and drink then the bands are on at 9!!

    ..... you can email us at: Miss Lyn email......


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