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March 25, 2013

Reigning Sound at TT

Blowfish goes to TT the Bears: it's Thursday and it was full like a Saturday night. Reigning Sound has a big following (bigger than I expected) . They have come a few times thru the years and have built up fans with the live show but then again I think the CD's would do that themselves. I've caught them on the radio many times and they always catch my ear with energetic garage rock with pop sensibilities.
    Before them local Sand Reckoner played some psyche tinged rock. Nothing blew me away but they had some notable elements. I would like to see what they do in the future.
    I had high expectations for Reigning Sound that soon spiraled downward as about 4 mediocre mid tempo songs went by. Then as if they threw a switch they launched into about 8 songs in a row of the best ever garage make-your-ass-move rock. I can't even tell you much about it because I was in a rock reverie, just blissed out for 25 minutes. Then they began to sputter a bit again with the lead guy doing a few songs with just him and the keyboard player. Really, when the group can pump out the gems you go into singer/songwriter mode? I say, big mistake, but I did get the goods there for a while.

Sand Reckoner

Onward friends to gigs and other news:

   Looks like Rosebud is booking into June now.

   The Live at the Rat CD is getting closer and closer to actually being in your hands!! They sent out to their backers a bunch of photos of what the package looks like and a note saying they are almost off to the manufacturers so it won't be long my friends!!

   This Monday, March 25th, is the last night of Thalia Zedek's residency at TT's. ...also on the bill are Brokeback and Pouf Pony. And you can order Thalia's new CD here: Thrill Jockey)

Midway     This Friday March 29 has My Own Worst Enemy at Precinct with Mars and Tsunami of Sound.

   Also this Friday March 29 the Kenne Highland Clan is at The Granite Rail in Quincy...doing a special Kenne Highland Birthday show (Kenne's bday is April 2nd of course) ...we heard the Gizmos gig in Atlanta got cancelled…that is definitely a drag. We recently talked to Mike Quirk and Matt Burns and they were both incredibly psyched for the show....I feel sad about that.

    Saturday March 30 we got electro music by some of Boston's best with Adventure Set (Ken Scales) , Workforce (Michael Abbot/James Straight), and DJ Ike at The Middle East Up.

    Oh man April 6th has too many awesome things happening!! At Radio we celebrate Jay Allen's 50TH BIRTHDAY!!! with 11 bands ... the Archcriminals will play...also on the bill The Dogmatics, Muck & The Mires, Petty Morals, The Bristols (with special guest Jimmy Birmingham on drums!) The Dirty Truckers, The Other Girls, Underball and even Quest for Tuna...

   But then there's another benefit this night, 4/6...over at The Midway…this one is for the family of H David Grophear...who passed away suddenly last October...the show will be featuring the likes of Jason Bennet and The Resistance, Lenny Lashley, Mark Lind and a host of make it over there as well!

    But then there's Metal VS Punk Night at The Middle East Up with Razors in the Night, Sexcrement, Transfat and Soul Remnants... And wherever you decide to go , or go first,

    Before you head out to Radio or the Midway ....spend some time in the afternoon listening to the Rick Harte Interview at 2PM (show starts at 1) on WMFO's (91.5) A Crash Course for Ravers. This last weeks show was a hoot with Carl Biancucci going though a lifetime list of groups he's been in and then TMAX showing up and doing some live singing. The DJ's are fun loving, free wheeling, un-PC local music fans. It's radio with a sense of adventure. It almost feels like they sneaked on air and may end up breaking the mistake of course.

    Also on the 6th is the first of TWO Joe Coughlin Memorials (RIP Joe!!)...this first one is at the AmVets Post 51 in Randolph...the second on is May 11th at the Midway and will feature a bunch of bands...right now the list consists of the Classic Ruins, MOTO, and BJ Snowden. Updates to come!

   And April 12th is Mary Lou Lord performance and interview!!

    then head over to Radio on 4/12 for an absolutely killer show with Unnatural Axe...who almost never play anymore!! Along with Cleveland Punk band Wet Brain, Dry Hump and MfP.

    The Middle East Up on Friday May 31th are The 360's, Classic Ruins and Terrible Beauty...time to get out the old calendar and mark it for that one too!

    James Straight and The Wide Stance have a new CD coming out! It's called No Loitering and to celebrate they're having their CD Release Party on April 27th at All Asia in Central Sq Cambridge ...also on the bill is Cadillac Heart and Heptet. Go to their Reverbnation page to see a video and listen to some songs!

   The Neighborhoods will finally do that R.I. gig at the Met on April 27th...their last two scheduled shows were cancelled due to snowstorms! I mean with climate change and everything I'm pretty sure there will not be snow on April 27th though it may be 95 by then. You can buy tix at the Met website and play their wicked cool virtual record player to hear Prettiest Girl.

    Speaking of bad weather screwing things up....Norton Records' warehouse was hit by Storm Sandy and all their records, cds books and other stuff got messed up big time…there have been numerous benefits all over the country and they are working hard to get many of the records covers & sleeves and other items re-manufactured and fixed up. You can go to Nortonville and check out their blog and read up on their progress...and find out if there's a Norton Benefit coming to a venue near you!!



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