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March 28,2016

Photo: Arthur Freedman

It was a slow non-rockin' week for the BGN folks...but our friend Arthur Freedman went to PA's Lounge to see the Gash, Disipline, Syphlloids show. He reports that Gash was GREAT and "Indeed the bastard children of the Plasmatics Alive INSIDE!!!" and he's got the pics to prove it. Gash's lead singer Tibbie X is also the bass player for the current version of Reagan Youth.

Photo: Arthur Freedman

In other news.....

   The Boston Hassle people were interviewed on The Late Risers Club with Mully and revealed that they will be opening a space for music at some point. They wouldn’t nail the place exactly but said it would be along Mass Ave. Central Square maybe???.... but Mass Ave is a long stretch....we'll let you know when we find out.

Photo: Arthur Freedman

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

March 28 (Monday) The Goddamn Gallows, King Sickabilly Trio, and Outlaw Ritual are at The Middle East Up.

March 31 (Thursday) Hambone Skinny and Andy California are at The Plough and Star. Great bill!!

April 1 (Friday) "Drop Ya Mic and pick up yer paint brush" is a show of Musicians' art work at Once Lounge...check out the FB page..the list is looooonnnnggg. Providing music for the event will be The Old Edison, Tom Baker and the Snakes, Stars Like Ours and Ringtail. $9 cover with free apps, art at 6PM music about 8:30.

Photo: Arthur Freedman

April 1 (Friday) Kenne Highland 60th birthday party at The Cantab Club Bohemia - Alice Highland has canceled but Sour Cream will be playing Cream covers in their place. Club Linehan A Go Go and Classic Ruins are also on the bill. FB page

Rumble April 2 (Saturday) Kenne Highland 60th birthday bash at the midway (this is his actual birthday!) An afternoon 4PM show with The Korps, Moose & The Mudbugs, Jiblantos, HIXX

April 2 (Friday) the night show at The Midway is Wussy and The Thalia Zedek band.

April 3- 22 (Friday) Rock n Roll Rumble at Once Lounge

And further out past this week....

April 5 (Tuesday) The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Pine Hill Haints and Diablogato are at Great Scott

April 7, 8 & 9 (Thurs-Sat) Rock'n'Roll Rumble at Once

April 7 (Thursday) Gail Corcoran is putting on a show at Koto in Salem with Andysocial and The Antidotes, Jagger Holly (members of the Hollywood Blondes and The Spastic Hearts), Mongorellis and Jimmy Jacked

April 8 (Friday) Woooo yeah this is gonna be a GREAT show: Little Steven's Underground Garage presents Soraia , The Connection, The Black Souls, Kris Rodgers & The Dirty Gems at The Midway!!

April 9 (Saturday) The 6th Annual Hardcore Cotillion is at The Midway 4-8PM with The FUs, Iron Chin, The McGunks and The Struggle

Sam April 9 (Saturday) Bastards, The Worried, Greg Allen's Fringe Religion and The Sugar Cones at FH13 (That's Firehouse 13 in Provi, RI

April 10 (Sunday) keepin' on the TTs ritual of a Rockin' Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash - Once will host this one- 11Am- 4PM -"Tons of vendors selling vintage, vinyl, collectibles, clothing, plants, jewelry, art prints, musical items, basically ALL the cool shit you can't live without" PLus a DJ spinning music all day and much more!! FB page

April 10 (Sunday) There's a killer matinee show at Firehouse 13 in Provi with The Freeze, The Nervous Eaters, Neutral Nation, Bad Motherfucker, The Scrapes Starts at 2PM Here's the FB page

April 10 (Sunday) Hey Ho Let's Go- the Ramones and the Birth of Punk - retrospective opens at the Queens Museum in New York! (it runs thru July 31)

April 15 (Friday) The Sam Black Church doc Leave Behind a Groove in the Earth has its world premier at The Brattle tonight, doors at 9:15PM. (Tickets)

April 16 (Saturday) 11AM- 6PM Store 54 Store wide Clearance Sale!!! Bid a fond adieu to the lovely place today! Check out the FB page

Pop Up records April 16 (Saturday) 2nd Annual Pop-Up Record Shop is being held at Brighton Music Hall: "Presented by PBR and Tito’s Handmade Vodka and with special support from Small Town Brewery, the Pop-Up Record Shop was started by Do617 to highlight independent New England record labels who deal primarily in vinyl. With many of the larger record stores around Boston focusing on larger exclusive releases this time of year, local record labels tend to get shut out of the process. We have invited some of New England’s best labels, small record stores, and vinyl distributors to display their wares in the center of one of Boston’s creative hubs. THIS EVENT IS FREE WITH YOUR RSVP!" RSVP here It's 10AM - 2PM all ages!

April 15 & 16 (Fri & Sat) Rock'n'Roll Rumble Semi's at Once

April 16 & 17 (Saturday & Sunday) Store 54 Yard Sale and Clearance Sale

April 17 (Sunday) The Freeze, The F.U.s, Silver Screams, Destroi!, Profit Margin are at Koto in Salem. (Here's the FB page) This is Night 1 of TWO nights of the Freeze.

April 17 (Sunday) The Freeze, Psycho, Antibodies, The Egos, and Psychic Weight at Koto. (FB page)

April 21 (Thursday ) This should be FUN!: Wok And Roll Karaoke! at Koto in Salem

Art Show April 22 (Friday) Rock'n'Roll Rumble Final Show at Once

April 23 (Saturday) The Real Kids with Stop Calling Me Frank and The Knock Ups at the Midway

April 24 (Sunday) There's the "Generic Punk Show" at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly with Fishhead, Rockin' Bob Punk Band, Barroom Heroes, Sliver Screams, Mongorellis, Screw Cart, Profit Margins and The Off Whites. This is an afternoon s and all ages show- it starts at 3PM

April 28 (Thursday) The Abbey Lounge Reunion!! at Sally O'Brien's Night 1 -Red Zone Cuba 7:40, Classic Ruins 8:20, Triple Thick 9:00, The Charms 9:40, The Decals 10:20, Heavy Stud 11:00, The Drags (NobleRot) 11:40, and The Rudds 12:20 (FB page)

April 29 (Friday) The Abbey Lounge Reunion!! at Sally O'Brien's Night 2- Frigate 7:00, Jay Allen & Archcriminals 7:40, Malibu Lou 8:20, The Dirty Truckers 9:00, The Swinedells 9:40, The Acrobrats 10:20, Spitzz 11:00, The Tampoffs 11:40 and The Konks 12:20

April 30 (Saturday) The Abbey Lounge Reunion!! at Sally O'Brien's Night 3 - Schnockered 7:40, Asa Brebner 8:20, The Downbeat 5 9:00, Red Chord 9:40, Jordan Valentine 10:20, Coffin Lids 11:00, The Dents 11:40, Sugabomb 12:20

Chetstock April 30 (Saturday) The Upper Crust and Hayley Thompson-King are at Store 54 (FB page)

April 30 (Saturday) Michael Graves, Diablogato, 138, The Martians and You Scoundrel are at Once

April 30 (Saturday) The Upper Crust and Haley Thompson King are at Store 54

May 7 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers featuring The Cal Cali Band! That's WMFO 95.1 FM 1-4PM

May 7 (Saturday) At the Midway - both Day & Night Shows= ALL DAY!! Easy Ed’s Variety Hour 10th Anniversary Party!!! starring The Cranktones, Johnny Carlevale and His Band of All Stars (Special Reunion Show), The Barley Hoppers, The Bop Thrills, Easy Ed’s Record Hop and guest DJs and much much more!!!

May 7 (Saturday) Jon Macey and his Hummingbird Syndicate will be doing an all acoustic music show at In A Pig's Eye in Salem.

May 8 (Saunday) Dash Rip Rock in town from New Orleans at Store 54. This is an early evening show- 7-9PM

Barry and the Remains May 13 (Friday) Barry & the Remains, Lyres, Cal Cali Band and Muck & the Mires are at ONCE Ballroom -This show STARTS at 8PM The Remains are on at 9:30.

May 14 (Saturday) We loved him...he was unforgettable so the show goes on...Joe Coughlin Memorial- Johnny & The Jumper Cables and Classic Ruins more to come

May 22 (Sunday) Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds with Tiger Bomb and The Tarantula Brothers are at The Space Gallery in Portland ME

May 21 (Saturday) A Celebration of Life of Keith Brooks (friend and hardcore music lover) will be at The Midway - on the bill: The Struggle, Honest John, Words Of Truth, CHEECH, Straphangers, and DOT RATS -This show runs from 4PM to Midnight.

June 11 (Saturday) The Upper Crust, Thee Fabulous Itchies, The Hi-End and Shiny Beasts are at The Midway - there's a lot going on this night- check out the FB page.

CONTACT US - Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!


Tibbie X
Photo: Arthur Freedman

Photo: Arthur Freedman

Photo: Arthur Freedman


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