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April 06, 2009

This past week our roving reporters were out and about while I was home sick with bronchitis
Friday night the most fabulous BeatGirl went out to the Queers show at TT's. We have some good pics for ya from that show!!
You may have heard that the drummer of The Cute Lepers died 'in his sleep' of a bad combo of pills and alcohol…..very sad news and we are very sorry for that terrible loss of a young and talented band member. The Queers though found replacement bands fast…calling on not just friends but excellent choices! In stepped The DownBeat 5 and The Meat Depressed to fill out the bill at TT's. MORE PICTURES CLICK HERE

AAQueersHereJJ.jpg - 155.61 K

    Saturday Blowfish took a trek to Providence to check out the Remains movie and live Remains acoustic performance. Here's his take on the show:

   Blowfish Reports:
   I missed the showing of the Remains film at the Kendal Cinema so I was glad to see it being featured in the SENE film festival down in Providence last Friday. We had a review of the movie from that show…The REMAINS FILM. The film was shown In the Rhode Island School of Design auditorium. There were two or three hundred people by my guess-timation. The most prominent thing to me about the Remains is the amazing LP they put out but to many it's the fact that they toured with the Beatles in 1965.

ARemains.jpg - 97.92 K

   The film takes you back to those wild times and does a good job of transmitting the excitement of that past time. Then we get to see the group now and that to me is what I love about this film, the chance to see a group who love to play together, whenever and wherever. They just love the music they play.
   The four members of the group (one of which came from Arizona just for the night) where all there to play and even with only two guitars lightly amplified where able to put on a great feeling short set. In the film you can see they get the same sound now that they had in 1965.
   I love the way the film shows that the Remains have held their love of rock and roll together and they are a good model for other groups who want to play on for-oh, say…44 years and more. It was a good film and a great night.

AAMeatDepressed1.jpg - 190.39 K

    I stayed home and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Friday night and had a great time…AND I found a great photo from my latest PETA catalog of Mickey Rourke and his adorably and vicious Chihuahua Jaws. I've been meaning to mention that I was MOST impressed with Mickey when, during his acceptance speech for the Golden Globe award, he thanked his dogs, "those both living and gone"…now there's a MAN for ya!!!!

AAGS2.jpg - 158.00 K

    Ooops, back to music…..that's why we're here right?
    there's a swinging show at TT's this Thursday the 11th with The Swinedells and The Von Ehrics
Um, let's see….this Saturday, April 11th Marsman presents The Outlets, Underball and The Wynotts!! at Church
    we got The Groinoids!!! along with Psycho, An** C***, and Church on Thursday April 16th.
    OK, then on Friday April 17th at TT's it's Muck and The Mires and The Woggles …..
    And Saturday, April 18th , at the Middle East UP has great stuff all day:
    1PM show with Confront ( this is their 10th anniversary show), Morgan Knockers, The Murder, The Few And The Far, Squallie Greenthumb - and I might add this is also an All Ages show….
    then that night they bring in The Fleshtones, Lyres, and The Nouvellas!!
    ….really though, don't you think The Fleshtones should be playing somewhere way BETTER than the Middle East UP that seems ridiculous to me but whatever,..,
    in May, Richard Lloyd and The Sufimonkey Trio are at Church again
    also in May Eddie & The Hot Rods are back they too are at The ME UP instead of Harper's Ferry...what's up with that??? I don't like it, it's a drag but it's the band not the club... we go to see..
June 6th at O'Brien's are Pulp 45, The New Alibis and The Allrighters - excellent show!!

AADownBeat5.jpg - 153.72 K

    Also its a the Johnny Angel invasion in June....more on that again later....

   OK, there you have it for this week friends....
    we have for your viewing pleasure the link our pal Eric Law was sending about of The Upper Crust on The Craig Ferguson Show:
Enjoy: click to watch We're Finished with Finishing School

    the BIG news is our brand new Joey Shrine IS up and ready to enter!!! Scroll down to find the link!!
    Oh YEAH we just love us some Joey!
    email me huh....????.... Lyn ..????.... Lyn


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