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April 12, 2021

Dug McCormack

Congratulations to Dug McCormack on his one year anniversary of his Live Art show. Dug’s show is one of the pleasant surprises to come out of the necessity of home isolation caused by the pandemic. He’s taught us about the process of making a painting as he talks about art, music and the local scene. He also raises money for worthy causes. He’s made Thursday nights a destination!! You can check out his work and follow him on Facebook.

Dinosaur Jr did up a video for the second song to come off their new album, Sweep it into Space to be released on April 23. “ Garden” is a low key song for Dinosaur Jr. It’s about going back to basics during hard times, a good theme for now. Lou Barlow describes the genesis of “Garden” in an interview on the Paste website.

The band will do a live stream from the Sinclair, featuring the new album on Saturday May 1st at 9PM. Facebook event page And they start a tour at the end of July that goes into 2022, info here.

Brad Marino got a British premier for his video of “Even the Score” off his new album Looking for Trouble (out April 21). It on Rum Bar in the USA but Brad has some record companies in Europe releasing it there, hence the video premier overseas. The video was premiered on the RPM Online website. Now, you can see the video above.

The Prefab Messiahs have one of their songs on an episode of Riverdale. Seems Jughead is eating a laced burger and the Prefab Messiahs’song “Gellow Mold” is enhancing the psych mood. The luck is that the episode is streaming here!! The burger trip starts at 32:58. Or you can get a fast ‘hit’ on the first video above. The song is at the very beginning. The Prefab Messiahs’ video for the song is the second video above.

The group was originally from Worcester band and re-formed as a Boston band in 2012. They'll be celebrating their 40th anniversary this Fall. Their first show – November 1981 and their new album, Music for Concerned Citizens, is due for July 9.

Which reminds us, we don’t think we mentioned, that 1.4.5.’s song “She Couldn’t Say No” was on the initial episode of Firefly Lane on Netflix. Looks like they're in good company too! Check out the playlists for each episode.

Watts Watts has a new album, Shady Rock & Rollers, coming out this week. The new single from it is called “Heavy Metal Kids”. They've doubled down on the 70’s glam rock sound. There are some slower songs that we like a lot too. We wanted to mention it this week so we can show the cover illustration, ultra-cool. It was done by Nicole Anguish from Daycamp Creative. Nicole has done other work for Bill Janovitz and Juliana Hatfield.

Linnea Herzog was interviewed by The Dig this week. You cannot deny Linnea’s presence and her accomplishments this last year. Her songs have been ultra-creative and edgy even as the rest of the music world has been sitting it out. The interview shows that she has focus and drive and she makes it sound easy. Read it here.

The Chet's Last Call Documentary is now up on the Gumroad site. What that means it that you can rent the movie for $9.00. That allows you to begin watching anytime in 30 days and after you start it’s available for viewing for three days. Here's a link to Gumroad.

SSD Merch

Gumroad is also going to do the premier of the Vitale Brothers’ New England Ska Summit on April 17. Here's the link for that

You need some SS Decontrol merch…right?? You can get it ALL here!! T shirts, guitar picks, caps, name it.

Record Store Day is going double this year. The dates are June 12 and July 17. Clash, Ramones, Iggy, Cro-Mags, Devo and L7 are on the list for Record Store Day special releases. It didn’t take long for these special releases to become sought after collectables. You can see the list of released on the Record Story Day website.


WMBRThis week Sara on Gorilla Got Me (WMBR 88.1 Fm Friday 4 to 5:30pm) kept the playlist to just the Stiff Records label, our fave too. That means Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Larry Wallis, the Damned and Elvis Costello. There was nothing beyond 1978, mostly 1977, and a lot of live recordings.

Sara never came on the air. What was going on there? We miss Sara!! The show is archived on the WMBR site.


Lou Mansdorf Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico had Malibu Lou as a guest this week. If you see Lou at a club you might think he’s just a party guy, but he isn’t. He’s a party guy with a label. He does so much on his Rum Bar label you wonder how he has time to even lift a drink.

It’s a animated disscussion as you would expect and Steeve and Lou share some common times.

Lou’s story starts with the NYC hardcore scene in the 80’s. He was with Road Runner Records for a while and then ended up in Boston on record business and found the Abbey Lounge!! Hearing The Connection made him start Rum Bar and the rest came from that. Lou let it out that the 100th album issued on Rum Bar will be the Raging Teens.

Lou’s love for his groups comes through all the time. It’s one of the greatest love stories in rock.

CDs/ Music.....

Nat Freedberg Boy in the Bubble Gillis

And speaking of Lou.....Rum Bar continues its slow drip of Nat Freedberg singles leading up to the release of his next album Freeloader II.

This week it was “Gimme Me What’s Left of Your Love”. It’s prime Freedberg material with an ace band behind him. Check out his Bandcamp page for the song where the lyrics are in black on a black background, it’s punk baby! Highlight the text with your cursor to read.

Have you given into the Kid Gulliver experience yet? How can anyone resist?! Their latest is “Boy in a Bubble”. At this point they are riding on all their strengths gained by a few years of gigging and working hard. Simone’s voice is a recognizable one now. The music has equal inputs by all members. The subject matter of the songs are not the same old thing. The songwriting seems effortless.

This is a group that has got short changed with the Covid lockup. They would be out there gigging and recording heavily. Sigh ... for the good old days. For now give them a listen.

Red on Red scores again with an Andrea Gillis track called “Leave the Light On”. Anything Andrea does has a head start because she’s got that gifted voice. This has a smooth backing and a steady groove. We were captivated from the way Andrea sang that first verse.... she also wrote the song.

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