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April 14, 2008

So what is coming up huh? Well this Friday the 18th Muck and The Mires, Topheavy, The Lights Out, The Crushing Low are at Middle East UP
and what a way cool Monday night April 21st will be over at O'Brien's cause it's The Mess Me Ups and Chris Evil and the Taints .....
And later that week, The Plough and Star have a couple of great nights in a row, like on Thursday 4/24 they have Charlie Chesterman then on Friday the 25th you can see The Swinedells at there as well!

Wormtown 30th Anniversary Coming up on May 2nd and 3rd is the big
Wormtown 30th Anniversary Celebration
and it is, of course at Ralph's Diner in Worcester
and we want to give a big hats off in remembrance of Ralph himself. Wormtown has sustained a huge loss with his passing. The music scene out there would not be anywhere near what it has been all these years if it wasn't for Ralph!!! We hear the celebration last weekend in his honor was CRAZY, which is exactly as he wanted it to be! So to continue to celebrate Ralph and the last 30 years of alt music in Worcester you can go to Wormtown Underground Radio and check out all the info!!
We got word from Johnny Angel that there's new music posted on the Blackjacks site go check that out "Punkier stuff to come later" he says....
OK my friends that's it for Miss Lyn this week....have a good one and talk to ya Captain PJ would say.....


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