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May 4, 2009

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   SO my friends, this is a fairly artsy news this week....

    Blowfish did go to see The Whore Moans and here's his take on the evening:
   It was a Wednesday night out to see the Whore Moans. Joanie Lindstrom has been talking them up and they lived up to the promise. There was just enough people to populate the floor. The Whore Moans are full of energy and have personality to spare. Musically they don't go down the worn path of chunking out two note power chords. They do things a little differently and it makes for a more interesting set. They love to yell and by yell I mean at top volume with plenty of gusto. They seem like they could be a live band only and the recorded work would fall short but it's not the case. Their latest CD is full of excellent work and I'll be reviewing that soon. They are worth more attention all around.

BBDogNamedFlacos.jpg - 56.22 K

    I went to the "Drop Ya Mic and pick up Yer Paintbrush" show at the Honan Allston Branch of the BPL and organized by photographer Nicole Tammaro... Some of the work was good and some of it really sucked big time and some was as trite as hell and oh-so-typically-"punk"-and-was-Hello!-done-years-ago-before-you-did-it-in-2009!! too. So I brought ya pics of the stuff I thought was either technically very good and my fave piece which was "A Dog Named Flecos" by Billy Brown of The Deadly SIns...I love the materials and the execution of it, they work together really well without being patronizing or posed. .....
    Then Saturday and Sunday was Somerville Open Studios, very successful for me so I am psyched and I present you with a photo of my wall of work..... So I'm tired as hell and ain't gonna write anymore...except for two things" to regurgitate some info from last week....

BBMissLyn.jpg - 106.26 K

    Thursday May 7th The New Alibis are at Great Scott's in Allston along with The Deadly Sins and Wicked Whiskey…..

OH! We have a tough decision to make on May 8th my friends…. the Damned are at The Paradise… but we also have Eddie & The Hot Rods along with The Classic Ruins at The Middle East UP…. Then on Saturday, MAy 9th Sidewalk Driver is at TT's in Central Square. They are always entertaining in a very odd way!
    And looks like there may be another cool place in Union Square Somerville doing shows: Bull McCabe's has Squallie Greenthumb doing a record release show on Wednesday May 13th…so check out Squallie for all the info and dates and order the disc!!
Saturday, May 15th , Richard Lloyd and The Sufimonkey Trio are at Church again along with FoxPass and Brett Rosenberg…..

BBJayAllen.jpg - 118.94 K

June 6th at O'Brien's are Pulp 45, The New Alibis and The Allrighters - excellent show!!

Also its a the Johnny Angel invasion in June....more on that again later but until that you can go to their Blackjacks site and listen to some new music and see some viddies too!! ....
    And to share some new Jan Crocker videos with you….
    Jan says" In the Spring of 1980 Mission of Burma played The Underground Club with The Cure. Both bands played high energy sets that night in the tiny club holding about a 100+ people. Check out a recent edit from that show of Mission of Burma's "Head Over Head."

BBJSokol.jpg - 113.52 K

In the Archive Portal you can take a look at a ruckus live version of "Homicide" from 999. This was taken from the Movie Urgh! a Music War filmed at the Lyceum Ballroom, London England, 1980
    There you have it for this week friends....
email me huh....????.... Lyn

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