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May 7, 2012

    Hey folks I have been busy with Somerville Open Studios so not too many interesting tales to tell here.

    Tom Hauck who used to play guitar for the Atlantics has a new CD out. It's called PISTONHEAD and is a companion piece to his book of the same name. It sounds good and that's no surprise because he has John Lynch on drums and Tony Goddess on bass. You can get more info on Tom's Facebook page:

    We had an inkling and now the Phoenix had a story confirming that Looney Tunes near Berklee is closing. And how cool it's going to move in along with the Studio 54 space on Harvard Ave? Allston rock city continues to grow.

    It's nice to see Jeff and Jane Hudson continuing to do some gigs out in western Mass. Their gig at the Magic Room was so much fun.

    ....There's loads of interesting shows coming up.....

   This Thursday May 10 -is a most awesome event at the Armory in Somerville it's a night of Surrealist fun hosted of course by Roger Miller (Mission of Burma): iBall Keeping it Surreal there's lots going's a fundraiser for the Armory, The First Annual Billy Ruane Awards will be awarded and there's music by the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble featuring saxophonist Ken Field and Jon Bernhardt on theremin, Willie "Loco" Alexander and Michael Bierylo. Tix are "up there" folks at $25.00 but it goes to a good cause and there'll be lots of amazing stuff going on; surrealist games, music, food...check out the link and see you there!!

    Saturday, May 12th there's a rock & rockabilly night at The Midway when WMFO's DJ Easy Ed presents with The Roy Sludge Trio, The Two Tones, The Garnet Hearts and Easy Ed's Record Hop- Ed spinning cool music between sets.

    Oh man...weekends like this one; the 18th & the 19th are awesome yet frustrating: there's SO many good things going on damn it!!

    Sonny Vincent is coming back to town!! He's playing P.A.s Lounge (Union Sq) on Friday May 18th!! With his new band The Bad Reactions which features members of Ex Humans, Carbonas, and The Sorrows. They'll be playing select Testors songs and works from Sonny's extensive solo career. This is his first time back in the states since he was at the Middle East (and a special radio appearance on WMBR) in 2003. (Check out our page on him from that tour here!!! )

   Also on Friday at The Middle East you can find Up Your Bucket, Chinstrap & Fog Wizard upstairs....

    Also on Friday the 18th an great show at TT's!! Mark Lind must be having some kind of blue streak of productivity coz Dirty Water is back together for a reunion show at TT's. also on the bill are The USM, Confront and Jason Bennett and The Resistance...and there's a dinner buffet included in the price of admission!

    Wait, WHAT??? The Midnight Creeps at the Plough??? Oh this I GOTTA SEE!!
    Yeah so now we have Saturday May 19th and there's MOTO, Midnight Creeps and The Throttles are yes at The Plough, 10:30 show...

   also on Saturday May 19th we got a Cal Cali Birthday Party to celebrate at The Rosebud with Lyres. Jetset, Classic Ruins and and Tsunami of Sound. And Brett Milano will be spinning songs between sets too! Gots ta stop by and say Happy Bday to Cal Cali!!

   The Ducky Boys and Rancid are at The House of Blues on May 21

    And of course Friday May 24th Manitoba is at Church...from all reports that should be an amazing show !!!

    And The Psychedelic Furs and Pop Gun are at the Salem Performing Arts at The Catholic Center in Salem on May 26th!! Psyched for this show!!!

    Check this out...Boston's best Bass Player Carl Biancucci, has crossed the pond and has been taking over Europe, starting with the UK!! On June 6th his UK band The Shot Glass Killers are opening up for the Brian James/Rat Scabies (BOTH original Damned members) show at the 100 Club! WOW Carl!! Let's get a whole posse of Boston rockers over there for that show!!

   and Johnny Angel is coming back to Boston again in July both the 6th & 7th to be exact. He's putting on the "First (And Maybe Last) Annual Johnny Angel Hootenanny At Radio" with a load of awesome bands: WATTS, Robin Lane, Mary Lou Lord, Darling Pet Munkee, 360's, Noggin and Eric Martin/Illyrians. AND Johnny will be playing music from IT! (his latest CD and band click on the link to hear the songs, buy the CD and read some info!) .



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