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May 9, 2011

Marlo RIP

   It's been a long time since the BGN started in 1975. It's been a long time since Marlo ruled Cantones and The Space. When Marlo got on stage at Carmelita's Anniversary Bash people were asking who she was. Hey, that's just the way it is. ..but then again that's why we're remember a bit.
    If you were going to Cantones in 1978 Marlo was there and you knew it because she was a BIG personality. She would be running around the club and networking with any and all . Then maybe she got behind the drums in the Ann Prim Group - she was a great drummer. Most nights ended like the picture above. ..with Marlo on top of the bar telling you it was time to leave.
    Click here our MARLO INTERVIEW FROM ISSUE 23 that reveals the trials she went through during her time. It shows how nothing is easy in this world. Marlo and people like her do so much work and invest so much energy into things that make life fuller for us. I know I don't have the fortitude to book a club or run one on any level so I appreciate people like Marlo who do it and allow me (us) to enjoy our nights out on the scene.
   So ya, people late to the scene might not know her but the people who were there will never forget her... her personality and the life she brought to the infant Boston punk scene.

    This past weekend I went see a special showing of Jan Crocker's videos of all the classic 70's 80's gigs from his vast collection. This was the grouping of viddies he was showing on First Night 2011. It was great footage: The Neighborhoods, La Peste, Mission of Burma, The Nervous Eaters, Unnatural Axe, Lyres, Human Sexual Response, Ground Zero along with The Cure, Buzzcocks from their Bradford Ballroom show (which we were at!) and a couple choice Billy Goons vids and footage from the Punk Rock Fashion Show at Spit! Whew! !...I even saw myself in the audience of one of the Neighborhood Shows....and that was also part of the fun....watching the audience, seeing old friends (Jan Collins, Decibel Dennis, Peter Gates, Jerri Ann, Spencer Gates, Michael Biederbeck, Betsy Sherman) from then, and even people we used to see at the clubs and forgot about....amazing stuff.....

Ralph     Ralph Fatello who is on a charity fund raiser to surf every day is having a ROUGH time. He gets through that horrible winter but now other things are happening. First some local nut broke his nose...long story. ...but now he got hurt in the water with his board hitting his face ....see picture. The doctor said no more surfing for a while but of course he HAD to surf every day for the charity....and did. Help out and give at Save a Wave for Molly

    The Midway is coming up with some neat shows here and there. Out of the blue they have the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 playing this Tuesday May 10. They haven't played Boston for 10 years and now they play on a Tuesday? How does this happen?....
    Then this Saturday May 14 they are going completely TIKI ... surf music by the Fathoms! Tiki drinks and pulled pork sandwiches....
    One thing I like about the Midway - they have Sunday gigs that start a 4pm. On May 21 the Electric Mummy are playing. These guys are some dedicated mummy's...I saw them play outside during a heat wave once....pretty amazing and in sweaty. Check 'em out playing at The Midway previously.....

It's been a long way from that first onslaught of angry punks and who's still standing? One is Elvis Costello who does a show on May 20 at the City Center/Wang Theatre. He's not so angry anymore but I guess either are we.....but you know the Radio, Radio is still horrible.

    The Magic Room has a great line up on Saturday May 21 with James Straight and the Wide Stance, The Cadillac Hearts and The Beach Combovers . James Straight is always intense and has a tight band. And Cadillac Heart is ramping up for that show by letting out some of their recording efforts. With Rayboy as drummer they get to use his studio and know how to crank out some really neat material. They have a song called "Nothin's Gonna Change" that has Scott Barenwald on lead vocal and it's a sweet pop ditty. They have the smarts to scoop up "Andrea Knows" written by Rick Coraccio. That can be heard on their ReverbNation page......

    On May 28th Classic Ruins - who haven't been playing very often lately....we miss 'em It'll be good to see them again, are playing at The Cantab with Musclecah and 1 4 5.

    Some excellent stuff coming up in June!:
    Friday June 10 at 9 at the Paradise - The Dogmatics, The Neats, Band 19 AND Last Stand are playing a show in support friends who will ride in the Pan Mass Challenge This'll be a blast from the past event and it's 16 bucks and well worth the dough

    June 11th The Real Kids are playing at Rich Mirsky's cd release event at The Midway!! This is an afternoon show - 2-6PM and also on the bill are Rich Mirsky in his band Heavy Sirip, and Cum's Chris Brokaw doing a solo set Ands of course the Del Fuegos reunion at The Paradise to benefit Right Turn; June 23rd with the Nervous Eaters and the 24th with the Lyres. Can wait for that one!
    Saturday June 25th at The Beachcomber in Quincy is an awesome, practically all day event: Hotrods & Hooligans- Fisher House Benefit-Greg Burke Memorial Show. A Hotrod Show during the day and a punk rock show at night with The Pug Uglies, Welsh Boys, Dead Friends, Cradle to Grave and Lenny Lashley
Then in July Harvard Film Archives is having a few days (July 1-11), of Classic Punk Films from the 70's and 80's....more info to come on that...just wanted to make you aware to save some dates on your calendar.

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