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May 26, 2008

Hubba Hubba
Women Not Mannequins...Hubba Hubba indeed.

Real women not mannequins
Models keep busy at HUbba Hubba.jpg - 31.68 K

The models keep busy.
Photos by Miss Lyn

Crowd at the Earth Day at the Hatch Shell...Save the planet from THIS!!     Alrighty, well I'm at a loss this week guys…I didn't go out to see any bands! I stayed home like a slug…but I did go out, was dragged out, Saturday to ugh, the esplanade to the Earth Day festival…I whole heartedly support Earth Day but being an old died in the wool punk type, I hate crowds, in particular crowds of the types who mindlessly accept whatever crap is stuffed down their throats and that's who usually ends up at "festivals" on the esplanade. EEeeeewww., so I took a pic of 'em all for ya,…bleck, I did NOT do well out there and had to leave fairly quickly. I did however see a few people I knew there, such as Brett Milano, a guy from Temper and Alan Levesque from The Radio Knives and the been around forever infamous rock couple from Allston; Wendy and Bob
….and I guess you could say I did see a band coz I saw The English Beat do A Message to You Rudy (Because a guy from the Specials was playing in the band with them for the tour) and Mirror in The Bathroom. It was OK, I like a small venue if you know what I mean but anyway……
then I went over to Hubba Hubba to check out their event…well here's a pic of the hot and scantily clad models that were in the window all day..whew!, yeah you or your girlfriend can look like that too, just head on over to Hubba HUbba and buy some corsets or thigh high stockings and stillettos and you'll be all set!.....
OK so what's coming up? Well….. Hey June 6th, Middle East down, Mudhoney!!!.....
Other than that…I don't know I'm discombobulated…Red Invasion coming up at The Midway in June…..
but hey 2008 is the 30th anniversary of Unnatural Axe…and to think I though they were " kids" when the bands showed up in the clubs, but anyway in honor of their 30th…our favorite record mogul; Eric Law of Lawless records is oputting out an Axe tribute CD later this summer. There'll be about 30 bands all covert your fave Axe tunes….yeah, the likes of The Neighborhoods, Mission of Burma, Classic Ruins, The Bags, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jerry's Kids, Stranglehold, The Queers, The Dogmatics and tons more….the record should be out in August and there will be a 3 show, (yes, its SO big , with so many bands it's THREE shows) record release party August 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The first two nights will be at Church and the last night at the Middle East down…so mark yr calendars for these events my friends…..
and our roving reporters went out to The Paradise to check out X, this past week, here's a couple pics from Michele Meadows for you….. OK friends that all I got…email us…Miss Lyn

X at The Paradise
X with Exene and John Doe
Exene and John Doe.
X at The Paradise

Photos by Michele Meadows.


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