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June 2, 2008

    So we tried going out to see a band we'd never seen before…this is not a good idea and I told Blowie I ain't doing it no more! We popped into the Abbey and well, it just wasn't our, ahem, cup of tea, so to speak….next week, we're going to see someone we KNOW or have heard is GOOD….
yeah stuff like THIS: this Friday, June 6th, Middle East down, Mudhoney!!!.....
This week the Abbey has two interesting nights in a row: Thursday, the 5th is Padded Hell, Penis Fly Trap, Kermits Finger and Lesser Evils…then on Friday the 6th it's the Tampoffs, The Pets, Planned Communities and The Hospital Rats
Also this Friday at The Castle Bar in Oak Square Brighton you can find The Throbbing Lobsters(playing the music of the Bags,The Neighborhoods,The Real Kids,The Doom Buggies and others) as well as The New Frustrations, All Mod Cons PLUS DJ Joey Boy (from Red Invasion) Friday sounds pretty good to me!!...
and speaking of Joey and the boys: Red Invasion, UV Rays, Pure Impact, The Outsiders, The Stunts are doing a early All Ages show this coming Saturday, June 7th at The Midway!!! Excellent show…3PM
also this Saturday at O'Brien's is Cocked n Loaded (it's another CD Release for these guys!), The Acro-Brats, The Spoilers and The Mess Me Ups…now I got the info off the O Brien's site and as far as I know the Mess Me Ups are broken up so…who knows…
Next Saturday, June 14th there's a good show at Welfare Records in Haverill, it's the Pinkerton Thugs, Doggfight USA, one time special reunions of The Lies and Insult, also other bands too…this is a benefit for Suicide Prevention, a Nate Bayko memorial show…please go to BostonPunk! and scroll down to see the flyer for this show….AND its an awesome site anyway…
So as I mentioned before the 30th anniversary of Unnatural Axe…is this year and Eric Law of Lawless Records is putting out an Axe tribute CD later this summer. There'll be about 30 bands all covering your fave Axe tunes….so for a taste of some of those covers go to the Unnatural Axe site and turn your speakahs up loud!!
the CD should be out in August and there will be a 3 show CD release party August 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The first two nights will be at Church and the last night at the Middle East down
also we have heard that Ben Sisto, Punk Rock Flea Market founder is leavin' town but all you folks who have stuff to sell, don't despair!! Coming up on September 6th, 3-7pm is The Somerville Rock'n'Roll Yard Sale… it'll be in Union Square and they are looking for vendors of all sorts, anything goes for these sales, whether you want to clean out your closet or if you are a dealer, seller, crafter, artist food vendor, non-profit, whatever! Vendor spaces are $25, but don't contact us at the BGN contact : contact chris or jennifer daltry at …and check it out, they will also be putting on an event in Providence RI on Saturday July 19th, it's a music and arts festival called indieArts fest and will be an all-day and all-night event with bands, food, beer, arts, crafts and the rock & roll yard sale element of record, cd and music vendors.
so with all of that I bid you adieu (that's damn right coz I'm going to Paris this year, I dont' care if I'm unemployed!) but hey, email us…Miss Lyn

Coming Up.....

    Joanie Lindstrom and Sara are doing a show called Mediterranean Madness over two days Wed 6/11 at 2PM and Thurs. 6/12 at 10AM on WMBR 88.1 FM. It's French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese punk bands. These shows always showcase quality bands you probably haven't heard and then you get the T-shirts and show you have great listening taste. .

Silver Lining at the Middle East
Silver Lining
Matt Rhodes and Anna Price
SilverLining2.jpg - 26.36 K
The models keep busy.
Silver Lining
Blowfish says:
    Thursday was a sad day for Boston pop fans as Silver Lining announced an extended hiatus that one fears could be an eventual end to this tremendously talented band. Their first CD was a collection of songs firmly planted in the 60's with power chords banned from front to back. Sure footed playing and detailed songwriting laid a platform for singer Anna Price who has rightly been compared to every great female singer of the sixties.
    Check out their myspace page SILVER LINING MYSPACE for some accolades that describe their sound. Thursday's gig at the Middle East Upstairs was for a good cause (the MSPCA) and included The Rudds, The Gobshites, Andrea Gillis, and Erica Owen.
    The Silver Lining fully realized their CD sound with Anna having some transfixing moments such as during their new song Your Eyes Gave Your Heart's Consent.
    In a generous move they gave out copies of what will be their next CD. The CD secures their reputation with 11 more high quality original songs. Hiatus they say and hiatus we hope.


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