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June 1, 2015

The Woggles

   Trophy Lungs are sort of my go to punk pop band. On top of that they always are on interesting bills. Tuesday they were at the Middle East Up.
   I’m always shocked to see so many people out during the weekdays. This show had a fullish club. They came out mainly for the headliners Prawn, judging from the response the group got. They are a pop/emo group from NJ. They didn’t interest me too much and I gave them a pass. Prawn Bandcamp page

Trophy Lungs
Trophy Lungs

   Trophy Lungs have done lots of touring and their show is very consistent. It’s no frills pop punk that satisfies every time. Dad’s Away on Business is the hit. They are on the verge of new release soon. The crowd was a little subdued I thought.

Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw

   Friday it seemed more normal to have a club on the full side. TT’s was a beehive of activity. Not what you expect to see at a closing club....Sigh....
   I came to see some pop from Fatal Flaw who have been around for several years and have two CD’s out and various other material here and there. I liked what I heard online like California Evergreen.
   Live they dished up a whole set of pop that was nicely paced with fast and slow songs. The guitar duties were delineated with one doing rhythm with a good crunch and the other giving generous and interesting fills. The drummer was a powerhouse. Some of the songs rested for a large part on the rhythm he set. The bass player not only played well but sung lead on most songs. Every bass player including McCartney finds that hard to do. They didn’t have much if any punk influences it seemed to me. The guitarist even had a Huey Lewis and the News shirt.

   I’m glad to see people doing the pop thing; which reminds me that the Power Pop Movie that is being done locally has a trailer out now. They have some high profile interviews and features many power pop creators of the best pop groups going. Power Pop Movie Trailer

Muck and the Mires

   The bill told you everything you had to know about the show at the Middle East Up on Saturday – Muck and the Mires and The Woggles; that’s a good time guaranteed.

   Openers were the Forz who I've seen before. This was a high profile gig for them and this young band did what it had to; it impressed some longtime fans. I missed the set but other people were talking about them and they liked what they did which is Beatle inspired rock. They have been on Crash Course for the Ravers a few times and Joanie Lindstrom was looking to get the CD to play on WMBR.

   Like everyone else in the club Saturday I’ve seen Muck and the Mires a lot and I hope to see them a lot in the future. I never tire of the high energy British Invasion inspired rock. They have so many ridiculously catchy originals and can play any number of covers to give you a night of pleasurable pop candy. The non-stop rush of songs leaves you giddy and gasping for breath.
   The mix was excellent, I could hear the bass clearly and the drums were also plainly separated. Is there anyone around that is playing like Jessie Best? It’s what’s she’s doing and the sound of the drums too, they are appealing to hear on their own as her busy style is dealing out endless fills and turnarounds, and she’s singing too!
   Lead guitarist Pedro is a volcano of riffage. He’s his own generator of energy on top of the other members. I’ve thought from the beginning that his playing has made this the best incarnation of Muck yet.
   And leading the affair is Evan. He sets the pace and what a pace it is. By the end of this set I was feeling bad for The Woggles. What can you do after a non-stop set like that?

The Woggles

   The Woggles answer is to do another set just as wild. A lot of people just see the Woggles every time they show up. I saw them at TT’s a while back. What Muck and the Mires does to the English Invasion, the Woggles does to Garage Rock. They take from Garage Rock, Soul and sixties dance music and deliver it with Southern style.

   Often the lead singer would give a spirited talk like a southern preacher entreating the crowd to dance or get into it or get ready for it. Many of the songs tagged dance moves like the boogaloo and the jerk.
   The whole set was a rush of songs, most played with no stopping in-between. I think they were all originals. Most songs went into a strong grove and never left. They grab you and won’t let go, that’s the thing.

The Woggles

   On stage the band is moving in sync and they would all move forward and back like they are faking a 3-d movie. That was funny. Three of them jumped off the stage a few times mixing with the crowd and rolling on the floor.
This whole set is better heard than talked about. I’ll state the usual disclaimer – you had to be there. That’s the hint to be there next time.

In other news ......

   Lenny Scolletta has done what seems so obvious after you hear it. He’s set up a site that streams Boston Music all the time. DUH!. Of course we should have that. Boston Rocks Radio He’s doing some fix ups but the site is up and working alright for me. They even have a sort of programming going on. Lenny says, “…on Saturday’s starting at noon we're gonna play 60's & 70's stuff featuring Orpheus, Real Kids, Nervous Eaters, the Lost, Willie Alexander, The Remains, Rising Storm etc. Sunday’s at noon is "Psychedelic Sundae" featuring Ultimate Spinach, Apple Pie Motherhood Band, Beacon Street Union & lots of Nuggets etc. More programming will be announced as soon as I can."


   Gallery 160 in Cleveland, Ohio is having an exhibit showcasing some early photos of Stiv Bators: Stiv 1976: Lost Photos of Stiv Bators and the Dead Boys. The photographer, Dave Treat lived next door to Stiv in 1976 while he was studying photography. He plans to publish a book of the photos...we look forward to that!!

More pop news comes from Rum Bar Records which is in the initial phases of releasing a new Connection CD. They have one new song here: Labor of Love

Gig    The June issue of The Atlantic magazine had an article "How Indie Rock Changed the World". The highly exaggerated title topped the article which was a review of two books: Your Band Sucks by Jon Fine and Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon. It only took four lines before MOB got tagged.

“Under the various headings of punk, post punk, hardcore, alt-rock , underground, Noise rock, post-rock, and, most generic, indie rock, bands such as Mission of Burma, Minor Threat, Husker Du, Sonic Youth, and Slint laid down the soundtrack of an alternative culture.”

So with that are some shows that are happening this week....

WOW! There's an awful lot to do this Saturday!!!

June 13 (Saturday) Crash Course for the Ravers - WMFO 95.1, 1-4PM- has Richie Parsons on today...

June 13 (Saturday) The Milton Arts Center is having a Backyard BBQ Arts & Music Festival 1-7PM...Roy Sludge Trio goes on at 4PM. Here's the FB page for details - it's FREE!

June 13 (Saturday) at The Middle East Up - Hardcore Stadium Presents: The Rival Mob, Think I Care, So Be It, In My Eyes, Stand Accused, Invasion and New Lows- a matinee show at Noon.....this show has sold out!!

Cranktones June 13 (Saturday) Man they are packin' in the shows at The Middle East Up this is an early show starting at 6:30: Disturbing The Peace Presents: Taxi Driver, Honest John, The Pink Parts, Spo - this is 18+

June 13 (Saturday) at The Midway - The Kurt Baker Band (1 of only 2 US appearances), Jay Allen and The Archcriminals, The Connection and Kris Rodgers and The Dirty now that's a great show!! (FB event page)

June 13 (Saturday) Boston Tribute to Alex Chilton with special guest Jody Stephens from Big Star at The Brighton Music Hall and check out the FB page coz there's lots of info on the special guests etc. This is an early show music starts at 7PM!!

And coming up after this week we have.......

June 15 (Monday) Jittery Jack, Cactus Attack, Jonee Earthquake Band and The Backalley Ramblers are at Opus Underground.

June 18 (Thursday) Vivi'D Presents : GBH along with Total Chaos, The Welch Boys and Urban Waste at The Middle East down. GBH ruled when they played the ME Down last year!!! (Check out the John Keegan review of that show)

June 18, 19 & 20 (Thurs-Sat) it's the Girls in the Garage Music Fest with you guessed it bands with "girls" in them, all at the Lizard Lounge!! For both nights doors are at 7, Music starts at 8PM Check the FB page for set times and to buy tix. Check out the particulars below, that's a whole lot of amazing bands!!!

Welch boys June 18 (Thursday) Girls in the Garage Music Fest: Band without Hands, The Knock Ups, The Other Bettys, Thrust Club, Corolla Deville and Reindeer at the Lizard Lounge

June 19 (Friday)Girls in the Garage Music Fest: Stars Like Ours (feat. Michelle Paulhus and Kristen Edmonston), The Black Souls, The Charms, Petty Morals, The Evil Streaks and The Dents at the Lizard Lounge

June 19 (Friday) Gymnasium, The Titanics and Devil On Horseback are at The Midway

June 20 (Saturday) "sigh" .....1-6PM it's TT's Everything's Gotta Go closing sale.....they say: "So we've accumulated 40 plus years of stuff and it's all gotta go! Come by and say hi to TT's owner and amazing lady Bonney Bouley and pick up some momentos. There's some great stuff we found up in the attic, everything from the restaurant days, dishware, glassware, some antiques, furniture all sorts of stuff! Of course the bar will be open!"

June 20 (Saturday) Girls in the Garage Music Fest: Cujo, Drab, Axemunkee, Andrea Gillis Band, The Downbeat 5 and The Other Girls at the Lizard Lounge.

June 20 (Saturday) Bob Colby teams eclectic multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Audrey Ryan with Thick Wild (his favorite discovery of last year) at Store 54.

Dusk gig June 20 (Saturday) Rockabilly original Sleepy La Beef played a few punk clubs back in the day. He’s turning 80 and having a birthday party gig at Johnny D’s , also on the bill are Roy Sludge, Andrea Gillis and Marc Panasky along with DJ Easy Ed spinning discs and setting the mood for the celebratory evening. Check it out and buy tix here. Music starts at 7:30 folks!

June 20 (Saturday) The Knock Ups, Thalia Zedek Band, plume and Andrew Scandal are at The Midway (a night show)

June 20 (Saturday) You folks in RI check out this show!: The Monsieurs (12), Thee Itchies (at 11PM) Party Pigs (10 PM) and The Neutrinos (9:30) at Dusk in Provi. (FB event page)

June 24 (Wednesday) The Adolescents and The Weirdos with Laughing Stock are at The Brighton Music Hall.

June 24 (Wednesday) at TT's Powerslut, My Own Worst Enemy, Uranium Daughters, and Maximum Hackman

June 24 (Wednesday) at the Middle East Up - Destruction Unit, Creepoid, Sneeze and Sleep Crimes (we had a great time seeing Sleep Crimes last year. check it out)

June 26 (Friday) Tsunami of Sound are at PA's Lounge in Somerville

June 27 (Saturday) Crash Course for the Ravers on WMFO 95.1 - 1-4PM has lots of good music AND The Cal Cali Band!!!

June 27 (Saturday) an early show with 5:30 doors at TT's with Continental, Absinthe Rose and The Charms

Ne Shake up. June 27 (Saturday) The Scrapes, The Ungraded, The Swindlers and Yeehaw Jihad are at The Midway. This is a 4-8PM show.

June 27 (Saturday) Cal Cali Band and The Last Ones are at Tavern at the End Of the World

June 27 (Saturday) It's a Spectacular Birthday party at Cuisine en Locale for GRCB- Girls Rock Campaigning Boston. It's their 5th Birthday and they are doing it up in style with an ALL AGES carnival themed party 6-10PM --Birthday Cake (a real one!), Carnival Games & Creative Activities, Trivia and Raffles, Temporary Tattoo Station, Photo Booth, DJ SIT N SPIN dance party, Local female rock celebrities playing covers of GRCB band's original songs and tons more cool stuff. Here the FB page so you can stay up to date an all the happenings.

June 27 (Saturday) heading north- in Salem at In a Pig's Eye - they are back- The Darlings. (FB event page) This is a great little place and a great one to hear the Darlings!

June 27 (Saturday) Up in Portland, ME at Bayside Bowl you can see S.S. Cretins, Tiger Bomb and Video Nasties

June 28 (Sunday) Ceremony, Tony Molina and Pity Sex are at Cuisine en Locale (FB Page)

June 28 (Sunday) at The Middle East Up - Old Gray, Milo, Clique and Yeehaw!

gog July 3 (Friday) A Rockin' Farewell to TT's - sigh- with The Cranktones, The Millwinders, Jittery Jack , The Allrighters, Johnny Carlevale &The Rollin Pins, Jeff Deware &The Bop Thrills and DJ Easy Ed setting the tone between sets are at TT's (here's the FB page for this one) Be there or be square

July 5 (Sunday) Caged Heat (yup with Chilly Kurstz, they're back!) , Greg Allen's Fringe Religion, The Low Babies and Lady Pilot are at The Midway. This is an afternoon show at 4PM! Here's a recent interview with Chilly on Blowing Smoke.

July 10 (Friday) Mr. Airplane Man are back in town with The Monsieurs and Party Pigs are at Cuisine en Locale (FB event page)

July 11 (Saturday) Mudhoney along with White Dynomite will be at The Brighton Music Hall

July 11 (Saturday) The FUs, Ungraded, Sewer Rats, Jay Allen and the Arch Criminals and Kenny Chambers are at Cuisine en Locale

July 11 (Saturday) it's official The Gizmos (and a TON of other bands) are playing Mutant Fest II at the Blockhouse in Bloomington IN. FB event page

July 12 (Sunday) it's the final TT's Rock n Roll Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash 11AM- 5PM and its Free

July 14 (Tuesday) - WHAT a great show this will be The Rezillos with Petty Morals and Casanovas in Heat at Johnny D's. And the Rezillos have a new full length CD out. There will be a CD and a limited edition vinyl album available at the shows !! Get tix here.

July 17 (Friday) through July 25 (Saturday) - make sure to keep your calendar open for the TT's Farewell Bash happening all week!!

July 17 (Friday) at Club Bohemia - Greg Allen's Fringe Religion, Caged Heat, and the Black Souls.

July 18 (Saturday) Mission of Burma opens for The Foo Fighters and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Fenway Park

July 22 (Wednesday) Jaz Coleman founding member of Killing Joke is doing a Spoken Word performance at The Middle East Down. its al about his new book: "Letters from Cythera". Jaz will delve into his many experiences that have influenced his philosophical outlook on life and also discuss, Supersynthesis, a principle which has facilitated his many accomplishments including acting, conducting, singing, composing, geometry, architecture, and occult history. Tix available here. This one will be different, there's seating and VIP seating tix for this show.

July 24 (Friday) WOW! check this out: Bim Skala Bim and the Pajama Slave Dancers are at The Middle East Down along with Brunt Of It, Zeme Libre and The Porter Squares

July 25 (Saturday) The final day of TT The Bear's Place...and they have Scruffy The Cat this night!!

July 26 (Sunday) a Matinee Show at the Middle East Up - 1PM doors with Band Without Hands, The Knock Ups, Radio Compass, and Happy Little Clouds

July 26 (Sunday) Screeching Weasel, plus The Queers and The Mr. T. Experience are at The Royale. You can get tix here. This is a 6PM show!!

July 26 (Sunday) Matinee show at The Middle East Up with Band Without Hands, The Knock Ups, Radio Compass, Happy Little Clouds. Doors are a 1PM

July 30 (Thursday) There's a mega hardcore show at Cuisine en Locale with Power Trip, Foreseen, Boston Strangler, Peacebreakers, Freedom, Fury, Red Death, Intent, CIAC and Take Control. Music starts at 6:30 SHARP doors are at 6.

Damned movie July 31 (Friday)THE DAMNED: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead” documentary is FINALLY playing in Boston!! It's at the Regent Theater at 7:30. You can buy tix here. Watch the trailer here.

August 1 (Saturday) The Static Dynamic, The Wrong Shapes, Hope & the Husbands and Alchemilla at The Middle east (FB page for upcoming updates)

August 3 & 4 (Monday and Tuesday) Darkbuster returns!! at The Sinclair. Well, no tix available anymore congrats to Darkbuster for two night of sold out shows!!!c

August 3 (Monday) Tsunami of Sound and The Vista Cruisers are at Opus Underground, Salem.

August 6-8 (Thursday - Saturday) Boston Fuzzstival 2015 is at The Middle East Down. The Fuzztival highlights "the best bands in the region that make psychedelic/fuzz/garage/surf rock" and its goal is "to build bridges within the local music community." Stay tuned for the lineup and more info keep checking their FB page!

August 8 (Saturday) - Head over to Store 54 to help Bob Colby celebrate his birthday (two days early) with The Rationales and My Own Worst Enemy!

August 8 (Saturday) The Memphis Rockabilly Band are doing an early show at Johnny D's (FB page) 7-9PM

August 22 (Saturday) Memphis Rockabilly Band is at the Marshfield Fair. check out the particulars here

and of course The New England Shake-Up! September 25,26,27 2015! Keep yourself updated at their FB page

CONTACT US AT…….misslynbgn @ yahoo.con Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

Faltal Flaw
Fatal Flaw
Trophy Lungs
Muck and the Mires
The Woggles
The Woggles


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