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August 1, 2011

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    This week we ended up at O'Briens in Allston Rock City on Saturday. We were met by a line up of two dozen scooters. Evidently there was a three day fest of some sort with the group going to a different bar each day. They were a fun group and not afraid to dance. Of course they had the MOD music leanings and flocked to the ska band called SkaPrest.

    We don't usually go for Ska groups but SkaPrest were very appealing. They weren't a powerhouse that bowled you over with volume but had a comfortable groove that invited dancing. The strength was in their melodic bent in the songs of course but also in the instrumental parts.
    The two horn players were the focus for me. They had a warm tone rather than a brassy one. Their solos weren't showy but paced to the beat and melodic. The trumpet player slipped in the Theme from the Godfather into his solo at one point. Despite being young these guys knew their instruments.
    Another unusual point was the girl singer. There have never been that many girl singers in Jamaican music. Althea and Donna with Uptown Top Ranking comes to mind and then one thinks of Little Millie Small doing My Boy Lollipop and that goes back to 1964. The female voice gave this group another facet that separates them from the pack.

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    Next up was For the Worse an intense hardcore group. We were shocked and amazed to see a guy walk in blowing a whistle and brandishing a BUBBLE making machine. So, he's blowing the whistle above the volume of the group and pumping out the bubbles and then showering glitter into the dance floor. The juxtaposition was a hoot and the lead singer took it all in stride. It was fun and the music was drilling like a hammer jack which is what you want and need.

Obriens 003.jpg - 96.18 K     This weekend the Rosebud has it all tied up coz on Friday, Aug 5 - The Port Charles Quintet, Brownboot, Thee Cuban Heels are there....then...
    And on Saturday the 6th is Muck & the Mires, Sprained Ankles, Jay Allen and the Archcriminals and The Furiosity - Rosebud rules!!

    Also though, on the 6th The Illyrians, (Eric Martin, Chris MacLachlan & Randall Gibson) will be rocking out at the Plough & Stars

Frank Rowe's ...big birthday bash is just a couple weeks away now....Besides the fact that it's Frank's bday the bands are awesome: The Dogmatics as well as Sourpuss... (feat.The Dogmatics' Jerry Lehane and The Turbines' Jack Hickey) And Lenny Lashley's Gang of One ...: The Midway on Saturday, August 13th Oh its gonna be a excellent evening......

    on Sunday, the 21st the Rock'n'Roll Yard Sale in Union Square, Somerville in August always a fun event!!!,
    And on August 26th another Birthday Bash, this one for Nancy Neon is a great night at the Cantab - the line up now consists of Port Charles Quintet and Classic Ruins, Sticky Business AND James Straight and The Wide Stance!! Excellent!!

    And on Saturday August 27th @ the Dillboy V.F.W. Post in in Davis Square , Cadillac Heart is doing a show with with Girl on Top. This show is actually going to be The Rayboy Fernandes Going Away Party!!! He's moving to the land of WKRP...yup Cincinnati.

    up north in New Hampshire there's gonna be a killer show comes September 3rd at Milly's Tavern in Manchester, NH
    The southern kings of Destructo Rock Antiseen make their first EVER appearance in New Hamshire!! The Jabbers(that's GG Allin's original band to you!), Meatsaw and the mighty Caught Flies!! As they are saying: This show will eat yer babies!!!

    Hey remember Digney Fignus and The Girl with the Curious Hand ??? Well he's at Johnny D's Sept 9th!! His sound now is Americana roots type New Orleans sounding stuff...

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