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August 18, 2008

The Mighty AXE     Ok this is the week of the Axe Shows…celebrating not only 30 years of Unnatural Axe but the release of the Axe Tribute CD on Lawless Records too!…
There are three incredible shows...
First show:
Thursday August 21st at Church with The Outlets, Unnatural Axe, Watts, Andy Pratt and The Beachcombovers
Second show:
Friday August 22nd at Church with Cheetah Chrome, Willie Loco, The Dogmatics, Miss Chain and The Broken Heels and the New Frustrations,wow!!!
Third show:
Saturday, August 23rd at the Middle East down with Unnatural Axe, The Queers, The Meatmen, the Nasties and The Sleazies
my suggestion: buy tickets now!
And of course go to the Axe's myspace site to hear the songs!!!

   And what a way to end the month;
1) don't forget: Buried In Leather at The Abbey on Friday, August 29th

2) this should be one awesome show:
at Saturday, August 30th at TT, The Bear's in Central Sq Cambridge: Sexpod, Thalia Zedek and The Poison Arrows

    OK, now on to ...September, it starts out with a great weekend right off the bat:
Friday September 5th is the Late Risers Re Do- Late Risers throw a party again to celebrate 20 years of Late Risers Club!! There's screenings of Jan Crocker's fabulous old punk videos and a showing of Marissa Acosta's awesome Late Risers Documnentary as well as the LRC DJ's spinnin' discs: Albert O, Joanie Lindstrom and Mark Flynn, oh and Free Pabst Blue Ribbon baby!!

Milky Way gig with the Joanie spinning. Saturday September 6th:
1) 3-7pm is the Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale!! It's an outdoor sale in Union Square Somerville , you'll want to check out the goods I am sure!!
2) after that you can go to the Middle East for Magic Christian (members of Blondie, Flaming Groovies, Plimsouls), Muck and The Mires, Parallel Project, Fox Pass
and then Sunday, September 7th, an early and all ages show 6PM! at Harper's Ferry with Deadly Sins, Mark Lind & The Unloved and Asher.
OH! And speaking of Jan Crocker…here's some videos he's just put up on his site:
The Violent Femmes in the early 80's played the coffee house and street corner scene. Their music was a cross between American folk music and punk rock. Band members Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorez, and lead vocalist Gordon Gano helped define the idea of "folk punk." Check out the Femmes "Add It Up" here
Robin Lane with early roots in the Los Angles folk music scene moved east and eventually to Cambridge in 1978. There the Chartbusters were formed with Asa Brebner, Leroy Radcliffe, Scott Raerenwad, and Tim Jackson. In the midst of the punk and new wave scene, the music with Robin Lane & The Chartbusters took on a new edge. This video was filmed at the Rat in 1979. Watch Robin Lane and the Chartbusters live video "When Things Go Wrong" here

Blowfish says......
    Carl Biancucci of the Classic Ruins isn't just an amazing bass player he's also a …………actually, I think he's only an amazing bass player and hey, what's wrong with that? This May he got himself into Brian James' Studio 284 in Brighton UK.(Along way from Brighton, MA.) and got Brian of the Damned to produce four songs by this group THE SLUMLORDS. The members are:Kags Dantino - vocals, Pilly - drums, Ledge - guitar and Rich Jones - lead guitar. I'm going on about this because we have the songs and they are great. So, were dishing one up right here to prove the claim. This is called "Turn Up The Gain"…click to hear.

    Joanie Lindstrom is not just an amazing DJ she's also a….um….man, this is getting old. So ya, she will be doing the DJ thing with Lost and Found (WMBR) DJ Mark Francis at the Milky Way this Tuesday the 19th . They will be doing the Psych thing. You can bowl as you go trippin'.


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