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August 24, 2009

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    Ah yes it was a steamy day and a hot line up at Middle East UP on Saturday afternoon so we made our way over to check some stuff out.......Red Invasion was getting ready to go as we walked in...and lo and behold...guitarist Ryan shaved off his facial hair and looks absolutely Iain on the other hand has dyed his hair a horrid yellow and red on the left side and well, it IS better than the half black half white "do" he had a few months ago.....and since we're speaking of hair Andy has grown his hair long and it looked awful and sweaty and stringy and just not a good choice...and Joey, he's going lighter with a natural brown look....but anyway....they started late coz Andy and Iain ahem, we're not exactly sure why....were very late arriving...we waited and waited and then they ran in and on stage....and started roaring out those Red Invasion tunes....very good...lots of fun....these guys are great to watch and great to hear as well...I just luvs 'em.

RIRedInF.jpg - 145.40 K

    OH! And I will never ever complain about a heat wave again...Ryan and Joey ripped off their shirts and played topless and was fun to watch that too..ya ok so I can be leacherous ...ain't so much wrong with that!

RIJenHurricaneF.jpg - 128.94 K

    Unfortunately we were not able to stay for the Midnight Creeps, one of my favorite bands but I did snap a pic of the always and ever hot and interesting Jenny Hurricane watching Red Invasion.....then BeatGirl kept on partying later on in the evening and went to Nancy Neon's Birthday Party at The Cantab and the birthday Girl was up on stage playing the tambourine and have a great old time...And she looks fab too!!
    Happy Birthday Nancy!!

RINancyNeonF.jpg - 221.36 K

    ..... So ....... I'm glad to see someone is still trying to get good music into Union Square Somerville...keep an eye open for stuff at Precinct..this .Friday August 28th for example is The Gentlemen, Watts and Phil Aiken Army

    and to continue excellent music in to the week, on Monday, Aug. 24th, Charlie's Kitchen has The Curses, The Acrobrats and Noble Rot...
    And for September well...due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to attend the awesome Marvels comeback show at The MMIddle East but hear it was really great...I am NOT surprised! ....Jesse Von Kenmore tells me they are playing again soon...September 19th at The Baseball Tavern...YAY!! on Sunday the 20th you can look forward to an awesome afternoon at Harper's Ferry with The Ducky Boys, Everybody Out!, Confront and The Have Nots.....yeah!!

   Ok folks, that's it for this and write me!.... Lyn

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