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August 29, 2011

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    We got out Saturday for some pre-Irene rockin'. As usual work made us get there a set too late and that was our big loss because that set was James Straight and the Wide Stance and we love them. Joe Fagan who was stapled to the bar for the night said they did their 'bar set' of short and fast songs. Ron Scarlett (great to see him out) loved them and he has good taste.

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    We walked into the bubble gum group - Sticky Business. I just can't stop smiling when I see these guys. Just the idea of playing 100% bubble gum music is genius but they do it so well on top of that. They are dedicated to the effort. They now don madras and cartoony print clothes and they have a light show; not stage lights but eye glasses, rings and necklaces that blink and swirl in bright neon. It's tacky fun. The highlight for me was a spot on version of Bend Me, Shake Me by the American Breed. The keyboards cover the horns and in the middle the song stops and Vinny nailed the drum figure that picks up the song - fantastic. Another fave was the Partridge Family's I Woke Up This Morning. Which reminds me : David Cassidy is in town soon.

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    I've seen Port Charles Quintet a few times and there's always a sense of anticipation when they are setting up. Why? Because they are a beast waiting to be unleashed. Dennis McCarthy sets up his drums and does a few fills and rolls and they are thundering. He's Thor with drumsticks. Then Pete plugs into the amp, releases a few preliminary roars and you know what's coming. And it did. PCQ always play like it's the first time onstage and they are trying to impress or their last time they'll ever play and they want you to remember it. Pete has settled in as the new guitarist. He is creative as well as ferocious on his instrument and has had an effect on the group. They have broken their code of all covers and do a song he has written. Also, many songs are broken up with more guitar work. It was a great rockin' set.

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    Here we are again: a place we have been as long as 30 years ago and as close as two weeks ago - writing about Classic Ruins. It was a Classic Ruins set which is a reward for being a Boston Punk fan; always welcome, always rewarding. Rick Harte was present and one thinks of the Classic Ruins material on the Ace of Hearts label. We are so lucky to have Rick Harte and all the Ace of Heart's LP's. Back in the day, groups were struggling to get recorded and some did but weren't recorded correctly; the Ace of Heart's material is top shelf stuff. It's all powerful material because Rick took the time and gave the attention to the local groups when no one else would or could.
    This was a birthday bash for Nancy Neon and she booked a great show. And we got to talk to Billy Borgioli who was looking strong. We made Billy one of our first online interviews and glad we did but he still has so much to say.

    So Cal Cal's a show for Sunday the 28th at The Rosebud with The Neats - this time with Jerry Channell, original Neat's bass player has been postponed....probably until October. And we hope Jerry, who lives on Long Island is safe and sound during the wrath of Irene!!

    up north in New Hampshire there's gonna be a killer show this Saturday September 3rd at Milly's Tavern in Manchester, NH :
Antiseen make their first EVER appearance in New Hampshire!! The Jabbers(that's GG Allin's original band to you!), Meatsaw and the mighty Caught Flies!!
    And on Sunday Sept 4 is a 1-1 other words like all day practically....1PM to 1AM of music my friends. Check it out: from last to first is Satch, OC45, Dressed for the Occasion, The Inhalers, Fragments, The FU's, 88 Rangers, Jonee Earthquake, Charlie Keating, Preston Wayne 4, The Spytones, The Stretchers, The Pity Whores, Stars Above, Force Fed Lies, Flatout Jones and Patriot Act who starts the show…whew!!!

    Marky Mayhem is doing better and we hope he is on a road to remission....he has been out hiking and bettering up his health in his ongoing battle with The next benefit shindig is @ the Midway on Sunday 9/11, 1-6 in the afternoon with; Shaun England, the Mesmerines(in their last appearance ever, Kenne Highland & friends, Hixx , James Straight & the Wide Stance and more TBA)..we hope you can make it!!

    Hey get ready for THREE days of POP at The Rosebud Staring Thursday 9/15 it's the New England POP Festival!! (And make note music starts at SEVEN each night)
Thursday 9/15 : Eddie Japan, Preacher Roe, The Bandit Kings, Butterknife, Uranium Daughters and Yes, Sir.
Friday 9/16 is: Angeline, Wayne Cabral, Watts, Joe King & The Seven Levels, A Pony for My Birthday and Fireking.
Satuday 9/17: Shepardess, Scarce, The One Smith, The Pomps, Popfilter and Miskatonic

    And don't forget the 35th Anniversary Damned show at The Middle East coming up Oct 20!!

    Now you may have heard from Ed Moose Savage of late...he has a new offering for all his's "The Big Package" and it's like everything he's ever done and then some....some of that then some is some cool stuff including personalized dvds. So check it out on Ed Moose Savage

    Email us with your latest news, opinions and all that kinda

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