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September 12, 2011

    Lots of people are talking about the American Punk film series going on at the Harvard Film Archive ....there's still more to catch through September 26th.

    AND speaking of awesome punk films...we now can say with pride we have a new one on the way...WE as in Boston Punk in the form of
Boys From Nowhere: The Story of Boston's Garage Punk Uprising!
By the looks of the new trailer this is going to be a killer film!!! And we're in it so it has to be great!! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

    This Thursday 9/16 at Precinct is The Darlings, Jetset, Christie Prince and a special guest band whose name cannot be mentioned starts with a T and the singer is not a Lord here......
    Hey get ready for THREE days of POP at The Rosebud Starting this Thursday 9/15 it's the New England POP Festival!! (And make note music starts at SEVEN each night)
    Thursday 9/15 : Eddie Japan, Preacher Roe, The Bandit Kings, Butterknife, Uranium Daughters and Yes, Sir.
Friday 9/16 is: Angeline, Wayne Cabral, Watts, Joe King & The Seven Levels, A Pony for My Birthday and Fireking.
       Satuday 9/17: Shepardess, Scarce, The One Smith, The Pomps, Popfilter and Miskatonic

    Here is guaranteed awesome show: The Manglers, The Jabbers, The FU's, The Stretchers and The Midway Friday September 23 and all for 10 bucks!!

    Then there's a 2 day Bike MS Benefit at Church: Friday Sept 23rd there's The Titanics, John Powhida, Pete Hayes' Rock Shop, The Russians and The In Out. On Saturday Sept 24 they got Easy Action (from Detroit/MI NOT the band with Casey Lindstrom!) ,Triple Thick, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, and Jason Bennett

    If you aren't into Pop then there's The Roy Sludge Trio having a record release show at TT's on Friday 9/16....and these guys are fantastic!!! it will be an awesome show i am sure!! >

    And this is sure to be a fun and excellent event:

   It's VINYL RECORD MADNESS at The Mars Records / Store 54 Outdoor Record Sale on Saturday Oct 1st at Store 54 in Allston from Noon-4PM.......the official address is 16 Harvard Ave if you need to find it.... 12 Ultra Cool Record Dealers/Collectors will setup on Store 54's Outside Patio with crates and crates of vinyl goodness for your shopping pleasure! (I heard there will even be 8 tracks too) There will be guest DJ's spinning as well as refreshments for all! And it FREE too!!

    SONIC LOBOTOMY is doing a superior job getting band videos up on line. They get faithful band performances in a simple studio with no distracting camera tricks. It's a no frills ethic that works wonders. They have sets by Killslugs, USM, Ramoniacs, Refuse Resist, The Beantown Boozehounds and lots others. SONIC LOBOTOMY episodes.

    Providence has Jonathan Richman at Firehouse13 pm on October 16th....The Colonel's 3rd Annual Super Dooper Guitar Party is at the German Hall in Pawtucket on October 15. It's a mash up of a guitar sale and concert: a real winner for guitar fans. Find details on Facebook....They found the perfect venue for the Murder Junkies - Club Hell. They bring a circus of dangerous behavior there on October 9.

    And don't forget the 35th Anniversary Damned show at The Middle East coming up Oct 20!!

    And mark your calendars for Saturday November 5 when The Magic Room has James Straight and The Wide Stance along with Ken Scales and the new Adventure Set!!!

    Email us with your latest news, opinions and all that kinda

NE pop Festival


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