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Willie BGNTWO.jpg - 5.73 K Ocasac BGN.jpg - 6.12 K The Late Risers Club WMBR at MIT Nervous Eaters pIc by Denise Donahue Johnathan Richman. Oedipus - for a while he had rainbow colored dandruff.
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September 13, 2010

    Had fun at the Middle East bar this Friday night to celebrate a surprise bday party for Anya Alexandra....Boby Bear actually DID pull it off, it was in fact a surprise! Happy Birthday to you Anya...and belated one to Boby too...and Bob White...maybe he can hear it on the other plain. Hey don't forget this Thursday: Port Charles Quintet is at TT's last gig was killer, SOOO worth checking out...they are on a roll these days!!...
    And during this week it looks like Nancy Neon is busy coz she's got a special show at Saturday Sept 18th Nancy Neon at The Cantab it a double celebration: Lisa Connolly's Birthday Bash & The Varmints CD Release Party with The Varmints' New CD in its entirety; Eric Martin & the Illyrians; the Birthday Girl's band; Corolla DeVille and The Boize open up, there's also a Complimentary Buffet and everyone gets a gift because all paying customers who are there at the end of the night get a free Vatmints' CD!!...
    Then Nancy moves her magic to The Midway in JP with The Varmints, Pandemics and Hixx....
    and in Somerville, at Precinct on the same night (Sat. Sept 18) there's Fox Pass, The Doom Buggies, Leon Rich and The Liz Borden Band....
    Onto the next weekend we have a good show at TT's on Friday Sept 24th with Death & Taxes (doing their Final Show!), Wicked Whiskey, The WelchBoys and Lenny Lashley
    The Acrobrats will be playing tracks off their just-released EP, 'Hair Triggger' when they open for The Swingin'Utters on Sunday Sept. 26 at Harper's Ferry in Allston. This is the Utters' first area appearance in almost a decade. From first to last: The Acrobrats, The Have Nots, The Copyrights and The Swingin' Utters....also on Sunday the 26th the original line-up of Thalia Zedek band Come is at TT's and early show at that's Thalia, Chris Brokaw, Arthur Johnson and Sean O'Brien....and that should be a great show.

4GinBlossoms.jpg - 106.51 K
   A perfect September day at the Pinehills in Plymouth was the backdrop for a FREE Gin Blossoms gig on Saturday. They don't have the hip guotient of other groups but they have some sweet pop with a hard edge that's hard to beat. .


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