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Willie BGNTWO.jpg - 5.73 K Ocasac BGN.jpg - 6.12 K The Late Risers Club WMBR at MIT Nervous Eaters pIc by Denise Donahue Johnathan Richman. Oedipus - for a while he had rainbow colored dandruff.
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September 15, 2008

Scooter Rally band     Hey guys, this weekend I attended the Scooter Rally at Union Square to see the Prime Movers play and check out some cool scooters...there was a decent turn out, lots of scooters and other than The Acklands and The Movers the only person I saw that I knew was Tim Kelly of the Late Risers was a cool night though......earlier on Saturday I had a yard sale and Chrissie, I mean um Ivanah Rock from the Killer Abs happened buy and purchased a most lovely teapot for $2.00...yeah yeah....
    Now we've all heard about the Abbey and its financial troubles so you know ya gotta get on over there a least for a couple nights in the next week so check out Abbey site for a list of shows
...and my picks are: well actually it looks like there's an excellent t reason to go every night!!
    Check it out: right off the bat, this Monday: The Tampoffs and The Sprained Ankles!!...then, Tuesday night is an awesome line up with The Alrighters, The Spoilers and The Classic Ruins and Girl on Top....Wednesday is Coffin Lids, Muck and The Mires, Watts...then The Swindells among others are there Thursday....Friday (9/19) is The Konks ...
.and OH!!! A reason to get here EARLY on Saturday: Buried In Leather on the Pub Stage!!!!...
OK- that's gonna be worth every penny of your $12 right there I bet ya,
    but then you also get the Throwaways, The Acrobats and The Curses on Saturday night too...whew!!...
then next week Red Invasion headlines on Friday night, Sept 26th along with Doggfight US, Insult and Fake Boys, excellent!!!
    I have to say I can quite understand how a bar with a LOAD of beer and liquor swilling drunks and music fans shellin' o ut dough every night of the week can end up in such serious debt...but OK, whatever...I love the Abbey!! Maybe better management? Maybe better bands, like the beginning days when you wanted to be there every single night of the week?... whatever, I still Love the Abbey!!! It's an awesome club and we need it!!!! So get your butt over there and support the place!!! PLEEEZ!!!

DDsocoterrally.jpg - 64.81 K
Scooter Rally
DDOrangeseater.jpg - 64.82 K
Union Square

    But I also have to mention this : a guaranteed excellent show for Friday Sept 19:
    Rocky Velvet at The Plough & Stars on Friday Sept 19th
…check these guys out, they are really really great!!! they are a good time and are wild crazy and FUN rock-a-billy!!
    and then Saturday (after you give the Abbey $12 and see Buried In Leather) you can also head over to Church for The Bags!! And help celebrate the release of The Bags '89…..

And here's some really big news:
    DMZ Reunion !!!!!
at Church on Thursday October 23rd with Red Invasion and The New Frustrations!!!!

Oh oh and watch out, The Neighborhoods and The Figgs at Church November 1st!!
    ….well ok my friends…until next time…and please do send along a little message to make my day…. ML

Below we have a review
of the Barry and the Remains Film
AMERICA'S LOST BAND, the story of The Remains
Reviewed by Holly Daisun-Datsun
Director: Michael Stich
Producer: Fred Cantor.

    Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band talk about Barry & The Remains during the intro on "At The Rat", and I've heard an occasional tune on WTBS/WMBR/oldies radio -
    That in a nutshell is my entire exposure to Barry & The Remains until today Sunday September 14,when I attended the world premiere of AMERICA'S LOST BAND, the story of The Remains.
    You can now call me an official Remains fan - what a great sounding band. I gotta level with you - the flick is not the greatest rock doc around, but the early footage, which includes clips of the band on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "Hullaballo" , is a treat. The early story of the Remains is narrated by Peter Wolf ,who I imagine could tell a story of two himself from his time on the B.U./Kenmore Sq.rock scene. (in fact,why didn't he?)
    There's some good stills and clips of the Beatles as Barry recounts the group's 1966 U.S.tour with the Beatles (after which the band dissolved,which they discuss later).
    Cut to 2006 and the band is in L.A. to play some shows on the 40th anniversary of that Beatles tour. This is where the film dragged a bit; the interviews and discussions shot are not the most riveting. But it gets back on track, starting with the band's rehearsals and finishing with an in-store gig at Amoeba Records in Hollywood (where the ubiquitous Johnny Angel can be seen in the front row).
    Let's call it as we see it - they look their ages, but at rehearsal and onstage they sound like the 19, 20 and 21 years olds when they opened for those lovable moptops from Liverpool.
    Of special note is the live version of "Time Of Day" from the Amoeba show featuring a Yardbirds-style rave-up that does Beck and Page proud.
    After the movie the director and producer said a few words,then all four Remains (Barry, Bob, Vern, Chip) played a couple of tunes LIVE, again sounding live from '65. They signed albums ,CDs and books and seemed very happy to be there;almost as happy as the audience members ,who were positively glowing because that the Remains WERE there.
    No idea if this flick will be released on DVD but you can get information about the film from its producer Fred Cantor at
and the band has a website
    This isn't The MC5:A True Testimonial or The Filth & The Fury, but's it's still a noble effort and labor of love by the filmmaker and producer about a most deserving subject. Definitely worth seeing.


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