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September 28, 2020

Saturday night was the big Atomic Fez Fundraiser for Once with 14 acts lined up. With Smitt E Smitty’s graphic smarts it looked cool and professional. It was almost like a variety TV show it was so snappy and smooth moving. There was way too much to go over everything here. We will talk up some of our highlights but you should go see the whole thing which is available on YouTube - video below. YouTube now

Smitt E Smitty started it all off with “What’cha Do’n?”. The primitive beat set the stage for Smitty and his minions to do their thing. This is the first of many times we hear James Melanson, everybody’s guitarist of choice.

There was the debut of the Shang Hi Lo's first song and video “Sway Little Player”. The song is the catchiest ditty ever. It’s a three chord fifties or early sixties throwback style. The video is shot in black and white and has American Bandstand in the background ... That’s the spirit the song evokes and they pull it off perfectly. We’ll keep that song on replay for sure when we get hold of it.

Shang Hi Los
Jen- Shang Hi Los
Muck and the Mires

Gene Dante did a solo bit. You got the unfiltered Dante experience. You realize how much of the character of Gene Dante and the The Future Starlets are in Gene’s voice, attitude and lyrics although we still love that band.

Muck and the Mires sang “She Blocked My Number” and a second song called “Sunny Feeling”. The first a studio effort, the second a live outside shoot.

Kid Gulliver had the debut of the video “Carousel” although as you know we scooped that up early last week. The video that enhances the song. Something to see no matter where you get the chance.

You can tell Little Billy Lost is just dying to get out and play live again. They did two songs from a practice space. They are tighter than ever. The whole group is experienced to the max in high volume song oriented rock. They did two songs “Dancing With The Devil You Know” and “Whiskey Point”.

Emily Doran
Little Billy Lost
Little Billy Lost

John Powida had a new song called “Asa Brebner is Dead”. He captured a lot in that tune.

We were waiting for Emily Doran of The Gala to see what she would do. She had James Melanson of Little Billy Lost etc. playing guitar as she covered “I Wanna Be Your Dog” She went suitably bonkers. It was one of those moments when you painfully realize how much you are missing not being able to go out.

Lily Black covered “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana via a Zoom set up.

State of the Union had a video which was a compilation of still photos as the song “Ready for the Rain”, one of our faves, played.

This show was another raising of the bar; an hour and forty minutes of well-done vids and live feeds. It was also a fundraiser for Once Lounge so you can still give at or venmo @oncesomerville.

Jen Lombari
Jenn Lombari

Earlier in the week at the Midway we watched the live stream of Jenn Lombari of Stubborn Hearts. Jenn is compelled to play music be it in a group or duo or solo. She plays aggressive guitar and her voice is strong, she knows how to put over a song. The thing with Jenn is that her songs grow deeper the more you hear them. So, it’s been extra hard not hearing her on a regular basis. All the songs and their feelings they evoke, came back during the live stream take in.

When she gets the voice raspy and digs into the lyrics – those are our favorite times. She did songs from all her different set ups most from the Stubborn Hearts catalog. Watch Jenn here: Live at The Midway. Jenn starts at the one hour 15 minute mark.

Blame it on Whitman
Blame It On Whitman

The Boston Local Music Fest 2020, Day 1 had Blame it on Whitman. You can catch Whitman at the 5 hour and 25 minute mark at this link. They did an impressive set. We seen them go from a scrappy outfit to a tight band with superior songwriting. Check them out!!

Boston Basement Brigade The Boston Basement Brigade popped up on Facebook. It’s a documentary series chronicling the hardcore underground basement shows around 2008. The trailer looks like we’re going to love this!! Seems like they have tons of photos and videos. Watch the trailer here. The website - Boston Basement Brigade.

The Boston Music Awards announced the nominees for this year’s awards. Most of the acts are out of our sphere but there are some groups that we talk about like Brix’nMortor, Actor/Observer, Rebuilder, Weakened Friends, Carissa Johnson, Powerslut, Karl Marks, Salem Wolves, Art Thieves and Sky Tigers. If you want to support your faves go to the web site and vote:

The Boston Hassle has started a Patreon page. That is the new website that has a pay wall. There are several tiers that you can buy into. Here’s a video about it And here is their Patreon page:


Screw Cart

Need a dose of Screw Cart? They went live for one song on Facebook this Saturday with “Crises Clinician” They are the go to band for the loud stuff with attitude. Watch it on Facebook: Screw Cart!!

Today Junior

Motel Black

Last week we got the song, this week the video: Today Junior's “Laurel Canyon”. They must have got jones for the California thing before the wildfires, in the video and song they capture Laurel Canyon as a place and a state of mind. Laurel Canyon

Motel Black has a new video of their song “Evening Standard”. An article in the Allston Pudding explains that the lyrics of the song are about the Methadone Mile in Boston. The song is dark and somber as it deals with the sad reality of that place next to calm nature scenes around it. “Evening Standard

The Damned

Cheap Trick

The Damned have released “Manipulator”, a song from their new EP called The Rockfield Files. Is there any other group that has gone this long and still sounds so good? Punk brings us the video.

And....It’s been a while but The Damned are back with another The Damned Show.They want to talk about the new EP, so Paul Gray plays the bass riff that "Manipulator" originates from and then plays the bass live along with the recorded song. Watch him here!!

Doing cover tunes has become a thing in the pandemic shutdown. Latest to try is Cheap Trick who go at David Bowie's “Rebel Rebel”. Sounds like a live in the studio recording. Rebel Rebel · Cheap Trick.

On the radio......

KLYAM Kids Like You and Me are busy these days doing there podcasts. We turn around and they have three more!

They've got an interview with cult legend B.J. Snowden. The next podcast was with Sabtuagi Cardenas who was in the group Free Pizza. We saw them in a reunion gig for them in 2016 . KLYAM gets Cardenas' story and his discovering the Boston music scene from 2008-14.

They have a session with Sweeping Promises and we're not familiar with them... and that’s why you pay attention people like KLYAM, they have a wide range of interests and the good taste to find something you maybe should know about. Sweeping Promises have released and album of note: Hunger For a Way Out. It’s a low-fi effort that delivers. They capture a sound with character which comes from keeping the instrumentation constant and the singing distinctive.

All the podcasts can be heard on the KLYAM AnchorFM podcast page

CDs/ Music.....

Rebuilder Sweet Natilie

We were just getting an appreciation of Rebuilder as the shutdown occurred...even though they've been together at least since 2016. They've released a new song called "Monuments" It's a strong statement about the removal of Confederate statues. In one line they say that “it’s like 1968” which was an observation of Hummingbird Syndicate in their song and video of “We Want Love”. The song itself is monumental and we love the strong voices.
If you buy the track the money is going to Black Lives Matter.

Rum Bar keeps the production line going with Natalie Sweet. “Lip Service” takes off at full speed and never stops for you catch your breath. She hasHenriksen of the Yum Yums in the band which explains a lot. There’s only two songs released now, which whets our appetite for the whole thing…which is the nefarious intent.


Al Quint is reactivating his Suburban Voice blog! Yeah!! Nobody but nobody keeps up on the new stuff like Al. The blog is a good way of getting a line on some new groups out there. The blog is here Suburban Voice.

Brett Milano did a piece about the Asa Brebner tribute album I’m Not Gone in the Boston Herald. Read that here.

The Dig has an interview with Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortez. She has a side project under the name Sad13 and is ready to release her new album Haunted Painting. She talks about Speedy Ortez linking their band with food instead of regular wastefil merch! That’ a whole new idea. More on that album at the Dig As far as the pandemic shutdown goes she says she doesn’t want to bother with livestreams and would rather put her energy into recording. The interview is here.

Jim Sullivan has written another excellent piece on the WBUR website. It’s about Kristen Hersh and Throwing Muses upcoming album. In the process it reviews how they began and progressed. It zeros in on Hersh with a twenty minute video interview. Check it out here.

Coming up.....

Virtual/ Streaming.....

Crash Course Saturday October 3, 7 PM – 8:15 PM The Mess-Around Virtual Video Premiere guest will include Kurt Baker and Geoff Palmer (The Connection) as well as the regulars, Justine, Jay and Tom. Here's the FB page.

The Midway is getting better at getting a full group on stage and letting them blast it out and having the sound be decent. That’s what we are looking for now.

Monday October 12, 8-10PM - The Thigh Scrapers and The Stigmatics the have had a gig at the Midway that has been rescheduled a few times. They finally are going to get on the Midway stage with a streaming live show on Monday October 12 from 8 to 10 pm.

Tuesday October 13, 8-10PM - The Instamatics and The Jacklights will be streaming live from the Midway FB event page

Live shows.....

Bunch of Jerks October 3 (Saturday) A Bunch of Jerks and Random Ideas at the HydeOut At The Wharf (1 Wharf St. Hallowell, ME) from 6 -9 pm. It’s free and food trucks will be on site and plenty of space to dance and social distance yourself. Facebook page

October 28 (Wednesday) Einstürzende Neubauten - The Year of the Rat Tour - The Wilbur Theater Facebook Page

Thursday December 17 -7-9:30PM - Talkin’ to Dracula and his Crew: Goth subculture and horror, a lecture - Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies Brooklyn NY FB page

January 16, 2021 (Saturday) New Date - The Schizophonics, Muck and the Mires at ONCE Lounge Early Show: 5:30 PM – 8 PM

mickey Dee February 17, 2021 (Saturday) Rescheduled - Swans w/ Anna von Hausswolff at the Paradise

April 19, 2021 (Monday) Rescheduled - Dead Can Dance at The Wang Theater

April 29, 2021 (Thursday) Circle Jerks Plus Special Guests at the paradise (this is a reskedged show) FB page

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