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September 29, 2008

    October is looking like an excellent gig month:
    Wednesday, October 1st, at Church is CHROME's Helios Creed....this is THE GUY that made up the sound that many bands in the 80's and 90's picked up: here's a bit of a history lesson: "Helios Creed is the legendary guitarist of San Francisco's proto-industrial acid-punk band Chrome. His unusual musical stylings have influenced bands such as Butthole Surfers, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and Prong. Helios Creed joined San Francisco's Chrome in 1977 to record their second album Alien Soundtracks. Helios' mastery of sustained, distorted guitar effects and deep, crooning vocals noticeably changed Chrome's direction and made them the science fiction inspired, avant-garde acid-punk that Chrome is best known for." Here's his website and you should check him out!!! Helios Creed CHROME
    Hey then for you Rock a Billy/country/ hoe down types:\same night: Oct 1 (Wednesday) is Junior Brown and The Darlings at Johnny D's in Davis Sq…then just 2 days later, Oct 4th, a Saturday at Church it's the Dixons, The Swinedells and a bunch of others worth checkin' out....
    Wreckless Eric at TT's Sunday October 12th!!
But save your energy my friends coz Monday October 13th at Church is a killer totally mental show....: The Mentors (without El Duce hmmm, I don't know but we all go on right??) Psycho, Kill'll need to be strong for this show!
Saturday October 19th at O'Brien's is gonna be a good night! I like O' Brien's, as long as it's not too packed so don't' go cause I need my space...ha ha, no, DO go to see Black Mosettes, The Victims , Classic Ruins and the return of The Mess Me Ups (YAY!!! I TOLD you they be re-forming!!)

DMZ Reunion !!!!!
at Church on Thursday October 23rd with Red Invasion and The New Frustrations!!!!

Oh oh and watch out, The Neighborhoods and The Figgs at Church November 1st!!

    New info accompanied by obligatory (self-guided) history lesson:
Reddy Teddy not only has their awesome new CD out (Read our review here) but they have a new website:
Now, there aren't many pics on the new site...but ya know what? We got 'em on the BGN!!! Check out our Reddy Teddy Gallery
and since we're talking Reddy's our Reddy Teddy interview from 2004
And last but not least:
our 1977 interview with the fabulous Reddy Teddy original guitarist Matthew McKenzie!! so now you know it ALL!! hey email us by just clicking and writing...OK???

....well ok my friends…until next time...and please do send along a little message to make my day..... ML


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