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October 6, 2008

    It's Halloween month and people want to party.,..lots of excellent shows this month…
This Tuesday, Oct 7, there's a way cool show at The Middle East up with The Legendary Shack Shakers and the showing of the Film Seven Signs…
Hey there' actually a half decent show at the Abbey this month, amazing!!! Saturday October 11th there's The Konks, Imaginary Icons, Five Dollar Priests and The Tampoffs. Now if they could have gigs like this on a regular basis maybe they'd make some dough!!....
    Wow there must be something in the air because there's a half decent show at the Cantab too, WOW!, same night Oct 11th Red Invasion headlines, also Lyres, My Own Worst Enemy and Mars..
    Wreckless Eric at TT's Sunday October 12th!!
But save your energy my friends coz Monday October 13th at Church is a killer totally mental show…: The Mentors Psycho, Kill Slug…you'll need to be strong for this show!
    Thursday , Oct 16th; The Throwaways along with The Hospital Rats, The Urinal are at the Middle East UP, …..
    And hey The Cantab gets another mention this month with Friday October 17th and The Spoilers, The Doom Buggies and The Johnny Black Trio Reunion Show!!!
But now here is a gig I am NOT gonna miss and neither should you!! : Saturday October 18th at Harper's Ferry: The Horrorpops , The 7 Shot Screamers , and Beat Union
    But if that's not your thing there's a fun show just down the street at O'Brien's on Saturday October 19th Black Mosettes, The Victims , Classic Ruins and the return of The Mess Me Ups (My suggestion is to go to BOTH places and keep running up and down Harvard Ave to make sure you catch ALL the bands!)
and of course we will not let you forget....DMZ Reunion !!!!!
at Church on Thursday October 23rd with Red Invasion and The New Frustrations!!!!
OK, my friends, that's what we got for this week....I'm me sumpin....


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