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October 18, 2010

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Blowfish reporting:
    It was a time machine good time on Friday night at the Church. We had a throwback to 1964 and then 1984.
   It's a delight to walk into Muck and the Mires on stage. There's a good feeling in the air, people having a ball and yes the sounds of 1964 blaring from the stage. No cover songs; all Muck originals that have that cascade of six string chord progressions echoing the swinging sixties. Then there is Linda unleashing her controlled chaos on the drums. There is no such thing as a bad Muck and the Mires gig. You know that when you are humming the songs on the way home.

   Steve Wynn got on stage and without even a 'hello" begins to play. Tonight the group plays the album THE MEDICINE SHOW. This is a highlight of mid eighties alternative rock. The performance held up to all expectations. The music was soaked in its influences. You could hear Television and The Velvet Underground coming out time and time again. It made the music rich and rewarding. There were all sorts of highs and no dull spots. The songs and the performance were seamless.
   People said the drummer was Steve Wynn's wife, in any case she was wonderful - our second woman drummer of the evening (and her name was Linda also). The mix was perfect on the floor which aided the Television style interaction and rave ups. The band members looked like they were enjoying it as much as the audience .

   I used to play the Medicine Show on the radio but even so I was still shocked at how good this was. If you missed this you lost out. The band captured some magic and made a memorable night.
   My usual disclaimer (for forty years now) - because of work I missed the early bands.

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    This Friday Oct 22 is an awesome bill at Precinct; The Spoilers release their new 5-song EP, Loaded to the Gunwales!! Also on the bill is With a Bullet, Cradle to the Grave, and the Curses.

    don't forget: LAST RAT CD Release by the Hoods live at the Rat in 1992; the show is at the coming Sunday Oct 24th Paradise.

On Thursday , October 28th Hugh Cornwall, lead singer for The Stranglers is at Church to perform the Stranglers 1st lp from 1977 Rattus Norvegicus, also on the bill The Gobshites! Excellent!!
    October 29th check out Jerry LeHane's new band Sourpuss, now also featuring Jack Hickey they are at The Plough along with Eric Martin & The Illyrians

   For Halloween weekend, a good all ages 1PM afternoon show at the Middle East Up with Swaggerin' Growlers, The Dreadoughts, Brunt Of It, The Radicals, and Squallie Greenthumb performing between band sets...

   Then it is time to head down the street to the Cantab for what is now the Benefit for the Boog (Billy Borgioli). He's had a visit to the hospital and we hope by the time this party comes 'round he is able to attend. SO be there!! Last year's bash was a blast!!! Bands playing are: Spitzz (as the Cramps) , Coffins Lids and The Varmints and Sticky Business and Kenne Highland & Jody Moore opening the evening.

    OMG!!! John Blount of Watts chas a new haircut!!! I swear his hair cut was the topic of many a conversation I have had while watching Watts....Eric Law sent this link to The Steve Katsos show check out the new do!!..and the great music too.

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