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October 22, 2012


    So you know we have the Then and Now page here on the BGN…it lists certain people we knew and loved then and what they are up to now…well we heard from an old friend recently and we wanted to share the news:

    We heard from Daniel Stewart…you may remember him as the British sailor Stu who came over from the UK and married Jeri Ann. He's living in Arkansas and has three kids….he says : "If you have Facebook look me up have pics of kids and me. Been a punk rock greaser all these years. Been riding and hot rodding my whole life, got a shop-hang out we call the fish bowl, where we work on bikes and rods." Check out our pics of Stu…the first one is from something like 1978 he worked at the candy counter at the Channel….and the other one shows him now - SO glad to hear from you Stu!!

Stu 1978 at the Rat
Stu 2012

    Another Boston ex-pat is John Boucher…he was selling used cars, painting dog portraits and is now in a band…you can check out the video here. - That's him on stand up bass!!

    So Halloween approaches my friends and everyone is celebrating with shows this coming weekend: Friday October 26th we have the Rosebud BOO! Bash with Sticky Business opening up the night, our faves James Straight and The Wide Stance up next at 10 and then Cal Cali's New Experience for a walk down memory lane followed by My Own Worst Enemy closing out the night.

    Also of note is a Halloween Show at Church, on Saturday 10/27…its one of those this band as that band shows and this alone is worth the trip and the tix: Sidewalk Driver as Spinal Tap!!!

    Since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year most clubs have special gigs on the previous weekend but for a real Halloween party on 10/31 what better way than to celebrate with Walter Sickert and His Army of Broken Toys? They are at The Brighton Music Hall with another band perfectly appropriate for this special day Darling Pet Munkee

    November 3rd this show at O'Brien's will be awesome: DeathWaltz76, Suicide Dolls, Boom Said Thunder and Thick Voltage.

    News from the Magic Room: Sunday, November 4th it The Halloween Hangover Show ! And Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster, from the original tv program The Munsters , Also performing will be the legendary Muck and the Mires , and Tsunami of Sound.

    Also on November 4th Hixx are moving on to the next holiday coming up with their annual HixxGiving at All Asia (Mass Ave Central Sq) gee I believe this is the seventh one!! And they are doing it as a benefit per usual as well -so they ask you bring some canned goods or other non-perishable food items to be donated to a local woman's shelter! Also on the bill The Meat Depressed and Hookerclops. This shows runs from 3:30 - 9PM.

    And Thursday November 8th Glen Matlock in at the Middle East (up?? Yeah up) Also on the 8th over at Precinct is a throwback show with Rock Bottom getting together to do their renditions of 70's rawk…along with Aquanuts doing 80's hair metal….

    And November 9th!!! Roky Erickson is going to be at the new Harvard Square club Sinclair, which will be at 52 Church Street - it would be awesome if it was in the Harvard Square Theater space…it would be like the old days kind of…when there were bands there. But anyway there you have it….Sinclair…Roky.

    And of course the Human Sexual Response show is coming up on November 10th….this show sold out so fast it has been moved to The House of Blues!!

    AND now besides the show there's a new viddy of HSR by Jan Crocker: UNBA UNBA, is the only extant document of a complete HSR performance. Recorded at the peak of the band's career (1982) , it captures the Humans' unique sound and sensibility-the boldly evocative vocals of Larry Bangor, Casey Cameron, Windle Davis and Dini Lamot, hypnotically blended with the inspired and exhilarating playing of guitarist Rich Gilbert, bassist Chris Maclachlan and drummer Malcolm Travis-along with the band's inimitable stage presence and passionate rapport with fans. Bonus treats include an HSR photo history, a montage of Dini Lamot's arresting poster art, and an irreverent audio commentary by the band.
    UNBA UNBA will be available at the House of Blues show, and at selected retail outlets shortly after.

    We have International Pop Overthrow coming up this November at Precinct Weds Nov 14 through Sat Nov 17

   November 17th there's a another excellent Cal Cali gig at Rosebud….Lyres, Jetset, Foxpass

    Also that night a great gig at Johnny D's in Davis Square as well with The Dogmatics along with The Magnolias and AM Stereo



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