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October 26, 2009

    Well folks, I strayed far from home musically this past week ….I have to admit it…I went to see an Opera!
Thanks to the fantastically involved Joyce Linehan I was able to get in on the dress rehearsal of Opera Boston's Trancredi…..
    now I have not been to a lot of operas, actually only one years ago, so I'm having a very hard time understand why they had a female playing the lead male role of Trancredi!....I read it is a role is for a "contralto" but there must be plenty of guys out there who have high voices….I just thought it strange and I couldn't' get past the fact that it was a woman dressed up as a man…I have to say though that the woman playing The lead, though she didn't sound like a man at all had an incredible voice with amazing range and emotion! And it was completely engrossing and three hours went by incredibly fast. I mean these people can SING…pretty amazing I must say….the other thing is the simplistic melodrama, that in 1813 most likely made people bawl their eyes out now made people actually laugh but the performers are so excellent and opera is so universal that you still are affected and feel the drama and emotion….
    So I'm fessin' up…but I'll never tire of some good rock'n'roll and coming up we have:

    Monday October 26th, starting out Halloween week on the right foot at Charlie's Kitchen with The Coffin Lids, The Egos, and the Acrobrats...

    then at The Cantab, this Thursday, October 29th, has 5- Point (featuring Mark Kennedy and Fred Pinneau) playing with a bunch of other bands.....

    also on Thursday - 10/29 , at Church are Beantown Boozehounds, Faulty Conscience, The Scrapes, Graverobbers From Outer Space (who are doing a Misfits Tribute!!), Steve the Farmer and the Murder Balladeers
    At Great Scott's in Allston on Halloween Eve, meaning Friday, 10/30 It's The Pill's 7th Annual Halloween Show featuring something you're gonna see more of this weekend…bands as other bands…they have: The Daily Pravda as Radiohead, the Televandals as The Clash, The Honors as The Smiths and keep in mind that EVERY Friday night, including this Friday October 30th at The Rosebud in Davis Square the vocally gifted and rhythmically inspired Jordan Valentine does her DJ gig at Red Rose Soul Club: Rare Soul and R&B Show they clear out the tables and you can groove to your heart content baby!!
    and if that wasn't enough...and you want to hear it again during the week she has a podcast too so click to get your soul!!

    Now for All Hallow's Eve, or shall we say Halloween NIght (New Year's to some of you out there) : At Church , on Saturday October 31st, it's "A Rockin Halloween Bash! " with The Luxury (As Duran Duran), Sidewalk Driver (As David Bowie) and Gene Dante and The Future Starlets (As The Runaways) …now THAT line up is excellent and the Sidewalk Driver singer is SO into David Bowie…now is Gene Dante gonna be Cherrie Curry???? Should be FUN!...the folks at Church also suggest you come dressed as your fave rock star coz they are giving out prizes for costumes!!1

    Saturday October 31st there's also a Nancy Neon Nite at the Cantab downstairs with The Varmints, The Coffin Lids, Spittz as The Cramps and Girl on Top
I have a feeling there'll be a few Luxes and Ivies in the crowd!!

    And if you are up on the North Shore you have a swinging party you must go to: Halloween Costume Ball - Upstairs at the Franco American Club on Park St. in Beverly (Right next to The Depot) this is on Friday October 30th ...starts at 7:30 and goes all night... you can catch The Fabulous Ladies of Corolla DeVille and The Wonderful Boys of JT and the's $20.00 for tickets and it Includes OPEN BAR + All you can eat Hot+Cold Buffet, Prizes for Best Costumes, Raffles and more...why go elsewhere? ......
    And in case you still haven't had enough Halloween after the 31st there's Sunday Nov. 1 at the Middle East UP with Dark Sky Productions presenting: 6th Annual Mass Morgue featuring: Avariel, Lucretia's Daggers, Mortuus Ortus and Sans Nomenclature......ghoulie...................
    or you can forgo more spookiness and get an uplift from The James Straight Revue and Tommy White's (of Unnatural Axe) surf band (also featuring the fantabulous Kenny Kaiser!!) The Beachcombovers at The Midway Cafe, Sunday November 1 this is an afternoon show: from 3 to 6 PM

    and speaking of shows in November: on Saturday Nov 7th The Marvels are at Church with The Curses, The Swindells and Muck & The Mires....I mean come on...that's a show NOT to be missed!!

    then to make it a truly incredible weekend I am going to Sleep No More on Saturday November 7th (read the comments at the bottom of the page to get a better gist) …please join us!!! This show IS an incredible experience and one you aren't likely to find in Boston again soon. Yes, read up a bit about Macbeth if you like, to help you understand the plot and know you will be leaving the introductory elevator on one of the 4 floors and know you have to check out all 4 floors)it's playing until December or January so if you can't make it November 7th go another time!!…

    Further out into November: The Port Charles Quintet are doing their next show at Precinct on Friday, November 13th
    Hey also you'll wanna check out the clip of XXX All Ages XXX Boston Hardcore which is part of the upcoming film/doc on The Gallery East and the HardCore scene in Boston in the early 80's by Katy the Kleaning Lady, and Duane Lucia who had the foresight to create a space like Gallery East. I remember seeing the Bad Brains and Minor Threat at Gallery East and that was some serious slam dancing going on then!! Stage diving, bloody noses, goon walking...the real original real stuff!!

Blowfish adds:
    When the BGN went on line in 2002 Alan Lewis of NEMS (New England Music Scene) was right there welcoming us. His site started about a year earlier. I mention this now because his site is to go off line next week.
    NEMS had a wider musical view than we have. Its success can be judged by googling any act he covers, the site is right up at the top of the results. We are going to incorporate some of the info on our site.
    Alan will still be doing his newsletter which is always full of current info.….subscribe at
    This also brings to mind the sites we no longer have like the Dirty Water site and Joe Harvard's site. On the web these things can go in a day.

    Ok folks, that's it for this week, be back next week with more me ....let me know what's happening..thanks!! click and write me!.... Lyn


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