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Willie BGNTWO.jpg - 5.73 K Ocasac BGN.jpg - 6.12 K The Late Risers Club WMBR at MIT Nervous Eaters pIc by Denise Donahue Johnathan Richman. Oedipus - for a while he had rainbow colored dandruff.
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November 1, 2010

The Church 10/29 - Stranglers
1HUghCornwall.jpg - 82.91 K
Hugh Cromwell
Photo:Miss Lyn
1clemBurke.jpg - 99.58 K
Clem Burke
Photo:Miss Lyn

    Billy Ruane's wake was amazing...the line was out the door and everyone from the Boston Music Community and MORE were there. There was a New Orleans type band playing outside in front of the was really wonderful to see the people in attendance and it makes me proud to know that we have such a strong community and of course Billy would be the one to draw them out, get them together.....we have lost such an incredibly special person....this town will not be the same without him....RIP Billy....we all love you very much and will never forget you that's for damn live in all the people you have helped, all the things you have done, created....and the crazed reputation you will never live down!!!

    it looks like his annual birthday celebration this year will be moved to November 17th instead of his actual birthday November 10th. So we can celebrate Billy yet again, he deserves it!

    And Billy now even has his own place in Wikipedia!! After saying goodbyes to our friend BIlly we headed over to the Zuzu Middle East celebration which had so many people attednign that it was overflowing onto the sidewalk outsude. Then off to The Cantab for Nancy Neone's Halloween Bash with Sticky Business doing their super dancable bubble gum music and Spitzz doing their traditional Halloween Cramps show.... it was pretty crazed as usual!!

Halloween night / Cantab
1SpittzTomasLux.jpg - 130.34 K
Tom of Spitz as Lux Interior
Photo:Miss Lyn
1stickyB.jpg - 99.94 K
Sticky Business
Photo:Miss Lyn
1JesseTarafriends.jpg - 136.36 K
Jesse Dratstic, Tara and their boyfriends
Photo:Miss Lyn
1MicheleKim.jpg - 23.59 K
Michele and Kim the Nurse
Photo:Miss Lyn
1MIssCop.jpg - 20.79 K
Zombie Cop - Miss Lyn
Photo:Michele Meadows
1bride.jpg - 25.89 K
Ghool Groom and Bride
Photo:Michele Meadows
1NAncyAimee.jpg - 126.77 K
Nancy Neon and BeatGirl
Photo:Miss Lyn

    Until the 17th there's some good stuff happening out there... November Nov 5th, @ the Rosebud in Davis Sq, there is a fantastic show with JJ & The Cuban Hells , The Port Charles Quartet, and The Weisstronauts...yeah!
And this year's International Pop Overthrow is happening at PA's Lounge in Union Square Somerville on November 5 & 6...the bill goes like this: Watts, The Mesmerines, Popfilter!, Fox Pass, The Beauty & Disturbance Orchestra and Bird Mancini....
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Shows at the Paradise
1NeighWEB.jpg - 154.25 K
The Neighborhoods - Paradise 10/24 - Photo by Eric Law
1Newmanweb.jpg - 158.69 K
Gary Newman - Photo by Kevin Griffin


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