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The BGN News Archive

The BGN News Archive

November 12, 2012

Human Sexual Response

What a show!!! Wow the Human Sexual Response reunion was absolutely great!! This was a show everyone eagerly awaited and I can definitely say no one was disappointed! HSR came out on the stage all sparkles and energy. Everyone pretty much looked the same (except Rich Gilbert who looked way better than before with a rockabilly do and outfit.)

    They opened with Guardian Angel and every song sounded spot on fantastic. The power trio has only gotten better with the years and the four voices sounded as powerful as ever! They did all the hits: Jackie Onassis, Unba Unba, Land of the Glass Pinecones, Dick and Jane, Andy Fell, The Anne Frank Story, Pound and of course they closed their set with What Does Sex Mean to Me. In the middle of the set Larry Bangor pulled out his cell phone and called Tontileo "Our friend number one fan" who unfortunately could not make it to the show. That was a really great touch. Also during the set Dini Lamont announced that he and Windle Davis were married last year. Congrats guys!! I hear they run a bed and breakfast together in New York.

    Anyway…they came out for their encore in the infamous white nurses' outfits and did the covers Cool Jerk, Rebel Rebel, and Hang on Sloopy. The crowd was loving it SOOOO much they came out for a second encore and did their classic Butt Fuck (You GOTTA watch this video for an incredible trip to the past).

    My only complaints about the show were 1) HSR wasn't just the music, it was the stage show and way they writhed around all close together on stage…that, to me was, a major part of it all. This stage was so big they were too far apart most of the time…I longed for a smaller stage and to see their sweat like the old days…but of course that just wasn't possible. 2) Who ever did the lights kept them in the dark way too often!!! And then use the spotlights at the wrong times…they'd have the singers in the dark and a spot light on Rich when there was no solo and other misses like that. But all in all it didn't really detract from the show and the pleasure of seeing this great band together again.

    I couldn't get close enough to take photos but there are plenty out there to see. Here's one from Michael Abbott (whose head I could see down front as he towered over everyone around him) and you can go to Dini's page to see a bunch as well.
   Paul Gaudreau has awesome pics on his FB page at this link.
    Video of Cool Jerk.

    And I think our friend Gregg Zoske summed it up well when she said : "They still got it and got MORE! Like good vintage wine, these musicians rocked better than ever and made me realize that my memories of the past weren't glorified in my mind...the HUMANs were significant and unique and powerful. At last night's show, they didn't rest on their laurels...they put on a really big shoo...sequins and diamonds, nurse's uniforms and hellbent dancing...with vocal dynamics and harmonies that no other "new wave" group could ever imagine or replicate. Thanks to the HUMANs for transporting me to Nirvana last night. LOVE!"

    As a extra special kicker to end the night a group of us tried to get an after show drink in Kenmore Square…we went to the space that was formerly our beloved Rat….what's there now is a place called Eastern Standard…they had a heated outdoor patio and two doormen out front standing behind a red velvet rope…to keep the riff raff out I guess. They wouldn't let us in.

    Now let's see what's coming up…..This Wednesday we have Moose and The Mudbugs and Cal Cali's New Experience at The Rosebud

    And International Pop Overthrow is this week at Precinct Weds Nov 14 through Sat Nov 17

   November 17th there's a another excellent Cal Cali gig at Rosebud….Lyres, Jetset, Foxpass

    Also that night a great gig at Johnny D's in Davis Square as well with The Dogmatics along with The Magnolias and AM Stereo

   And then there's Turkey Day coming up and the day after, Friday Nov 23rd there's a Reddy Teddy show in Winchester (they are going back home where they began it all) and its at The Sons of Italy Hall, 117 Swanton St - they'll have special guests and free pizza!

    Friday November 30th Muck and The Mires, Lyres and Jenny Dee and The Deelinquents are at Precinct.

    Oh no now I have to mention December…OK it's worth it though because the month starts out with an awesome show at Moe's Lounge at Radio with James Straight and The Wide Stance, Cadillac Heart and The Port Charles Quintet!!

   The heartbreak of what's going on at Norton Records because of hurricane Sandy.



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