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November 21, 2011

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    Another night checking out music this past week and Blowfish gives you the story:

    The Dents had to be happy with the turn out on Friday. There were plenty of people in TT's and they were all jammed up front to see as well as hear the group. The Dents had not been forgotten.

Dents2.jpg - 110.48 K     There was a time at the beginning when the Dents were developing when they were a typical local band and often described as an "Abbey band". They had their fans from the beginning because the songs were good. This phase is captured on their first 5 song CD. Then they went from strength to strength and turned from a strong band to a powerhouse band. It was a lesson on what a band could do when they worked hard. Their full CD produced by David Minehan captures this full bore assault and that's where we were Friday night.

    They retained all their power and maybe even more with all the pent up energy from not playing for a few years. Not a lot of talking from the group and Michelle admitted on stage after some chit chat that they are not big on the small talk. No problem because the songs talk to you. They complain and explain like a person. They have attitude and a personality of their own. There's no shortage of words there.
    Musically there is no subtlety or ornament. It's a wall of sound built on one playing power chords while the other plays full major chords (no way are they going near a minor or seventh). Michele moves her bass lines avoiding just sitting on the tonic, a tactic which sinks other groups. The drummer - straight and glorious 2/4 beat.

   So, why did they break up? Why did they get together again? Don't know and don't know, but this was a great night for them and us. We wouldn't mind more of it.

DentMuck1.jpg - 247.39 K

    I always fantasize Muck and the Mires jumping off the tour bus guitar in hand running to the stage and plugging in and playing with no set up, sort of like the Beatles running across the field at Shea Stadium and onto the stage. They act like that and rush through the songs right to the end. You get swept up in the pace. It's all part of the Muck experience.

   They had an adjustment period with new guitarist David Aaronoff. I'm here to tell you that period is over. They were 100 percent adjusted and rocking out. David has lived up to expectations. He plays the old stuff with confidence and adds plenty to the new stuff.
DentMuck2.jpg - 87.19 K    The new stuff was from the new CD - A Cellar Full of Muck and this was the release party and it was party atmosphere right to the end which was Doreen. This song was greeted with hoots and raised hands that signaled the fact that it has become a Boston music classic.

   I could see Dennis McCarthy (from The World's Greatest Sinners and Port Charles Quartet) peeking in from his perch at the door and watching Linda Muck. There were two of my favorite drummers in one place.
   Also in the club was Michele Meadows freshly back from the Norton Records celebration in Brooklyn where she didn't get enough music for the week evidently. John Blout of Watts took it all in after his gig earlier in the week at the Pop Overthrow at Rosebud. Bob Colby was present showing he evidently never gets tired because he clubbed four days in a row last week with multiple gigs on some days. Joanie Lindstrom caught the Dents with a succesful bar hop from The Supersuckers at the Middle East.

    Kevin Griffith did his tapping thing so you get to see some of the night at his you tube page showing DENTS doing Too Late and Stick Around also the MUCKS doing doing a few songs.

    Also here is the video in two parts from the Neighborhoods gig at Church last week but it's not the same - you have to spend the money, get cold/hot, give up the time, search for parking, stand for over two hours and have your ears blown off to really get the experience. You know that, right?
   Neighborhoods PART ONE
   Neighborhoods PART TWO

   There's some cool stuff coming up this week... Then after you hogged it up on loads of turkey on the 25th you can head over to The Plough on the Friday the 26th for a special treat....Sean Coleman who used to front The Bourbonnaires and The Swindells moved to NYC and has been playing around there lately but on the 26th he's back in Boston for one night, with his new band, at The Plough!!! I'm looking forward to some screamin' and some soulful singin' oh yeah!!
    December 2nd is an awesome show at The Middle East with The Nervous Eaters and Barrence Whitfield and The Savages who just got back from playing in Europe for the past month and are celebrating their new CD Savage Kings (which you can purchase at Shake It Records). AND Peter Greenberg is in the band again, playing with Barrence in Boston for the first time since 1986! It's gonna be a hell of a night I can just tell! December 3rd has a great Marsman Show at The Rosebud - with the Lyres, Watts, My Own Worst Enemy and The New Frustrations.....and its sponsored by Narragansett as well

    And Dec 8-10 at The Lizard Lounge you get three days of Kingsley Flood doing an extended CD release event.... click here for a list of bands for each night!! And don't forget KickStart Project

    And folks we have a new Rick Coraccio Journal Entry for your reading pleasure (and I do mean pleasure because this one is the best yet!!) it's all about the Lyres gig in San Francisco....just scroll down to the box under the news...

    And don't forget John Nikolai's awesome project on KickStart - Please go pledge some dough!!!: NEVERMIND NOSTALGIA: The Last Book On Punk Rock (Part One)

   Email us with your latest news, opinions and all that kinda

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