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November 22, 2010

Billy Ruane Memorial
Willie Loco

    Well the Billy Ruane Tribute show was crazy insane moving was quite a night...culminating with most of Billy's ashes being thrown into the audience from the stage by Joseph and Billy's sister Lili...we will all miss our Billy!!! Huge loss for us in Boston.
    I snapped a few pics but really you want to go to Facebook and YouTube to see stuff :
    Like this excellent tribute viddy
    And Wayne's pics
    And Paul Hicoff's pics
    And the finale

Clubland and La peste     What a character Billy will always be and what a befitting tribute show!

    After a few years of retirement Oedipus has started a website..... that is featuring artists he likes. He has lots of knowledge, connections and material to work with. I would like a look into that record collection of his....we'll see I guess.

    The December issue of Gentlemen's Quarterly has an article on the most acclaimed author - Jonathan Franzen where it is revealed that he has "Academy Fight Song" by Mission of Burma in his exercise music.

   We have been blown away by the La Peste DVD by Jan Crocker. It's more amazing when you find out it's not just a straight ahead shoot. The music is from another gig and the visuals and music have been synced in post production...a tedious job and a seamless one, I couldn't tell. That got us thinking that we didn't know Jan Crocker's story although we have known him for over 30 years so we interviewed him and got the info....interesting stuff...on our JAN CROCKER INTERVIEW - CLICK.

   We received a surprise book in the mail to review, a poetry book by Dave Morrison - actually his seventh one - that mainly has the Boston rock scene of the early 80's and Dave's experience in it as the subject matter. This is no flowery prissy crap but succinct scenes with characters and situations we rockers have experienced. Give it a look and maybe try it out....Review of CLUBLAND by Dave Morrison.

   OK on to what is coming up ....well; it is Thanksgiving Week...kind slow...but the Plough has Sourpuss (x-dogmatics x- turbine/lyres) Hired Hands (Pete O'Halloran of the Dogmatics) and Battle Green ( Bob Cenci's new band) so that is a great way to get back into the groove after a holiday opf too much turkey!!
    But we have coming up in December: Sat. Dec 4th at the Rosebud are The Last Ones - Thee Cuban Heels - The Coffin Lids
December 10th Watts' CD Release show at The Rosebud...more info later and December 17th is The Raging Teens Rock n' Roll Odyssey at TT's!!...
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Billy Ruane Memorial
Peter Wolf
John Langford


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