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Willie BGNTWO.jpg - 5.73 K Ocasac BGN.jpg - 6.12 K The Late Risers Club WMBR at MIT Nervous Eaters pIc by Denise Donahue Johnathan Richman. Oedipus - for a while he had rainbow colored dandruff.
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December 13, 2010

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   Bret Milano's Annual holiday party...where Cyril whacked me upside the head!!...phew....then to Ed Moose Savage's Picture Paradise for vintage has been a fun weekend...

    Wayne Podworny has been giving updates on Facebook about his new store called Store 54.4 which will be a renewed version of the Store 54 he had in the Fenway area that make him famous.....he is famous, isn't he? The new store will be in the basement of the Firehouse at 16 Harvard Ave, Allston Rock Village and will be open in mid-March posts Wayne.

   Watts had their new CD reviewed in the Globe....nice visibility. They praised the CD but not enough I'd say, I love everything they do. GLOBE REVIEW OF WATTS CD

    They had the Boston Music Awards at the Liberty Hotel the other week. That's all I know about it. I never understood who does these things and how they go on year after year.

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   They are having the second Rock'nSoul Holiday Concert in Arlington at the Regent Theatre on Sunday Dec 19. A loooong line up includes Robin Lane, Sal Baglio, The Fools, Casey Desmond (in the picture below actually), Classic Ruins and Lizzie Borden and finally a chance to see Johnny Barnes. It's a nice gig and it's a Theatre which means SEATS for the standing challenged.

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    This Friday, December 17th is The Raging Teens Rock n' Roll Odyssey at TT's!!...
    Also on the 17th is a Yule Twang Holiday night with Twang Em High, The Brooklyns and The Darlings at The Rosebud...
    But there's also a great show at The Paradise with Street Dogs, The F.U.'s, Wicked Whiskey and Continental...

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