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December 23, 2013

Drunk Nuns and Santa

This week we targeted Duck and Cover at Church as a desirable gig. Some holiday party action delayed us and we missed the Duck and Cover set. There wasn't even any traffic getting there; seems like the students had fled the city for the holidays and as a special Christmas miracle the parking lot in back of the club was 2/3 empty but that meant the club was also.

Duck and Cover

   We caught OTP who had some nice qualities but overall I couldn't figure out what they were trying to sound like. Nice bass player though.


   Things turned around with The Drunk Nuns. Just the name perked my interest. Unlike Smegma and the Nuns these guys don't dress in habits. The playing was sharp and fast. The lead singer had a voice that gave character to the songs and the songs themselves had differences so that they didn't run together and all sound the same, a plague many groups have.

   They also played homage to some influences, something we like to hear. They had fun playing Cretin Hop by the Ramones and then played one of my all-time favorite songs Where Eagles Dare by the Misfits. At that point they had totally won me over. Listen to Mutiny on the Microphone; it's a short 52 seconds that shows how they give punch to the hooks.

Drunk Nuns

    The lead singer had lots of personality with plenty of friendly stage patter. He jumped off the stage several times to join some moshing. Near the end the bass player left the stage which seemed odd but they took the break to play a Christmas song that was on Saturday Night Live several years ago and evidently is becoming more and more popular .

    Then Santa came on stage! That explained where the bass player went. They played a cover of Elvis's Fool's Rush In and a few more songs with Santa-bass jumping around. I wasn't looking for it but their joyful holiday antics were a spirit booster and we left very happy indeed.

Sweaters     Screw Cart is a new group with Rico Petroleum of Kilslug and Mark Kennedy on vocals Cheese Wheel is a roller coaster hard rocker with wha wha and plentiful MF's delivered with glee, it's both fun and scary. We're loving this big time.

   Sam Black Church are doing a documentary - now that should be wild - and they have a Kickstarter campaign to help.

   The debate still rages on over the proposition to make Roadrunner the official song of Massachusetts. Joyce Linehan who has done lots of things on the Boston Punk scene and is now connected to the mayor elect gave some testimony in support of the song.

   Los Saicos was a Peruvian rock act from the sixties that sounded so raw it's hard to believe they were popular but they were and they now seem like one of the pioneers of punk. This is an entertaining 13 minutes long documentary.

    So Johnny A. Wendell is spouting off on Facebook we thought we'd include is latest post:.Rathskeller "The Rat" - Boston, MA......It's the holidays and so people get a little nostalgic--cool. But you know what? The worst thing about the "good old days"? I took them for granted. I took the full houses at the Rat and Cantone's and the Space and Jumpin' Jack Flash and Spit and the Peppermint Lounge for granted. I took gigs with U2 and the Clash and Run DMC and the Ramones and Cars for granted. I took the radio playing my songs for granted. Because they were just THERE and therefore, would ALWAYS be there...Mercy. Now there's nothing like that and you know what--it's WAY BETTER! Now, if 10 people know "My Lesbian Friend" or "OK By Me" or whatever and sing along with them, I appreciate it, because it's not a sure thing anymore. It's like someone smiling and giving you a thumbs up for a song that moved them, because that didn't exist at all for so long. Now, on the cusp of 2014, that I can even play in public with other people and see people's faces light up when they hear a certain lyric--that's awesome. Because it's a treat--not an entitlement. That's why I love doing it again and don't wanna think about the 70's or 80's too much anymore. Happy New Year.

Holl gig     There was a holiday surprise seeing Roy Rubinstein up for a visit. He hit a few parties and wasn't long before he realized he had come to Boston in the winter from his new Ashville home and maybe he should revisit that strategy.

   There's lots of talk and feedback about the Chronicle TV show featuring Lets Go To the Rat. (click the link to watch the segment)

   We were grateful to make the cut and get our faces on TV along with Willie Loco, David Minehan, Terry Kitchen and Carl Biancucci. Documentary maker Andrew Szava-Kovats made a big impression in his interview section. Miss getting in this documentary? Next chance is the Women Who Rocked Boston that Andrew is starting now. If you have info and want it in please step up. Maybe you can also help his Kickstarter Campaign also.

   The other film we eagerly wait for, The Boys from Nowhere, is just about complete and is now waiting for the legal end to clear up. Chris Parcellin has a article in the Sunday Globe giving some info in preparation for the roll out of that documentary.

   OH there's still time to do some late Christmas shopping!!! Terry Kitchen's book Next Big Thing with the Boston Punk scene 81-86 as a backdrop is available on Amazon and at The Trident on Newbury Street and Let's Go To The Rat which is available on True Age Media's website...Holiday Bonus: Buy three items get one free!!! it is also available at Newbury Comics stores.

    Also Squallie Greenthumb of The Old Edison has had to stay out of work because of back problems. He has no disability coverage so he's been making a series of pay as you wish hip hop mixtapes to try and take care of his back rent. The most recent one is a weed/christmas themed one spread and share some holiday cheer and help a brother out...You can purchase DissABillyDee 3: Fat Sack of Mistletoe on bandcamp and there's more Squallie on Amazon as well...check that out too!!

Standells    Richie Parsons has a new CD coming out this week...its Richie's band The Chord Rockers...with his Italian contingent...Astrid Dante (Miss Chain singer) and Alex Vargiu....along with Frank Dehler of Unnatural Axe on Bass and Jack Clark of Jerry's Kids and Unnatural Axe on Drums...this is an international effort recorded in part in the US and in Italy...check it out here and buy it!! And you could get one of 50 collector's edition pressed on colored vinyl!! And you can preview a song on You Tube!

    And for good measure we'll also mention you can get Randy Black and The Heathcropper's new CD Sky Goes Clear on CDBaby here's some music coming up: And on 12/24 Christmas Eve there's the traditional (and 6th annual) performance of The Slutcracker at the Somerville Theater...this year its even more of a holiday spectacular as Walter Sickert and His Army of Broken Toys starts the evening can buy tix here.

    And of course the much anticipated show.....The Real Kids, The Nervous Eaters and The Connection December 28th at the Middle East Down know there wasn't a lot of talk on Social Media about the Real Kids show in NYC....I was wondering what the hell was going on...but here 's a great video of them doing All Kinds Girls at the Bowery Electric 11/23/13

   I pity the poor fools who book a show anywhere else on 12/28 and it turns out the Greg Allen show at Club Bohemia gig has been postponed... they are thinking about some time in February. But Mente is at the Plough this night too.

   You have probably heard that Patti Smith is paying New Year's Eve for the First Night event...this would be a great way to bring in the new year...

   And you can go Honky Tonkin' for New Year's Eve with Girls Guns and Glory doing Hank Williams tunes 12/31 at The Lizard Lounge!! they are also performing on 1/1/14

    and Yikes we're now into the new year...and on Saturday January 4th there's a show at Great Scott's with a brilliant theme..We Got The Beat - A Boston Lady Drummer Showcase with The Monsieurs , Petty Morals, Apple Betty, Post Modern Authors and Thrust Club

    On Thursday, January 8th Club Bohemia has The Kenne Highland Clan (8 pm), The GraveDancers (9 pm) and GrimeWave (10 pm) and Michael Weddle's new band Climate Change (11PM) ....

    Put this event in your calendar now folks - Monday March 3rd...Gail C. and Babysitting Calamity Booking present The Sheckies, The Pity Whores, Jimmy Jacked, The Labor Pains....not only is it a great bill but Gail C will be having one of her fabulous bake sales so arrive hungry, see a great show and leave with a wicked sugar high!!

    Brian Young, Crash Course for Ravers, who has a whole career going on as a 'host' will be the host at the Cracker/Camper von Beethoven show at the Middle East on Friday January 17.


Drunk Nuns  and drunk santa


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