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December 23, 2019

Sunday it was Thrash’n Bang’s 8th Annual Christmas Party at The Midway. We make it a point to get there every year. There were 60 other people who made it (according to Slimedog’s count at the door). And that's a great turn out!! Slimedog and Andy, who are Thrash’n Bang, have their favorite bands play.

Fast Times
Fast Times
Photo: Blowfish

We caught Fast Times. They haven’t been playing much this year but they were definitely rehearsed with a tight set. Their older material is strong and got a lot of audience reaction including some moshing, fist pumping and a roving inflatable Christmas cactus (photo below the show listings). They had two new songs, one in the video below, that sounded ready to record to us.

We really loved their rhythm section. The drummer played clean and snappy with some crisp rolls. The bass player played minimal notes but they always nudges that sweet spot between melody and defining the beat. Those bass lines gave the songs their character.

Neighborhood Shit
Neighborhood Shit
Photo: Blowfish

We saw Neighborhood Shit back in 2014. They're doing the same brutal hardcore but it seems even more intense now. The audience absolutely loved everything they did. There was some moshing that cleared the floor early. It’s funny the band told the audience to come close to the stage but when the moshing starts you have to flee to the back of the room.

Neighborhood Shit sing about the shit that happens in their neighborhood, and that would be South Boston. There are songs about drug problems but they save a lot of venom for the gentrification problem. “Home(Sick)” is about that. “Drug Song” has some great lyrics like:

If I could take all the drugs in the world and throw them away
There'd be a few less prayers I'd have to say
I'd have more friends I'd have a lot less fear
Gained precious time might not have wasted fucking years

A lot of music like this is cathartic, but Neighborhood Shit overload you rather than empty you out. I guess that’s the Sonic Overload that Al Quint references. The more you dig into this group, the more there is to like. When the set was over you just had to shake your head and go “wow”. Half of that was for the group and the other half for the audience.

Thrash n Bang
Slimedog and Andy of Thrash'n Bang
Photo: Blowfish

It was another successful Thrash’n Bang Christmas.

We went to the Hong Kong on Friday which was a benefit for the Child’s Play charity. We were looking to hear a set by the band K.C.U.F. but it turned out the whole night was acoustic. Kris from K.C.U F. did some versions of songs that will be on the next K.C.U F. album and they were notable. Their last album Mellenial Murder Spree is melodic, messy, and has a punk attitude. "Everything is Garbage” is a short 1:20. Give that a fast listen.

Chris of K.C.U.F.
Photo: Blowfish
Photo: Blowfish
Photo: Blowfish

Squallie Greenthumb is a folk punker. He got points right off for playing a 12 string. It had a crisp sound that made the set for us.

Aria of Coffin Salesman does shows every which way. Coffin Salesman has as many members as are free to play that day. At the Hong Kong he was solo. We’ve talked about him often. He’s a very talented song writer/performer. The solo spot gave us the opportunity to hear the songs without the crush of the group and they hold up no problem. The songs are always wordy. The rush of the words is half the thing with Aria. It works because he has a lot to say. It only seems as if even more words would work. He’s a sharp observer of life and the lyrics have a lot of pointed barbs at human behavior.

He did two songs with Christmas themes. One was humorous with Santa’s behavior was simple breaking and entering in the real world. The other was darker with the chorus being, “I Want a Coffin for Christmas”. Video of that above. Aria is so good, the music world outside punk will have to wake up at some point and scoop him up!!

Click Here for more band photos.

Allston Christmas Get in the Christmas giving spirit and get the A Very Allston Christmas Vol. 5. You'll get Powerslut's "Everything is Closed On Christmas (Except My Legs). It's all about having a sexmass holiday....there's The Bruv's covering the Beach Boys' "Lil Saint Nick" and Zip-Tie Handcuffs unleash their style on "Santa's a Creep" Zip Tie's have a video for "Santa's A Creep" too. Check it out here. There are also tunes by Lillith, Future Teens, Me In Capris and a LOT of other bands, there are 51 cuts on this thing!!! Buy it here.

Mark you calendar for:

Friday Jan 3 Oh The Humanity!, Loser's Circle, Tensor, Rage//Quit at O’Brien’s

Saturday January 11 -Black Beach / Nomad Stones / Labor Hex / Chrome Over Brass At Great Scott

Saturday January 11- Lyres (record release party) Middle East Up -early show at 6:30.

Saturday January 25- Punk Rock Aerobics is back! Get in shape after the holidays! At Once Ballroom 12-2:30 FB page

The Hoodoo Gurus are playing the Sinclair….on November 7 ….2020!! But lucky you ticket are already for sale!!

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

Oh the Humanity December 27 (Friday) The Hangovers, The Knightsville Butchers and 61 Ghosts! at Koto Providence,

December 28 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers featuring Mad Painter! WMFO 1-4PM

December 29 (Sunday) Cook Bag, Louzy, DownBoy!, Circus Battalion at The Midway matinee show 3-7Pm

And further out there is.....

December 30 (Monday) The Last Rebuilder New Year’s Eve Party at Charlie's Kitchen with Save Ends, Sorry and 1 special guest to be announced

December 31 (Tuesday) Ken Highland's HAPPY LOU YEAR 2020 New Year's Eve Club Bohemia

December 31 (Tuesday) NYE show with Margaret & The CoPilots & Sugar Blood Jinx at Atwood's

Lou Reed Day December 31 (Tuesday) Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys and The Devil's Twins at Once

January 3 (Friday) Oh The Humanity!, Loser's Circle, Tensor, Rage//Quit at O’Brien’s

January 3 (Friday) SkyTigers, The Prozacs, The Bin Men, Circus Battalion at The Jungle

January 4 (Saturday) The McGunks, Hamhocker, We Own Land, COB matinee show at The Midway 3-7PM

January 4 (Saturday) Handsome, Four Point Restraints, T and the Wrecks, Micah Howeson at The Jungle

January 4 (Saturday) Freaking, Minibeast, Service, Nice Guys @ Great Scott

January 10 (Friday) All Mod Cons Final Show....this will be a special event...after 30 years and lots of shows in the UK All Mod Cons are planning a great night with great music and a host of local musicians getting together to celebrate the music of The Jam and the music of Boston. Also on the bill are The Cretins and Didn't Planet. Also, since the band Boy's Life twice played support for The Jam (at The Channel and the Orpheum), John Surette will take to the stage with All Mod Cons as his back up band to play a couple of Boys Life tunes and then a dive headlong into Private Hell to end it. It all happens at Once Lounge (upstairs) Music atarts at 9PM. Tickets here. FB page

All Mod Cons January 10 (Friday) Nomad Stones, Labor Hex, Chrome Over Brass at Opus Underground Salem

January 10 (Friday) The Mercy Case, Bystander, blindspot, Foxes at Koto Salem

January 11 (Saturday) Black Beach, Nomad Stones, Labor Hex, Chrome Over Brass at Great Scott FB page

January 11 (Saturday) Lyres (record release party) Middle East Up -early show at 6:30.

January 11 (Saturday) No Fucker (NY), Sadist, Innocent, Bakkara at The Hong Kong Harvard Sq

January 11 (Saturday) Nick Barbarian, Loser’s Circle, The Runouts, CE Skidmore at The Midway

January 11 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival at Askew in Providence- this is the first Whistle Stop - Featuring: Heather Rose In Clover, The Knock Ups, The Chelsea Curve, PowerSlut, Kid Gulliver, The Cold Expectations, Justine and the Unclean

January 15 (Wednesday) Randy Black & The Heathcroppers Plough & Stars Residency 6-8 pm

January 18 (Saturday) Triple Thick, Crunchtime, 1.4.5., Butterscott at The Midway 3-7PM matinee

January 18 (Saturday) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Muck and the Mires at The Middle East FB page and tickets

January 19 (Sunday) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and Tiger Bomb at Sun Tiki Studios Portland, ME 8PM doors - FB page.

Brian Young WMFO January 19 (Sunday) Brix 'N'Mortar, The Hangovers, Stubborn Hearts, Hellbound Hitman at Koto Providence RI MUSIC Starts at 6PM!!

January 19 (Sunday) Stoploss, Secret Spirit, F.U.’s, more TBA at The Thirsty First Tavern Lowell FB page

January 25 (Saturday) Punk Rock Aerobis 12-2:30PM at Once Ballroom

January 27 (Monday) il Mostro, Between Skies, Silver Screams at Charlie's Kitchen

February 1 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank,Greg Allen's Fringe Religion,Tsunami of Sound at The Square Root Roslindale

February 7 (Friday) Lucid Lynx, Above The Din, Luxury Deathrap, Heavy Hands at The Midway

February 7 (Friday) Immolators, Labor Hex, Wire Lines, Brain Vacuum at 13th Floor Music Lounge Florence MA.

February 8 (Saturday) Scuzzy Yeti, IL Mostro, Z/28 and Wrought Iron Hex at The Midway

February 8 (Saturday) Nick And The Adversaries (CD Release), Jason Bennett and The Resistance, Triggered at The Middle East Up

February 16 (Sunday) Stop Calling Me Frank, State of the Union, The New Frustrations, The Steamies at The Midway - matinee 3-7PM

BGN Archives February 16 (Sunday) HardCore Stadium presents Fuming Mouth, High Command, Raw Radar War, Suffer on Acid, Mangled - MIddle East Up 7PM

February 22 (Saturday) Justine's Black Threads EP Release Party w/Two Fathoms Down at Atwood's TAvern - this is a 4-6PM show.

February 22 (Saturday) Rum Bar Records Anniversary Show with The Dogmatics - 11:00 PM, Muck and the Mires - 10:00 PM, The Dirty Truckers - 9:00 PM at The Square Root

February 28 (Friday) LUX LIVES East Coast 2020 with The Evil Streaks, The Demon Seeds, Thee Benevolent Tarots and DJ Kogar the Swinging Ape playing Lux and Ivy's Favorites all night long! at Opus Underground Salem. FB page.

February 29 (Saturday) DJ Easy Ed presents: Lynnette & the Sundowners, The Barley Hoppers, Easy Ed's Record Hop at The MIdway for a 3-7PM matinee show.

February 29 (Saturday) PowerSlut “Fun With Junk” Release Party...AND...WhistleStop Rock Fest featuring The Chelsea Curve, Cold Expectations, Field Day, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine and The Unclean, Lockette, Kid Gulliver, The Knock Ups, The Shang-Hi-Los, and Tiger Bomb! EARLY show 3PM - Midnight mat Once Somerville.

March 13 (Friday) This is Night 1 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: The Knock Ups, The Cold Expectations, The Chelsea Curve at Koto Salem

March 14 (Saturday) This is Night 2 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: Kid Gulliver, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine's Black Threads... And special guests: The Dents!! at Koto

Opus show rock and roll hex March 28 (Saturday) The Zulus at The Paradise

March 28 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Portland with Tiger Bomb, Heather Rose In Clover, The Knock Ups, PowerSlut, The Chelsea Curve, Kid Gulliver, Justine and the Unclean at Sun Tiki Studios 6PM start!!! FB page

April 19 (Sunday) The Undertones at The Paradise

April 25 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Western Massachusetts - featuring: Heather Rose In Clover, Kid Gulliver, The Cold Expectations, OTP and special guests State Of The Union at HiLO North Adams - FB page

May 16 (Saturday) Baabes, The Knock Ups, Mister Vertigo, Motel Black at The Jungle

CONTACT US Send us your gig listings, your anything else ya got!! You want your CD reviewed?? Contact us for that too.

The Christmas Cactus
Photo: Blowfish
Fast Times Nick
Nick - Fast Times
Photo: Blowfish
Neighborhood Shit
Thrash'n Bang audience
Photo: Blowfish
Fast Times
Fast Times
Photo: Blowfish
Neighborhood Shit
Neighborhood Shit
Photo: Blowfish
Neighborhood Shit
Neighborhood Shit
Photo: Blowfish
Neighborhood Shit audience
The moshing at theThrash'n Bang Christmas Party
Photo: Blowfish


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