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December 31, 2018

BGN 2018 Year End Review

Happy New Year to our BGN Readers!

First let's stop and think about those that aren't with us anymore. RIP: Pete Shelley, Mark E. Smith, Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries), Michael O'Donnel (drummer for The Jabbers), Steve Soto (Agent Orange. Adolescents), and Mike Denneen recording great, Patrick Fleming former Warhol star.

(You can view all these items in full in our Archive pages. There is always a link on the left side of the main page for that.)

In January...

Right off the bat we started the year with a nice story on the Nervous Eaters in the Boston Globe. One of the photos they used for the story was by Blowfish!

Nervous Eaters in Globe
Nervous Eaters in the Boston Globe
Photo: Blowfish

Meanwhile in the Herald, The Monsieurs rated a review of their album Deux.
More publicity came to Willie Loco with a six page article in Maximum RocknRoll. In the same issue is a page and a half on The Rat by Al Quint.

We learned that Chris Doherty (Gang Green) was in the hospital. As the year went on Chris recovered, did some shows and now (December) is back in the hospital.

Lyres play Thunder Road with Paul Collins and Boston Cream, a great new band but they don't play many shows for the rest of the year.

Casanovas In Heat from Lowell call it quits. They were a great band that didn't get their due.

Lyres at Thunder Road
Photo: Blowfish

Lyres play Thunder Road with Paul Collins and Boston Cream, a great new band but they don't play many shows for the rest of the year.

Ken Kaiser, partner in crime with Kenne Highland for many bands, joined Mick Lawless and the Reckless Hearts. John Keegan is there to catch their Worcester show.

John Keegan sees Alejandro Escovedo and was able to check out the new club in town called the City Winery at the same time.


We get our first look at Tim Warren's new CD of The Kids (the first incarnation of the Real Kids). It's on Crypt Records. Little did we know how much more was coming from Tim this year.

In February...

Watts opens for the Gene Simmons of Kiss show at the Lynn Auditorium on Feb 16.

The Hudson Flacons sold out the Midway for their 40th Anniversary show.

Eaters at Pete's Grill
The Nervous Eaters
Photo: Blowfish

The Nervous Eaters play Pete's Grill in Quincy with the Straight Eights and DUI.

Theo Greenblatt (of Subway News) had her story “Solitaire” win a short story contest by The London Magazine. She accepted the award in London.

David Crespo moves to Utah. Dave was a radio guy and also booked many shows in town.

Bentmen play a rare show at Once. John Keegan got some great photos.

Richard Lloyd of Television releases his book Everything is Combustable and plays POP in Providence.

Sonia gets a liquor license - finally.

Handsome Dick Manitoba was arrested for domestic assault.

Jane Country has a retrospective of her art work at the Participant Inc. Gallery in NYC.

The Gala
Photo: Blowfish

We see The Gala for the first time at Great Scott's and have been smitten ever since!! They were in a show with Graneros and The Maxim.

We catch State of the Union for the first time and have loved them ever since.

The Connection released their new album Wish you Success.

Johnny Angel wrote the song "Hey Phil" for Phil Haynen.

Circus Batallion
Circus Battalion
Photo: Blowfish

At PA's it's our first time seeing Circus Battalion. Ex- Electric Octopus bass player Tak gets a whole new crew.

John Keegan ventures out in a bad storm to hit Tavern at the End of the World to see Little Billy Lost & The Cocks of the Walk (with Fred Pineau ex-Atlantics), State of the Union, Crunchtime and MOTO.

Tavern at the End of the World changes hands before the year is out.

The Dirty Truckers released a “best of” album that got lots of play on Little Steven's Underground Garage. The beginning of a very busy year for the Rum Bar label.

In March...

John Keegan goes to Pawtucket to see Jonathan Richman and comes back with some great photos.

Jonathan Richman
Photo: John Keegan

We went to an all day hardcore show in Brockton at Max’s Blues Café. It was a fundraiser called Going Hardcore On Homelessness. After that we never saw another show down there for the rest of the year.

Brett Milano and Erin Amar took over the Rock n' Roll Trivia nights.

We interview Curt Florczak of Hi-End.

We caught a nice set by Bike Thiefs from Canada. They played O'Brien's on a Thursday with Black Beach. As the year went on we saw quite a few out of town bands in mid-week shows that proved you will miss a lot if you only go out on weekends.

Bike Thiefes
Bike Thiefs
Photo: Blowfish

We see a great four band line up set up by Bob Cenci with Bob's Punk Band, The Lost Riots, The Humanoids and FU's at a Midway afternoon show. And we cauight quite a few of those matinee shows as the year went on.

It was a primo gig at O'Brien's with the Nervous Eaters, the Connection and the Classic Ruins.

The final NME in print is published in England.

John Keegan got to the sold out Barrence Whitfield and the Savages show at the Middle East. He also went to that week's Mess-Around at the Plough and Stars. The regular Sunday Mess-Arounds have been going for a few years now.

Barrence Whitfield
Barrence Whitfield
Photo: John Keegan

March 25 there was a benefit show for Amnesty International at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville. The music was by Roger Miller and Vapors of Morphine. We had photos by Mark Davis.

Maximum Rocknroll Magazine has declared that they "will no long review ANY artist who promotes their music via streaming media. Including YOU!" They are talking about Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud. That seemed shocking when we first read it because that includes just every group we know.

In April...

Loser's Circle, Crimespree and Worm get us out to PA's on a Thursday. PA's shows are all over the place. Before the year is out PA's changes owners and now you can't tell what the heck is going on at all!

One of the oddest groups ever Strange Fuzz has a wild show at the Cantab.

Casanovas In Heat break up. Just in time for their new album to be released.

John Keegan gets the first look at new group EVERT with Matt Burns up at Opus in Salem.

One of the oddest groups ever Strange Fuzz has a wild show at the Cantab.

Strange Fuzz
Strange Fuzz
Photo: Blowfish

Somebody stole Captain Sensible's guitar!

We interview Simon Ritt's about his Dirty Water video.

Bush Tetras have a reunion tour and do a gig at the Middle East with Muck and the Mires.

Killing Joke do their 40th Anniversary show.

The Cars got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ric Ocasek Ric Ocasek Rick Ocasek

John Keegan sees the Petty Morals at an intimate show in Salem.

Willie Loco, Randy Black and Mark Chenevert play in the cozy Third Life Studios in Somerville (across from Sally O'Brien's). Maybe Willie's only Boston show this year. Only a handful of people there.
Willie Loco
Willie Loco at the Third Life Studios
Photo: Blowfish

Actor/Observer do another first rate show at Sonia. They come with a new guitarist this time who fits in well.

Smitt E. Smitty releases his new album called Modern Guy.

The Lillingtons come to town every couple of years, and boy is that a show to catch. They were at the Middle East. The crowd went crazy. Support was The Cryptics and Make Ear. The surprise guest was Lincoln of Color Killer - our first look at the pint sized punk.

The Lillington's with Lincoln of Color Killer
Photo: Blowfish

In May...

There was a good pop/punk show at O'Brien's on a Monday with locals Kid Gulliver and Danny Laj of Danny Laj and The Looks who were from Toronto.

Muck and the Mires tour South America.

Thalia Zedek has a nice write up it the Patriot Ledger. It talks of her career and then the particulars of her new group E.

Another memorable Midway afternoon show with Justine and the Unclean, The Hi-End, The Nervous Eaters and The Gala as a closer! Whew!

The Richie Parsons gig at the Tavern at the End of the World was like a preview for his second album Black Throated Blue that came out later in the year. Corin Ashley did one of his amazing sets after.

The Space Center with the FU's playing
Photo: Blowfish

It was a different sort of venue seeing the FU's and XXX All Ages film at the Norwood Space Center. It's like a large hanger. David Beiber's Archives are in there with lots of other stuff. Never got out there again but they seem to want to be a place where people would hang out.

Boys from Nowhere gets a write up in the Globe.

On a bill with the always good Knock Ups we catch the Baabes for the first time. It was a wild show. Lead singer Jason jumps in the air or rolls on the ground....he takes up a lot of space.

Baabes at the Middle East
Photo: Blowfish

The Boys From Nowhere plays the Cape Ann Cinema. The movie plays the North Shore a few times. It plays in Arlington later and gets good publicity each time.

The EMF building in Somerville closes. The Globe has photos of Jim Janota and Charles Hanson moving equipment out.

Eaters reossie
Hot Steel and Acid with new tracks
Photo: Blowfish

Ace of Hearts Records releases the expanded Hot Steel and Acid lP on CD in a cool metal tin.

Simon Ritt plays the Lizard Lounge with a "So Alone- Johnny Thunders Tribute" Keegan captures the images.

Simon Ritt
Simon Ritt doing his Johnny Thunders tribute
Photo: John Keegan

Once Ballroom in Somerville was robbed. The perps got a lot of money and did property damage. They started some fundraising and after a hiatus opened fully in a few months.


John Keegan captures some photos that capture a Gala show at The Midway.

In June...

Robert Gordon plays New Bedford at the Greasy Luck Brewpub with Johnny Barnes and the Nightcrawlers.

Photo: Blowfish

We go to PA's Lounge to see Circus Battalion and get to also see DNZL for the first time. We are supper impressed and see DNZL every time we can after that.

The Father’s Too Reunion show at the Baseball Tavern was the occasion to catch Gang Green, basically Chris Doherty, who made his set a salute to decades of Boston punk rock. That guy has charisma. The other bands in the lineup were Unnatural Axe, FU’s, and Bar None. On top of that there was this guy called Evan Dando who filled in between sets.

Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty returns for a show

Ticketfly gets hacked and two clubs (Once and O'Brien's) have no ticket sales for a few days.

Carter Alan, one of the original Late Risers Club DJ’s in the punk era, did his last show on his Sunday Morning Blues on WZLX.

Evan Dando
Evan Dando at the Father's Too Reunion
Photo: Blowfish

We hit one of the Black Market Fleas set up by Boston Hassle and get our portraits done for a dollar. These are so worth hitting.

The BGN has two song premiers from Rum Bar Records. Justine and the Unclean doing "Be Your Own Reason" and Stop Calling Me Frank doing "Gimmie Life". That was exciting. Then they did a show at Thunder Road to celebrate with the Nervous Eaters on the bill.
The Dickies
Photo: Blowfish

There was a big Dickies show at the Middle East Down. The Queers almost stole the show and Duck & Cover weren't shabby either.

Surf Queers
Surfing for the Queers
Photo: Blowfish

Matthew Sweet had a concert at the Brighton Music Hall. We had photos by Arthur Freedman.

In July...

Trophy Lungs
Trophy Lungs
Photo: Blowfish

It was a rousing reunion show for Trophy Lungs at O'Brien's. We miss seeing that band.

We ended up at a Quincy club called Maggy's Lounge for a sparsely peopled show that had good music none the less with Screw Cart and Kid Gulliver.

It was half music, half glam circus at Once for a grand premier of Smitt E. Smitty's new group along with Gene Dante and the Future Starlets, Parlour Bells and The Gala.

Smitt E. Smitty
Smitt E. Smitty
Photo: Blowfish

We saw Il Mostro who are actually The Humanoids with Mike, one of the guitarists, being a lead singer.

We do an interview with Color Killer. They are the next generation of punk right in your face.

Color Killer

The Monsieurs played Fenway Park ...or THE MONSIEURS PLAYED FENWAY PARK? which was the way most people reacted. But they did. They were picked by the Foo Fighters to open the show. It still boggles the mind.

One of the biggest shows of the year at the Middle East down was named “Boston Massacre 2018”. The bands were: Jerry’s Kids, Straw Dogs, Mung, Moving Targets and then the Bullet LaVolta reunion.
Bullet LaVolta
Bullet LaVolta
Photo: Blowfish

There were more shows at the Presidents Rock Club in Quincy than we ever knew. They had a reunion show with Black Beach, Certain Rare Birds and the Doug MacDonald Band.

Photographer J.J. Gonson has been on the scene, and documenting it, for a long time. ‘Visages de Punk’ at Cambridge Seven Gallery was her latest show.

The Grip Weeds headlined a show at Thunder Road (A club we came to like in 2018). They get play on the Underground Garage and the whole set sounded like that. Others on the bill were Watts and Fireking.
Grip Weeds
Grip Weeds
Photo: Blowfish

A good year for Michael Kane & The Morning Afters got better with being added to the The Mighty Mighty Bosstones huge Worcester Palladium show called the Cranking and Skanking Fest.

In August ...

CHET'S LAST CALL: A Story of Rock & Redemption had its premiere at the Woods Hole Film Festival on Friday August 3rd.

We finally see Color Killer live at the Midway. They live up to expectations. Also on the bill were The New Frustrations and State of the Union.

Color Killer
Color Killer
Photo: Blowfish

Lizzie Borden has a new group just called The Bordens that we hear at Sally O'Brien's. They are country oriented. Before the end of the year we will be at the last show for Lizzie Borden and the Axes at Once.

Photo: Blowfish

The OC45 always have rocking show but the one at the Middle East that was a welcome back party was really crazy.

Another show the Nervous Eaters and Justin and the Unclean at the Middle East is not only great for them but the new band they have on the bill with them - Jeremy and the Harlequins from NYC. They do a an updated fifties thing.
Jermy and the Harlequins
Jeremy and the Harlequins
Photo: Blowfish

John Keegan went to David Byrne at the Blue Hills Pavilion.

In preparation for his big show he is booking at the C-Note we interview Mikke Worm. We get to find out the learning curve of a newer punk.

Keegan and Byrne

Seemingly out of nowhere a new book pops up. It's Buy Me Boston, Local Ads & Flyers: 1960s - 1980s - Vol 1 curated by Brian Coleman. Later in the year we are on stage with Brian.

But before that we run into Brian at the Soaring Through the Matrix: Magnus Johnstone Paintings show at the Nave Gallery which he helped set up.

Gang Green
Chris Doherty gets a lift at the C Note
Photo: Blowfish

The C-Note in Hull gets a major bill with Gang Green, Springa, Dogmatics, Diablogato, Worm and Antibodies.

We get blindsided by the swift shutting down of Club Bohemia at the Cantab. After a few months there are a few scattered shows.

Photo: Blowfish

A Midway show gives us the first blast of VERT. Joe Packard on bass is an animal. Also on the bill was Silver Screams (new CD this year too), Black Cheers, and Grand a cool band from way Northern Vermont. ]

In September...

The Village Voice shuts down.

State of the Union release thier album Panaflex Blue.

We hit the Cantab for what we think is the last time. We catch Rich Mirsky in his old band Battery Bridge and Corolla DeVille, Screw Cart.
Mickey Bliss
Mickey Bliss
Photo: Blowfish

The end of the summer means the Rat Beach Party down at the C Note. We went on Saturday to catch the Count with Love and Flame, Crunchtime and Climate Change.

Allegations of improper behavior by Joseph Satar of the Middle East surface in social media and are reported in the Boston Globe. Despite no charges being brought forward Joseph retires.

John Keegan gives his report on the Rat Beach Party also.

Bottle Rockets
Crazy moshing at the Lillingtons show
Photo: Blowfish

Adam Sherman of the Billy Connors Project releases a new solo album River of Dreams

Rich Mirsky of Hixx fame puts out a solo album - Creepy Older Guy.

Again we get to see an interesting out of town band at O'Brien's. It's Evil Engines from Mississippi. On the bill is State of the Union and Gasko.
Evil Engine
Evil Engines
Photo: Blowfish

Rich Mirsky has his album release party at the Midway. We got hopelessly hooked on his song "Melissa". Chris Brokow opened the night. Then there was Justin and the Unclean and Stop Calling Me Frank. What a night!!


Red Invasion
Red Invasion
Photo: Blowfish

We were primed for months for the Red Invasion reunion at Sonia's. They did their thing and then we got to see the Dead Boys too. Also on the bill was Duck & Cover and Ghost Wolves.

Both State of the Union and Shiny Beasts release albums.

Rat Beach Party

John Keegan captured some of this years Rat Beach Party at the C Note in Hull.

One of our favorite line ups was DNZL and Oh,The Humanity at O'Brien's.

The Regent in Arlington ran the movie called Records Collecting Dust II. There were a lot of local hardcore members in it. The movie was followed by sets by Anitbodies and the FU's.

The FU's
The FU's at the Regent Theater
Photo: Blowfish

Lyres release a statement that they are recording a new album.

A whole day show at Once is a salute to Bob Colby who is moving out of town. Now the living legend is in Tucson, AZ and not going through this winter!

We go to a new club called Pinz in Kingston. It's an entertainment complex. The bands are Woods, Worm, The Straight Eights and Crime Spree. Some minimal moshing starts during Crime Spree's set. The suburbanites go bonkers and shut it down fast.

Mark Davis takes some photos at the MC50 show at the Paradise.

THe MC 5

We have photos of Gary Numan at the Paradise from Arthur Freedman.

In October...

Canadian band Dube play one song on an electric hockey stick. It was a good night at the Middle East Up also with Beach Goons and Super Whatevr.

We find a new band to love in The Instamatics who play the Midway. They are a punk surf band.

The Fifth Annual Fuzzstival is at Once, we see a cool new band from Providence called Hairspray Queen.

Hairspray Queen
Photo: Blowfish

Keegan captures a super show at the Middle East Up with the Woogles, Muck and the Mires, Jackets, and Maxims.

We hit the C-Note in Hull and see 1.4.5., 61 Ghosts, and the Classic Ruins. We didn't see, but got to meet, The Fringe a new high school aged band we will see later.

We go to an unusual show that is a fundraiser for the new Out of the Blue Gallery. The new space is upstairs from the old Store 54. Lots of low key sets by Glider, Frank Rowe, Michael Quirk and Kenne Highland.

Photo: Blowfish

We find a new band to like at the Midway - The Instamatics. They do a garage surf thing.

The Pint Killers showed they can get a room worked up at a Midway gig with the Warning Shots.

Julie Kramer the WFNX DJ was also a photographer. She does a photo show called The Basement Archives: Vol I: The Ghosts of WFNX at The Factory in Lynn.

T Max releases a Halloween themed CD.
Brix'n Mortar
Photo: Blowfish

It was a hardcore heavy night at O'Brien's. One group was The Kreutzer Sonata from Chicago. They alone were so balls to the wall crazy you could have called it a night right there. But then you would have missed DNZL, who we were completely crazy for by now, and Brix'n Mortar the new band by Joey Riot from Chanticlear and Troy from Razor's in the Night. On top of that there was Secret Spirit from NH who were slamming hard too.

Keegan gets to Salem to see Petty Morals and Diablogato.

Photo: Blowfish

Sial from Singapore puts in a very short but intense set at O'Brien's. Not something you forget.

There's a hardcore show at the Greek Club in Union Square with Ancient Filth, C.H.E.W. and Austerity.

Proletariat showed they still have what made them so great back in the day at their Sonia show. Silver Screams opened.

Real Kids album

Ace of Hearts does a two-fer and releases one album by the Real Kids 28:18:39 and the rerelease/reimagined Hot Steel and Acid by the Nervous Eaters.

John Keegan had his birthday party in public at the Midway. The food was hot the bands were too. The bands were the Jiblantos, Crunchtime, the Black Souls and Stop Calling Me Frank.
Real Kids Real Kids Real Kids

Tim Warren of Crypt Records releases two more albums worth of early material from the Real Kids.

Chet's Last Call documentary finally got it's Boston area showing at the Arlington Regent Theater. After the film there was music by Randy Black and The Heathcroppers, Classic Ruins and the Dogmatics. Kathy Chapman gave us some photos.

In November ...

The Fringe
Photo: Blowfish

We finally see, and are super impressed with, The Fringe. They played Pinz in Kingston.

Richie Parsons' album Black Throated Blue is finally out.

Another great show at O'Brien's with OC45, The Coffin Salesman and Burn, Burn, Burn.

Chris Doherty of Gang Green has another stroke. There will be a fundraiser in January of 2019.
Jake Tringale
Photo: John Keegan

It's a new thing: Jake Tringale recites some poetry at the Midway for his book release. He's tuned into punk and its cool. We see him again before the year is out. This show also had Smartyr a western Mass band that we would love to see again.

Blowfish was on stage at the Brattle Theater talking about the Boston Groupie News as part of a panel discussing Brian Coleman’s book Buy Me Boston. Also in the panel was Prince Charles Alexander, Dart Williams and David Bieber.

Brattle theater gets a little Blowfish
Boston Groupie News at the Brattle Theater
Photo: Mary Kiwi

Another Justine and the Unclean (we saw them every time we could) show at Sally O'Brien's. The show also had a set by Nat Freedberg of the Upper Crust. It's his solo debut and the album came out soon after. We club hopped and saw Club Linehan a Go Go do a fabulous Lou Reed themed show.

Stop Calling Me Frank get on the bill for the Dropkick Murphys House of Blues St. Patty’s Day stand on 3/14. The tickets sold out immediately.

All year we wanted to see the Von Trapps. We finally catch them at O'Brien's and were blown away with their punk set. In addition we see new band The Downhauls who were a new favorite too.

Von Trapps punk punk punk and punk
The Von Trapps
Photo: Blowfish

We find out that Shiny Beast are out and Triple Thick are back when Jim Seery rejoins the band. They will do some Shiny Beasts songs though.

In December...

They got a good crowd in Central Sq for the dedication of the Billy Ruane Square. It's right outside of Sonia on Brookline St. The speakers at the dedication included Billy's Sister, as well as Jim Sullivan, Francis DiMenno, Eric Van and Pat McGrath.

Billy Ruane Square

The Billy Ruane Square
Photo: Miss Lyn
Wayne with sign

Brian Coleman/Wayne
Photo: Miss Lyn

Jackie Fox of the Runaways was on Jeopardy and made it for four nights.

Stop Calling Me Frank release a Christmas song for the rest of us called “Santa Buy Me a Beer”

We catch the last show of Lizzie Borden and the Axes at Once.

Good bye Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Borden and the Axes
Photo: Blowfish

WEMF radio shuts down.

Another new band to follow is Yooth Decay that we saw at O'Brien's

It was a good cause and good bands. The cause was Toys for Tots. The bands were Coffin Salesman, Loser's Circle, Stray Bullets and Black Cheer.
The Maxim
Photo: Blowfish

Sometimes you have to see a band more than once. That happened to us with The Maxim. We saw them at Great Scotts but it was a show at O'Brien's that revealed their garage psych side that we loved. Their recorded material is super also. They played with crazy Baabes, a band that should gain some traction in 2019 - we hope.

Red Invasion did another reunion set at O'Brien's. The place was sold out! Red Invasion were down and dirty and working hard. Just like the old days. We also got so see Evert and the wacky Funeral Cone. It was a show not to miss.

Red Invasion punking up the place
Red Invasion
Photo: Blowfish

Santa showed up at the Midway show with Stop Calling Me Frank, State of the Union, Duck & Cover
Duck and Cover
Duck and Cover
Photo: Blowfish

Color Killer give us a Christmas song (and great video) this year called “Nuttin’ For Christmas”! Another Christmas present is a new album by Willie Loco Alexander (and the Fishtones) called Aqua Vega

We go to the Midway to hear Greg Allen and the Fringe Religion John Keegan captured them .....


Also on the bill was Classic Ruins, 1.4.5., who have a second career going, and an overdue (for us) Fireking set.

We finish up the year with the Thrash 'n' Bang Christmas party at the Midway with The McGunks, Jack Tringale and The Revilers. And that's a year in Boston punk.

The most watched videos this year. All got over a 100 views:

Lyres Thunder Road 1/6 - Video Link
Paul Collins Thunder Road 1/6 - Video Link
Beach Goons Middle East 9/26 - Video Link
Smitt E Smitty Once 6/30 - Video Link
Nervous Eaters Pete's Grill 2/3 - Video Link
Circus Battalion PA's 2/16 - Video Link
Evan Dando Baseball Tavern 6/2 - Video Link
Evan Dando again Baseball Tavern 6/2 - Video Link
Fireking Thunder Road 7/13 - Video Link
Bullet LaVolta Middle East 7/20 - Video Link
Jerry's Kids Middle East 7/20 - Video Link
Moving Targets Middle East 7/20 - Video Link
Straw Dogs at Middle East 7/20 - Video Link
Sternman at PA's 8/3 - Video Link
Hambone Skinny at Sally O'Brien's 9/28 Video Link
1.4.5. at the C Note 10/5 - Video Link
Labor Hex at O'Brien's 12/13 - Video Link

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

December 31 (Monday) New Year's Eve Bash with Something Sneaky, Native Son and Today Junior at O'Brien's Allston.

Billy Connors December 31 (Monday) New Year's Eve Billy Connors Project, Stop Calling Me Frank and Hambone Skinny at Sally O'Brien's in Somerville.

December 31 (Monday) Michael Kane and The Morning Afters are streaming a live show on Facebook. They'll do live sets at :
10 - 10:45 PM, 11- 11:45 PM and Midnight to 12:15AM. Just go their their FB page to listen.

January 1 (Tuesday) It's tradition! The Annual NYDAY sale at 40 South St Vintage! come and grab a mimosa or a bloody mary and rock out. 50% off ALL THE CLOTHES!!!! 12-4PM FB page for more info

January 3 (Thursday) Barrence Whitfield with special guests Four Piece Suit at Thunder Road

January 4 (Friday) If you didn't get to the opening of "Rebels" by Richard Young the punk rock photo show at the Leica Gallery you can still make it to the closing reception. Documentary video clips will be shown followed by a lively conversation about the history of punk rock with Leica Gallery Boston Curator, Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez. Hmm, should be intresting......6-8PM downtown- RSVP on FB page if you want to go.

Cantab show January 4 (Friday) OC45, The Dents, Duck & Cover, Blame It On Whitman at O'Brien's Pub

January 4 (Friday) The Lights Out CD Release with Carissa Johnson, Parks & MT&TMC at ThunderRoad

January 4 (Friday) Tammi Savoy, Chris Casello, Jittery Jack & Miss Amy & Sean Mencher at Atwoods, starts at 10PM

January 4 (Friday) 61 Ghosts, Little Billy Lost, JonesCreek, Thee Fightin’ Fish at Koto Salem

January 4 (Friday) Revilers, Fast Times, The Von Traps, Losers Circle, DNZL down the Cape at the Brewster VFW #9917 6-11PM - Cape people don't miss this show!!

January 6 (Sunday) VAULT Punk Fest with Moist Boy, Lenny Lashley, The Pourmen, American War Machine, Total Chaos at Greasy Luck in New Bedford. Starts at 4Pm FB page info

And further out we have......

January 8 (Tuesday) Rock and Roll Trivia w/ Erin & Brett at The Sinclair 8PM

January 11 (Friday) Not A Wasted Night: A Benefit for Chris Doherty of Gang Green at the Paradise. More info to come. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates. Tix are $25 and you knwo this is a great cause!! You can buy tix here. Here's a list of performers so far: Slapsdhot, The Dogmatics, The Outlets, Unnatural Axe, White Dynomite, F.U.'s, Springa, Worm

Wasted night show January 11 (Friday) Red Arlington, A Bunch Of Jerks, HIXX and Ski Bunny at O'Brien's in Allston.

January 12 (Saturday) Punk Rock Aerobics - A benefit for Girls Rock Campaign Boston! at ONCE Ballroom Noon to 3PM FB page.

January 12 (Saturday) Dave Yanolis, Crow Follow, The First Supper & Trusty Sidekick - at The Midway its a 3-7PM matinee show

January 12 (Saturday) IL Mostro (CD release) w/ Cortez, Scuzzy Yeti & Wrought Iron Hex at O'Brien's

January 12 (Saturday) Gene Dante And The Future Starlets, The Gala, Tiger Bomb, Smitt E. Smitty at Once Somerville.

January 12 (Saturday) The Joe Zippo Memorial Show at KOTO in Salem. Featuring: Hub City Stompers, Michael Kane & the Morning Afters, Brix'n Mortar, COB and Matt Wall will be playing in between sets.

January 12 (Saturday) Restraining Order, Envision, Antagonize, Brother, Pummel at AS220 Provi RI

January 17 (Thursday) The next Buy Me Boston book event is at the Boston Public Library 6-8 PM Here's the FB page.

January 17 (Thursday) Boston Emissions presents: PowerSlut, Stars Like Ours, Dark Wheels at Once Somerville.

WMFO January 18 (Friday) Tsunami of Sound, Keytar Bear, The Chelsea Curve and Little Billy Lost at Sally O'Brien's in Somerville.

January 18 (Friday) The Imposers, The Radiator Rattlers, Tigerman Woah, Graneros at The Worthen Attic in Lowell.

January 18 (Friday) Billy Connors Project, Stigmatics,Thigh Scrapers at Koto in Salem.

January 19 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers show has BAABES in to chat and spin tracks. 1pm to 4pm WMFO 91.5FM (

January 19 (Saturday) The Gobshites, Time Out Timmy, Mongorellis, Punk Band, and Jimmy Jacked at the Midway for a 3-7PM show.

January 19 (Saturday) Nat Freedberg, Watts, Justine and the Unclean, Duck & Cover at Once Somerville

January 19 (Saturday) Franklin’s Birthday Bash at Hotel Vernon w/ MK & The Morning Afters, Origin Story, Coffin Salesman, Chris Murray and more - only $5!!!

January 25 (Saturday) Stoploss, Step 13, Sonic Libido, State Of The Union at The Thirsty First Tavern in Lowell.

January 29 (Tuesday) Richard Lloyd solo show at City Winery Boston

Mongoraollis February 1 (Friday) Kid Gulliver, The Knock Ups and Muck and the Mires at Sally O'Brien's

February 1 (Friday) The Cryptics, The FUs, Secret Spirit, Triggered at UnchARTed in Lowell.

February 2 (Saturday) Welch Boys Annual Ron Holbrook Memorial Show - proceeds go to The Pine Street Inn...featuring The Welsh Boys, Ice Cold Killers, Blue Bloods and Rockin' Bob Punk Great Scott.

February 2 (Saturday) Art Thieves, Bundles, Stolen Wheelchairs, Blatch at the Midway 8PM show

February 2 (Saturday) The Natty D’s, Satch, CE Skidmore, Garbage Point at the Thirsty First Tavern in Lowell.

February 8 (Friday) Hey Zeus Record Release & Listening Party (Argonauta Records) with Motherboar, Cocked N Loaded, Labor Hex at Once Somerville.

February 8 (Friday) Murphy's Law at the Middle East

February 9 (Saturday) Thee Fightin' Fish, Club Linehan A Go Go, The Billy Connors Project, and Paul Caporino of M.O.T.O. at The MIdway for a matinee show 3-7PM

Zeus February 16 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank, A Bunch of Jerks, The Knock Ups, and Tsunami of Sound are at The Midway for a matinee show 3-7PM.

February 16 (Saturday) The Chills are at The Middle East Down.

February 19 (Tuesday) Gang Of Four at Once Ballroom!

February 23 (Saturday) JPx and Nat Freedberg's Devil Rockin' Band at Union Tavern which is what used to be PA's Lounge in Union Square Somerville.

March 2 (Saturday) Robin Lane & The Chartbusters CD Release Show. its at The Burren

May 24 (Friday) The Undertones at Once Ballroom

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Starcrawler at Great Scotts
Photo: John Keegan
Screwcart at Cantab
Photo: Blowfish
The Count
The Count and Kenne Highland at C Note
Photo: Blowfish
Coffin Slesman
Fave photo - Coffin Salesman at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish

Vice V'Ersatile - Fur Purse
Photo: John Keegan

Justine Covault and Johnny Sciascia - The Mess-Around
Photo: John Keegan
Colby at his goodbye show at Once
Photo: Blowfish
Cranktones at Midway
Photo: Blowfish
Nat Freedberg
Nat Freedberg at Sally O'Brien's with Worshipper
Photo: Blowfish

Justine Covault - Justine and the Unclean
Photo: Blowfish
Oh THe Humanity
Oh the Humanity at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish


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