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Trivia Questions

July 14, 2016

1. Which artist is youngest?

A. Greg Graffin/Bad Religion (1964)
B. Henry Rollins/Black Flag (1961)
C. Ian MacKaye/Minor Threat (1962)
D. Milo Aukerman/Descendents (1963)

2. In what city did a riot occur during a Metallica and Guns n Roses show?


3. In the Damned song "New Rose", what line follows "I got a feeling inside of me, It's kind of strange like a stormy sea, I don't know why, I don't know why....

I guess these things have got to be

4. Which record came out last?

A. Iron Maiden - s/t '80
B. B-52's - s/t '79
C. Duran Duran - s/t '81
D. The Pretenders - s/t '80

5. Who played Joan Jett in the 2010 Runaways movie?

Kristin Stewart

Bonus Who played Cherie Currie?

Dakota Fanning

6. Which band did NOT appear on "Decline of Western Civilization"?

A. Circle Jerks
B. Catholic Discipline
C. The Weirdos
D. The Germs

7. What was David Johansen's other persona in the '80s?'

Buster Poindexter

8. How old will LRC be next year?


9. Which 60's band sang Time of the Season?

The Zombies

10. Presented by Smuttynose: What town is the original home of Ronnie James Dio and also the former home of Smuttynose Brewing?

A. Portland, ME
B. Portsmouth, NH
C. Lowell, MA
D. San Pedro, CA

11. What band did Glenn Matlock form after getting booted from the Sex Pistols?

Rich Kids

12. Which Seattle band is the precursor to Pearl Jam?

A. The U Men
B. The Melvins
C. Screaming Trees
D. Mother Love Bone

13. Who sings the song "Anything Anything"?

A. The Pop
B. Down by Law
C. Dramarama
D. Romeo Void

14. We all know the band Husker Du, what does the Danish phrase Hüsker Dü mean?

Do you remember

15. Which old Boston band included members who'd go on to the Cars and Talking Heads?

Modern Lovers

16. What hotel has the Rat suite?


bonus - What hotel has Cantones flyers in the lobby?


17. What band is not from the Midwest?

A. Zero Boys
B. Jody Foster's Army
C. Die Kreuzen
D. Naked Raygun
18. Who was the guitarist on Metallica's debut album Kill Em All?

A. K.K. Downing
B. Dave Mustaine
C. Scott Ian
D. Kirk Hammett

Bonus Who was the bass player?

Cliff Burton

19. What is the most famous age for rock star death?


20. Penelope Houston was the vocalist for what group:

A. The Plasmatics
B. The Avengers
C. X Ray Spex
D. The Motels

21. What did they save in Unnatural Axe's most famous song?

Hitler's brain

Match the given name to the rock name:

1. Jeff Connolly
2. Paul Cafaro
3. Douglas Colvin
4. Jack Kelly
5. Erick Purkhiser
6. Robert Deal
7. Bruce Johannsen
8. Paul Hewson
9. Reginald Dwight
10. David Lett

A. Lux Interior
B. Bono
C. Dave Vanian
D. Mick Mars
E. Blag Dahlia
F. Elton John
G. Monoman
H. CC Deville
I. Dee Dee Ramone
J. Choke

1 G
2 E
3 I
4 J
5 A
6 D
7 H
8 B
9 F
10 C

You had to ID the Band and the Song that was playied.

Song #1 The Damned - Smash it Up

Song #2 Van Halen - Ain't Talkin Bout Love

Song #3 Real Kids - Reggae Reggae

You had to ID the PHOTOS below......

Steve Albini - Big Black

Brian Baker - Minor Threat

Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth

Fay Fife - Rezillos


Lita Ford


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