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Kenne and Baabes' Johnny Brain Box is NYC


Monday, March. 20, 2023

"freitag 17 march 2023 saint Paidrig's day. mad painter practice, got new painter cd! as in It Crawled into my hand,Honest! Sharon Crumrine of Ginger ibex now sings with Gee Julie; they were both dancing around the room singing "my blind shrink" and "I got my act together' by captain easychord! harmonies sounding damn good and this lineup plays Mike Wheddle memorial 8 april AND Jungle cd release 22 april!"......


Tuesday, March. 21, 2023

"Dienstag 21 march 2023. text from "fanzine drifter' Bill Rowe whom I sold a $1.87 Stooges album to december '71; old high school mate. sends picture of blue vinyl Hello World Korps album (buy the cd on Gulcher!) and "listening to this and realizing (again) that you were years ahead of everyone. you sounded like lux interior on "we are the only real people." ok, a slow day here, let's go Behind the Music! Lyrics written on government funds whilst I was guarding the NSA; Government Mule man, but ah aint no jackass! Mostly, i was trying to sing like Mach Bell on that album BUT I tried channeling Elvis when I sing "you get me so excited that i gotta shout/ you better be good when you ball me out"; rat records aint sued me....YET! Lux? with dad's father's Appalchian DNA, pyscho and 'billy aint too far off. Side bar; sometyme in '73 maybe, I was teaching Bill bass and we DID master "I wanna be your dog", me singing and on guitar....WAS that my first Stooges cover plus, as I am oft to hear "you sound like Iggy!" Lux is a new,welcome relief!"....


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

day of Wodin 22 March 2023. As Jim Carrey's distant cuzin Justine of red on red asked: 'when's your next gig moddafocka?" Age 67!

sunday 2 april 2023 tavern at end of world open mike.

8 April 2023 C-Note,Hull, Mike wheddle memorial.

22 april 2023- mad Painter cd release at Jungle! Moore to come! Black to Comm! staycation this week days of Thor and Frigga!"....


Sunday, March 26, 2023

"freitag 24 March 2022. It was Emerson Lake and hendry for Mad Painter practice, no Schmel herbie Hind on guitar that night. besides me playing paul McCartney's bass line on Steve Miller's "My dark hour" (WCMF, rochester NY 1969, 99 state street, brockport NY!) Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex is harmonising up a storm with Gee Julie; some very magic moments, again cd release party Jungle four pm Saturday 22 april 2023!"....

"saturday 25 march 2023. After NOT Bathing and smelling like Skunk baxter BUT After eating at Vera's in the part that was Precinct, I...."walked on down the street" to Sally O'brien's. "Takin care of business", gave Linnea Herzog (of Garden of Delights. GREAT sampler o n Elektra) painter's Splashed cd and she swapped me a Linnea cd; danke!

Talked to Baabes singer, there IS rock on Friday again, email on Sally's sight. let me look at my notes on bands, with photos. happy little clouds opened, saw them ten (?) years back at jacques with Knockups and gene dante; read frm my archives and tell me what I said! (or read 'em post-humous; live I am post-humungus...oh wait that's if i lose a few pounds...oi did! in the bluidy pub with the FINEST wine known to humanity!). ok, back to Happy Little Clouds and I make "No Apologies' (I swear, that I dont have an album by Gun), aint heard a goddam new lick in fiddy years; not since "new rose' or "new toy")....caught bread's "Mother Freeedom" riff and the drummer! very heavy hitter, I think she sets up the drums left handed like ian paice (he's either in mad Purple/ deep painter or Stormbringer OR Strange kind of Women! (mutti bella!)). baabes have gotten a LOT tigher and unlike 2019 NYc with GliDER, they even showed up the right club! they're a 1977 DMZ level (26 march 77, CBGBs,if you dont care; mach bell singing 'yellow river" by Christie 0400 made sure i "didnt sleep in the subway darling"). twice guitarsit channeled my distant cousin Frederick Dewey Smith doing a E-fifth chord ala MC5's "black to Comm"; toss in 1968 MC5 energy level. 2001 Inner Pink! 1979 jabbers with my sixth cuzzin jesus Christ Allin! (with my iritavble bowel, folks go "Jesus Christ Highland!"). baabes wuz da ballz! And my neighbour played a white Strat, lotsa effects, good rhythm section; it's the Linnea Herzog Experience! "Yes, I am experienced!" i liked her guitar solos, reminding me of my Facebook friend Rod prince on Bubble puppy's "Lonely", flip side of "Hot smoke and sassafrass'. "Happiness is a warm Bubble Puppy!". My gimpy Gene Vincent leg went from "Psychotic reaction" to Psiatic reaction, so the Gizmo left before midnight and then he....walked on down the street".....(You can also check out Captain Easychord's coverage of the night here.)

Happy Little Clouds
Linnea's Garden


Monday, March 27, 2023

Sonntag 26 march 2023. 1977 that day live at rat revue CBGBS. marc thor/dmz/thundertrain/third rail/boom boom band. 46 years later i get THIS in newsfeed for Facebook on my phone: all-female Black Sabbath cover band named Black SabBITCH! Hey! as much as Deep Purple is done well by Strange kinda Women (mutti bella and Italia!), these ladies do the toons or ORIGINAL Sabbath! (Feb. '74, wicked stoned, car with Brockport townies and all of a sudden on AM radio, wicked stoned I hear "oogga chokka ooga chokka"!)....Drummer sounds like Jim janota on steroids, singer is MORE off-key than Ozzy, bass player plays bass like me (didnt realise how many jack bruce licks i stole from geezer Butler, now that I Am a Geezer) and guitarist nails that Tony Iommi sound! endorsed by dave Grohl, some punk-ass from Springfield Virginia who later ended up in a hardcore Dc band called Scream YEARS after I met the Ramones at Childe harold in DC. later claim to fame playing with my Cobain cuzzin (I'm kin to Courtney too! "and i swear that i saw Jo Jo Gunne...yes, I saw Jo Jo Gunne"....Grohl DID NOT play Green Street station ("dead boston club") with Nirvana! "Smells like Ken Highland"...i'm ANTI pro-biotics!".....


Thursday, March 30, 2023

"Dienstag 28 march 2023. after supping at the Independant during my "staycation", I wandered to the Jungle for a FREE 6-9 pm show. "Music Is Healing collective. afro roots hop", three of my favourite forms of black music. I heard sax and congas and on sax was: Ken Field! played my 40th at Kirkland cafe with willie loco. notes. "interesting jazz'. "doing afro funk". "seven piece combo, reminds me of War, as 70s fave'. "Ken on flute and rapper is channeling "the revolution will not be televised"! title; "Transmission from another place and time". talked to ken between sets, he is a busy chap: Birdsongs of Mezoic reunion at Berkllee! (tempted). This combo returns to the Jungle Tuesday 25 april; Be There! and tune into Ken's WMBR show The new edge 2-4 pm Til Tuesday!".......

Album photo

Friday, March 31, 2023

"day of Wodin 29 march 2023. Miss Lyn had taped Destroy All Monsters from someplace, so it was a nice stay-cation visit. japanese horror on a Ed Wood level. You can watch it on YouTube!! Monsters live on Monster Island and lil Godzilla looks like barney! Let's schlock around the clock, tonight!"

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Freitag 31 march 2023. Mad painter rehearses for Mike wheddle tribute Holy saturday C-Note, Hull (if you dont know what Holy saturday is, vu pere may whack yo derrier with your catechism book!**** see below for Miss Lyn childhood story). Gee Julie and Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex really blending vocals together and Alex Gitlin-keyboard, Al Nahabedian -guitar, Al Hendry-drums, me-bass usually do sound like Deep Purple on steroids. Since my latest fixation is all-female Black sabbath tribure Black SABBITCH, I riffed muchly on Geezer Butler riffs, aping Sabbitch bassist. Lots of mad painter promo, too much to list, but, though pete Bested by Silver Star and the Jumper Angels, Alex Gitlin is getting his schadenfreud with good reviews und das ist wunderbar!".......

(***growing up catholic - I had just had my Confirmation and my father still wanted me to go to catechism class. I told im I didn't want to. But I was younger than my other friends that didn't have to go anymore. We were out in the front yard, he was going to bring me to class. I said "None of my friends who have had their confirmation have to go anymore. Why should I have to go?? I honestly think he was flabbergasted that I questioned his authority, so he grabbed my catechism book and screamed at me to go upstairs to my bedroom, he hit me on the butt all the way up to our second floor apartment. I threw myself on my bed crying - it was the only time he ever hit me!! and he threw the book at me saying "Here read this!!"" ...but I didnt have to go to catechism class anymore !!! HA HA!- ed


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