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Monday, November 9, 2020
Every day IS a Saturday 6 Nov 20. AMAZING overdubs on my four songs at Lowell Street (like 'em on facebook!) Studios. Rachel Lee from The Psych-O-Daisies came to visit, so she had some great quotes. Alex Gitlin overdubs organ and piano "it sounds like he's playing "in-a-gadda-da-Vida"; read my 2018 BGN review of mad painter where EVERY keyboard part sounded like 1968! We also went on a zoom chat with Uriah heeps "heads" from Brazil, Britain und Deutschland; even a bloke who'd sang with Heep! Our John Keegan wore a BGN mask and his sax playing was Roxy Music jamming on Funhouse via Morphine! baritone AND tenor sax. Lt. larry Newman USMC doing Ken Kaiser's job, producing and arranging.Captain Easychords discussed two keyboard arrangements with Alex Gitlin and fuggin' Music From Lowell Street, it was: "Richard manuel plays "easy chords" on piano and Garth Hudson did the complex parts"; my experiment worked!!! Pizza was DELIVERED (a ritual!) and Gee Julie sang; a cross between Chrissie Hynd-land (Scottish and Welsh descent!) and Clare Torry whom sang on Pink Floyd's Broad Side of My Moon. NINE hours in studio...Tom Hamilton IS doing my Kenne Highland youtube channel (ten subscribers!); he also loaded up Hopelessly Obscure radiobeat tapes and live at mavericks 5 april 83 ("Kenne,you sound like Iggy"; Tom engineered my "lovin you has been my fiasco album). Lastly, captain easychord ALSO did some Roxy Music meets John cale piano and Rachel Lee's final/best comment since she was on piano for "Not too shabby (at the abbey)": "Ken, you've got another Be more Flamboyant here". hard to be humble (Pie) when you know you're the best!"..

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Monntag 9 nov 20. Asa Brebner I Am Not Gone tribute. "The Roses I Never Bought You", Randy Black. Randy Black, Limbo Race acoustic guitar and vocals. Linda Price, Children of Paradise, superb backup vocals. Sir David Minehan,Neighbourhoods, electric guitar. Randy does some Zimmerman "don't think twice"/"girl from north country" finger-picking. When Linda harmonises, early '60s folk duos like ian and Sylvia and/or Richard and mimi Farina come to mind (Vanguard label, pre-beatles folk, in 1980s was a dollar a dozen on Mass. Ave. Cambridge!). david minehan goes further: think of those Byrds country-albums late '60s with Gram parsons/Clarence White. As usual: GREAT SHIT! Buy a copy, money goes to Asa;s young'uns and wait'll colume two! Larry Newman is a mensch!"....

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Monntag 9 nov 20, 0130. descending my garrett
stairs for the loo, I heard some AWESOME slide guitar; stood on stairs shakin' lahk a dawg what's gotta go and vocal comes in: Fanny "aint that peculiar"! (a 45 and cover of marvin "born 2 april in DC" Gaye PLUS O. rex-quality cassette taped for me by the late, grating Solomon Gruberger whom also reviewed FANNY HILL in my fanzine ROCK ON; ok, yeah, he turnt me onto Fanny). Well that was some damn good bumper music! (probably the Toronto Coast to Coast guy whom is a music GEEK!!!). "Now I lay me down to bed" as a discussion of Alistair Crowley and "magick" begins".

Thursday, November 12, 2020
day of Thor 12 Nov 20. Lt. Larry Newman, USMC and Mikki and the marines was the first to mention of Boby Bear going to "Spirit in the Sky" (he claimed his native/irish ancestry was proven through DNA so I gotta go with 'im). Willie Loco chimed in next (I was 'scollin' with my baby" (Silverhead's cell phone commercial)). Did some musical research coz that IS his legacy. I believe he and Erik Lindgren hailed from HARRISBURG Pennsylvania; Boby was a raconteur and always had a classic rock tale to post on my facebook page. What I remember most was 1974 or something and his teen band opened for Mott/Queen; hell, I even the once run into him on the red line "Kenne I just got back from London seeing Mott the Hoople!". If you google the Atlantics, they, like the gizmos, were a spring '76 college punk band (IU versus Tufts: Go Big Red!). 29-30 may, ramones/atlantics at Club; I was guarding this country against Russian interference! or in marine boot camp getting brainwashed at least. So maybe I met Boby fall '85 and I recorded a Hopelessly Obscure e.p. on Arf Arf (they're selling it for 20 per cent of what larry Newman's 1979 Michigan punk 45 is going for!). Erik/Boby/Willie all lived in apartment near Plough and Stars SO I recorded with Boby AND Willie on "mass Ave"! Billy Ruane (RIP) had me play a Willie heart/medical/unplugged Middle east benefit so drunkenly I had Boby and solo Gizmo doin' "Shoot that Gurl". Arf Arf has a lot of boby drumming records; when I met Erik at cantone's '78, I guess Boby drumming but I didn't talk then to him. Kirkland café he was in Desade and I said "lets form Mott the Highland'; that Hoople tribute NOT in this lifetime today. Last tyme I saw him play Mrs kenne Chambers was doin' her soul thing at that club that was Elephant walk, Andy Excuse on bass I remember. I probably got more tails but rest Boby in peace and maybe YOU can tell Alvin Lee that ten Years After tail!"


Friday, November 13, 2020

Freitag der 13th! November 2020. BEST day to feature those Gizmos-lovin' Turks: Reptilians from Andromeda! von Aybike/Marina Poison/der sanger: You Didn't Think We Could Take It -volume two. Subsonics Tribute album, 12 inch, as in vinyl (I'm pear-a-phrasing). coming out in January!". They have been an inspiration to me recording during lockdown that I began recording at Lowell Street labour Day since at present am gigless. That's why we have the Andromeda shrine! (post card from Istanbul, "evil eye" amulet and I pass out Reptilian stickers like communion wafers!). Our sessions have been blessed. On 11/11, "IndigoBravo promotions presents- Reptilians From Andromeda (from Turkey) UK tour September 2022 (!) (with sweetlee from Russia)'. and to say it in Turkish, Evet!!!!!! (hint: progressive "I've seen all good people" UK prog-rock band)"......

Saturday, November 14, 2020

(This is not) Linda Garrow

saurday 14 Nov 20 is a mad painter practice after work. But FRIDAY THE 13th BEFORE work, I was on Linda Garreau Highland (distant cuzzin) page since she was 'friends" with Robert E. Bear (she frequented tea Luxe) and I was trying to google her deathdate/burial place etc. On her family tree I am "unkown spouse"...ask for Hopeless Obscurity and....BUT what I was DROOLING over WAS: Discogs > user > Lindagarrow . Lindagarrow-discogs . "for sale: 1,293". I was married to those records! ("Kenne, I split the records in half; you seem to have all the classic rock ones. God forbid you should buy a record after 1975"..."reasons for divorce! Musical Differences!". It, like grand Funk and free sing, is a "Heartbreaker" to see her beloved John cale albums up for sale but, unlike the Egyptian Pharoahs (OR sam the Sham!) you cant take it with you; even after dying early August 2016, her cat 'didn't live out the year"! (HEARTBROKEN). I was there when she bought a lot of the "product" OR I gave her mine! and a lot of my vinyl is for set sale at under $20! SO, since i'd like to see this all go to a good home..."Scott T" "joined on 1 Oct 19" and his "seller rating" is 97.7 % and "buyer rating" is 100%. The only "MyMistake" Linda made was marrying TWO Aries (Marvin, born 2 april and DIANA!) so this feller seems like he aint no if you're a-hankerin' to fill up your kenne collection, you can do this At HOME (OR trailer!) WITHOUT a-waitin' for Mister haney's truck to pull up"...


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