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June 24, 2013


We had the desire to go to the GG Allin Remembrance Show but the 2 PM start on Saturday (the first full day of Summer) was making us feel odd...but we conquered our heightening reticence and drove to the Midway. Out of the bright sunshine of a quiet afternoon and into clubland we see a raging mosh pit and are aurally assaulted by Antibodies...and we like it. The lead singer funnels the angry energy of his band mates with vocals that have over the top volume, spitting out diatribes of discontent. They are very simple messages, as simple as 1-2-Fuck You. The music too is simple. Yup, it's all simple yet effective. Like other times, the minute I hear the music all doubts fall by the wayside. We are glad we're here!!


    Antibodies delivered and the crowd loved it. Their song Blacked Out, Fucked Up and Wasted was an angry, freewheeling, and proud statement of a bad lifestyle choice: The singer nailing the delivery and the crowd rushing the stage mid mosh to sing the chorus. Screw the summer day now, I want more of this!!
    The singer flogs for the merch table and mentions his 8 year old daughter is manning the table. I think this can't be true but sure enough this punk-to-be is at the table and handing out Antibodies stickers! We grabbed CD's at $5 it was worth way more than that!

The connection

    Next up was the Connection. I saw them at a great show a while back. They are a pop band from Portsmouth, NH. They have a striking front man with a perfect pop moptop hairdo. I heard a few songs but just couldn't focus enough after Antibodies. That's my problem. I do like these guys and will catch them again. Chris from the Jabbers does their artwork for their CD/LP's which is very good too.


    We had some food next door at Doyle's (not bad) and went back to catch the last few songs by the Gobshites who do the Irish influenced thing with violin, acoustic guitar and penny whistle.

    Not forgetting that this was the GG Allin Remembrance Show and bake sale we turned our attention to beautiful Gail Corcoran at the bake table. I bought some stuff because I want to forever be able to say, "I bought some zucchini bread at the GG Allin Remembrance Show." I can now put a checkmark beside that item on my bucket list.


It's now 7PM and it's Jabber time. Everyone is ready for this. The Jabbers and all GG Allin related entities bring an air of danger with them. The Jabbers have controversy surrounding them again wittingly or unwittingly things happen to the group.
Bloody gig    We as individuals and rock as an art are both older and more sedate. Punk gave way to 'alternative rock' and with it a safer more comfortable air. The Jabbers are an antidote to this.
    There is no finesse with the Jabbers they know one way - full bore assault. The whole set is full energy and volume. The mosh pit looks like a bone crushing machine to me and one guy does get a bloody nose. There usually is blood at a Jabber show.

    I appreciate lead man Wimpy more every time I see him. He's at the front of a band that skirts the dark side and who knows what the people in front of him think or might do? Wimpy works his way through all this with probably only his experience to guide him, I mean outside of GG there aren't a lot of role models.

    I was next to lead guitar player Harlan Miller and caught some nice metalish leads with a sharp guitar tone. This was such a visceral set that I want to refrain from describing more. The idea of something like this is to be there. Nothing else will do.
    Despite the way people may characterize GG and his cohorts this was a day to help GG's daughter. Despite all the sales of GG material including CD's, DVD's, hats, T Shirts, and even bobble head dolls, GG's daughter has never received any money. This was a way the Jabbers thought they could help. There were no deep pocketed industry titans or entertainment heavy weights to help this day just a scrappy group of bands doing what they can. This is the spirit of Punk at its best.
    The Jabbers should be proud of themselves for this and by the way, the zucchini bread was great!

    Right after this gig the Midway was having an evening show run by Cal Cali featuring Fox Pass which would have been another good show to see. How can the Midway have TWO shows in a day like this and other clubs just have non-descript dross day after day?

And for some other news....

    Its seems punk clothes are all the rage for art museums these days The Springfield Art Museum in Western Mass is Worn to be Wild The Leather Jacket

Peter Choyce back in town     Peter Choyce is back in town after a decade in L.A. As a movie extra he was in a season of Deadwood among many other things. He also did radio here and there. His Boston history: his early shows on WZBC were outrageously funny. He moved on to WLYN and WMBR. He's always looking for a gig.
He's funny and provocative on and off the air. On the air he brings knowledge of a vast swath of music and he has great taste! Right now he's on WZBC again and will be a guest on Joanie Lindstrom's LRC show this Thursday 6/27.

   Internet Archive is a good site for free books, mags and music - check it out!! Eric Law clued us into the whole slew of Mission of Burma live performances there for the taking/listening. Take a look by clicking here...Thanks Eric!! ....There's a Dream Syndicate in there too at ...And if you have a Kindle/iPad/Nook you can get some punk mags and books on this site. I've been reading New York Hardcore 1986-1993, by David Koenig. Here's the Download link.

    Billy Borgioli is gearing up another art show in the fall. Check out his Facebook page. We showed some of his art on our interview page

    And from Peter Rining re: Live At The Rat!!: It's all over but the waiting! I went over to Wonderdrug records today and dropped off the master CD's and we double checked all the artwork one more time. Everything is off to the manufacturer to be pressed and printed. I am told it will be approx 5 weeks till we get the CD's back.

   OK so here's some stuff coming up that you might like- I know we do:

Antibodies and daughter     At PA's on June 28th Cal's got MOTO and JetSet and practically next door at Sally O'Brien's that night is My Own Worst Enemy

    June 29th at The Midway you'll find the Dirty Truckers and Slim Jim and The Mad Cows.

    and coming up in July: Awesome Day Festival at O'Briens with Cult 45 and The Humanoids on the 6th....

    Bob Colby's Second Thursday on 7/11 at Club Bohemia at the Cantab has Viva Gina, When Particles Collide and a couple of other bands...

    Fleshtones at Church on the 12th with Special Guests The Split Squad (feat. Members of The Fleshtones, The Plimsouls, & The Baseball Project) and Shepherdess....

    and The Beachcombovers are having a CD Release Party this same night at Sally O'Brien's in Union Square Somerville! Tsunami of Sound is also on the bill..

    And the Sour Do Dah's are at Radio Down...

    The Neighborhoods are at The Ocean Mist in Mantunuck, RI on the 13th

    Petty Morals on the 19th at Great Scott

    July 19th is a good night at Radio too! Downstairs are Vapid Dissent, the McGunks and Chris Brat's new band Duck & Cover!!...Upstairs is Cult 45 .....

    Duck & Cover plays again on July 29th at O Brien's with the Pity Whores!

   The Late Risers Club had a wild night with fantastic music last year for their 35th Anniversary. Now for their 36th year they are going to have night at the Middlesex Lounge on Wednesday July 31 at 8PM. Not only is there a beer inspired by the show but you can get it free that night. It's called LEFT OF THE DIAL by Notch Beer. They will have LRC DJ's spinning (try to stop them) and some rock and roll trivia. More details and probably a flyer coming up.

   Sonny Vincent is coming back to town!!! He's at Radio (downstairs) on Wednesday July 31st!!

    Friday August 30th The Queers are at Church (with The Dwarves!!! )

    Pere Ubu is at Brighton Music Hall Saturday, September 4th!!!

    EMAIL US AT......misslynbgn -AT-

Bake sale


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