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September 7, 2015


The Count
The Count at the Cantab
Acting out shooting up during Sister Ray

This week Church adds its name to the clubs that are closing this year. It actually already closed! And the owners are selling the music venue section. Hopefully more shows will come out of whatever happens there. (Here's the story from Vanyaland) The room held a lot of people and the sight lines were clear to the raised stage but the booking has been erratic at best and just plain useless to us for a long while now. The last thing we saw was Punk Rock Karaoke and that was fun. In the past we saw Agnostic Front , Richard Lloyd , Dream Syndicate , Jim Jones Review , Outlets and on and on.

Jiblantos with Keegan on sax

   We need more clubs just to have places for John Keegan to play with his myriad group involvements. When he’s not in the audience and writing up a gig for us, John is playing sax. At Sally O’Brien’s on Friday he was in the Jiblantos an eclectic outfit of accomplished players who also have a knack for good arrangements that capture the nuances of their often obscure song picks. We were delighted at the take on Goo Goo Muck that transformed to Tequila at some point. Another highlight was I Got Drunk that we know via Los Lobos. They ended with Captain Beefheart’s Zig Zag Wonderer. Their modis operandi is to play the songs pretty straight and then let Keegan blow a freewheeling solo that shakes things up and adds excitement.

The Count
White Light White Heat:
Tribute To Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal Tour

   We followed the Keegan Tour to Saturday at the Cantab where he played with the Count who was doing a night covering the White Light White Heat album. The band was Mike Quirk on bass, Kenne Highland and Fred Pineau on guitars, Lady Carolyn singing, John Morrill on drums and Keegan blowing sax. No major costume changes for the Count this show, I missed that. All songs tonight except two would be written by Lou Reed. SET LIST
   There was full club and the audience was into the concept. Over 40 years and the Velvets material sounds better all the time. This is the music that spawned thousands of groups and continues to do so.
   With only one rehearsal, the group was ragged in spots but they've been playing this material through the years too. They start with Sweet Jane, and we get to hear the guitars of Pineau and Highland mesh. Lady Carolyn is in good voice and she treats us to As Tears Goes By later. A few times Morrill on drums stands up and pounds the primitive rhythms out. It gives a visual to what he’s playing and that was a pretty cool thing to do. Quirk on bass seems to know every song down pat and when others get lost, he doesn’t and holds down the fort. Keegan adds his patented unrestrained sax to the mix and you could tell he practiced the solo to Walk on The Wild Side and that was perfect.

Slater and Count
Nelson Slater and The Count singing Vicious

   The Count was wielding a cane although he didn’t’ seem to need it too much but it’s a ways from when he used to hang from the pipes. I love his talking between the songs when he relates the history of the music, the scene and his career. He had played the Cantab 42 years ago in 1973, wow!! He has been a Lou Reed aficionado since before that. He was at the Lou Reed tribute in NYC put on by Laurie Anderson that included all those rock heavy weights. He mentioned this performance of White Light, White Heat by Blondie.
   For the real Boston punk veterans they played the Bonjour Aviators (Fred Pineau’s band from 1974) Fury in Your Eyes, that gave Lady Carolyn another fine vocal and even though the song fell apart the ferocious guitar riff by Pineau was tantalizing. This song deserves to be reborn. That’s Fred’s job should he decide to accept it.
   They end with Pills the Bo Diddley via the Dolls rocker that always works.

Nelson Slater
Photo: John Keegan

   Nelson Slater was next. The Count has brought in Nelson before. He went to school with Lou and Lou produced his LP.
   Nelson Slater Band was an acquired taste well worth developing. Arch, art damaged, avant vocals layered on a bed of Suicide-light synth presets, raw seesaw violin and atmospheric guitar. Their performance was, in one sense, welcomely out of step with the traditional structures of its bookends. In another sense, it was a fine extension of Lou and John Cale's more experimental Black Angle Death Song moments.

Joe Brown and Kenne Highland
Photo: John Keegan

   Kenne and one of his many alter ego's - Alice Highland - were in fine form. The band was tight riding on double duty Mike Quirk's boom and Matt Burns' clatter. They stayed pre 75. The crowd was singin' and boogyin' to classic Alice effluent like Eighteen, Is It My Body, School's Out, and Ballad of Dwight Frye. Time cut the set short but not before the band tore through a rock hard Muscle of Love and a burned rubber horned up Under My Wheels.

In other news:

Trophy Lungs Brett Milano has another book coming out. Don't All Thank Me At Once: The Lost Genius of Scott Miller is scheduled for release this fall. Here's a review.

Trophy Lungs starts their Midwest Tour later this month. We love 'em here at the BGN and if you're in the Midwest check their FB page for the dates they are coming to a venue near you! The guys also have a new record out. Day Jobs can be scooped up here. They'll be back in town and at O'Briens Oct 1.

Mark Lind's annual Boston's Burning Shows (this one is #3!) are coming up this month (9/18, 19 & 20) at The Midway. See listings below for more info.

We also wanted to say a word about two losses to our community this past week. Sadly guitarist Allen Devine passed away. He has been in many bands in Boston over the years including Digney Fignus and with Asa Brebner and was known by many as a really nice guy all in all. He had been living in Germany most recently and, of course, producing music there as well. We all were so sorry to hear about Allen's passing. Also Diane Hayes who has loved the Boston music scene for year died this week after a ferocious, but ultimately losing, battle with cancer. We will miss her smiling face at local shows. RIP Allen and Diane!

Here are some shows coming up this week....

September 9 (Wednesday) There's a new band in town that promises to be killer! The Hi-End which consists of Johnny Carlevale of the Skeleton Beats, Curt Florzcak of Greg Allen's Fringe Religion and Bruno, Anthony and Scott from The Swindlers. They're at The Midway this night along with AdapterAdapter, The Short Term and The Shallow End Divers (FB Page)

September 11 (Friday) The Knock Ups and The Four Point Restraints are playing a FREE show at The Jeannie Johnston Pub in JP. FB event page here

JP fest September 12 (Saturday) The JP Music Fest is happening at PineBanks Field in JP from 12Noon to 7PM. Some of the bands playing will be The Hi-End (see Sept 9), The Upper Crust, Streight Angular, Love Love, Rick Berlin and Trusty Sidekick!! Here's the FB page for more info and directions.

September 12 (Saturday) at The Midway are M.O.M. (Mercury On Mars), The Classic Ruins, State of the Union and Stop Calling Me Frank.

September 12 (Saturday) Lyres are at The Middle East up along with Little War Twins and Hudson K

September 12 (Saturday) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages are at the Brighton Music Hall

September 12 (Saturday) Mercury On Mars, State of the Union, Stop Calling Me Frank, and Classic Ruins are at The Midway

September 12 (Saturday) WMBR's Bats in the Belfry presents...A Decadent Celebration with Dreamchild, Ondyne's Demise and Anda Volley at The Lilypad Inamn Square Cambridge. And it'll be hosted by Mistress Laura. FB Event Page Starts at 10PM

Somerville Yard sale September 12 (Saturday) Mayte & Nicole Present a Night at The Greeks (79 Bow St, Somerville) ! With Jay Allen & The Archcriminals, Animal Talk, and I Thought They Were Models?

September 13 (Sunday) This year's Somerville Rock And Roll Yard Sale will again be in Union Square, Somerville: a DJ and live local bands will entertain you while you peruse the awesome goods offered by lots of local independent vendors things like great Records / Vintage / DIY Handmade goods galore in and around Union Square Plaza. Time: 11AM- 5PM FB page here

And some cool shows into the future....

September 16 (Wednesday) Oh Malô, Bent Shapes, Bay Faction, The Colonnade are at the Middle East Up.

September 17 (Thursday) at The Oberon this should be an amazing experience: Endation has put together a special show "The Chimera" explores musical and artistic dichotomies. Act I features the raw, intense, melodic force of two-piece Endation accompanied by movement and dance. Act II brings the audience into the dreamy, experimental world of Bent Knee as visual artists create pieces inspired by the band in real time. The Chimera invites the audience to seek their own interpretations in the disparate pieces that form one singular evening of performance. Buy tix here. Get more info on the FB event page.

Endation September 17 (Thursday) Sham 69 and The Welsh Boys are at Middle East up.

September 18 (Friday) Livver, Tenafly Vipers, Dead Cats Dead Rats and Profit Margin are at Koto in Salem, MA

September 18 (Friday) Mark Lind has his annual Boston's Burning shows lined up at The Midway Show #1 with The Blue Bloods, Energy, Taxi Driver, Iron Chin, the Damn Garrison

September 18 (Friday) The NEW Rosebud is having a 1 Year Birthday Party Luau starting at 6PM. Tsunami of Sound will be playing. Tix are way steep at $100 each but loads of stuff comes with them. Happy 1st Rosebud...we'd love to see more bands playing at your place!!

September 19 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers is featuring The Charms and Rick Barton! Lissen in on WMFO 95.1 from 1-4PM.

September 19 (Saturday) Mark Lind presents Boston's Burning– Show #3 with The Drax, Warning Shots, Duck & Cover, Warn the Duke. This is an Early Show at 4pm

September 19 (Saturday) Mark Lind presents Boston's Burning– Show #2 with Lenny Lashley, Jared Hart (of The Scandals), The Skeleton Beats, Live Nude Girls - This is a Night Show at 9pm

September 19 (Saturday) You can check out the Dorchester Quincy ROCKFest at the Wollaston Yacht Club and see The Richie Parsons Band, The Fathoms, Phill Reynolds and Martin / Morell...more info here.

Sham 69 September 19 (Saturday) The Real Kids and The Nervous Eaters are playing together in Beverly at The Spotlight Tavern. So far this show seems to have been a little under the radar. You might remember last November's gig that, unbeknownst to us (and Terry Brenner!) was canceled by the club's management. No one found out until a day or two before the show!! Everyone was pretty upset over it. The club has mended their bad ways and we are assured the show WILL go on this time. Here's the FB Event page.

September 19 (Saturday) Pop Gun along with Fireking, Classic Ruins and 138 are at Koto in Salem, MA

September 19 (Saturday) And even further up north it's Tiki Freakout 2015 at The Bayside Bowl with Tsunami of Sound, The Beachcombovers and Zombie Beach. Also DJ Matt Little from WMPG will be spinnin' platters between sets.

September 20 (Sunday) Mark Lind presents Boston's Burning– Show #4 with Cactus Attack, The Old Edison, time and place, Scrimmy And The Bingo Wings, and Bundles- This is an Early Show at 4pm

September 25,26,27 The New England Shake-Up! Keep yourself updated at their FB page

September 25 (Friday) Illegally Blind Presents: Boogie Boy Metal Mouth (EP Release), The Televibes, Black Beach, Esh The Monolith, and Midriffs at The Middle East Up.

September 25 (Friday) At "The Greek's" (Greek American Social Construction Club) in Union Square Somerville are The Evil Streaks, The Black Souls, Silver Mirrors and The Electrolux Combo. Here's the FB page.

Chamilions September 26 (Saturday) Continental (ft. Rick Barton), The Nervous Eaters, and The Charms are doing a Matinee show (doors at 1) at the Middle East Up.

September 26 (Saturday) Muck & The Mires are back from Japan and they party it up Sugar Blood Jinx and Hambone Skinny at Sally O'Brien's in Union Sq Somerville. FB page here

September 30 (Wednesday) Grex, Kenne Highland and Fable Grazer are at The Lily Pad in Inman Square Cambridge. 7-10PM All Ages. FB Event page here.

October 1 (Thursday) Trophy Lungs return to Boston after their triumphant tour of the midwest. Check 'em out at OBrien's

October 3 (Saturday) Fireking is having a Double Trouble VINYL Record release party at The Midway along with guests The Grip Weeds, Watts and John Powhida

October 4 (Sunday) at the Middle East Down: Chameleons Vox (UK) (The Chameleons from the old days continued) playing ‘Script of the Bridge’, Avoxblue, The Milling Gowns and DJ Matthew Griffin . Doors are a little early - at 7PM.

October 4 (Sunday) Television is together again and touring!! They are at The Wilbur Theater. Buy tix here.

October 4 (Sunday) it's a very special reunion of The Coachmen featuring Jerry Miller, Roy Sludge, and Johnny Sciascia at The Midway. FB page here

Crash Safely October 8-11 The Third Annual Rat Beach Party WILL happen - at the C Note on Nantasket Beach -- October 8th-11th. Check the FB page for updates.

October 11(Sunday) at The Midway: A Benefit in memory of Joe Rutledge with Worm, Spectacle, The Swindlers, Charlie Don’t Surf, and Mailman Carl. This is an early show with doors at 4PM

October 10 (Saturday) Patti Smith has a new book out called M Train.She will be reading from the book at the John Hancock Hall in the Back Bay Event Center downtown near Copley Sq. sponsored by the Harvard Bookstore, 7PM (doors at 6). It's $30 but that includes the book as well! For more info and to buy tix go here. Also.... The cable channel Showtime just bought the rights to do a TV series of Patti's book Just Kids!! I can't wait for that one! Read more here.

October 10 (Saturday) The Real Kids made a smart move to change the date they play at The Midway. Here they are on Oct 10 with The Johns.

October 11 (Sunday) The Rev. Joe Fagan has a new band; Highway Chapel and they will be performing at The C Note in Hull for an 8Pm evening show.

October 17 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers & Brian Young will feature Greg Allen's Fringe Religion! That's WMFO 95.1, 1-4PM

October 17 (Saturday) As part of Crash Safely 2015 a Benefit for MS at The Midway are The Sprained Ankles, The Dents, Muck & the Mires, Phil Aiken Army, Gymnasium

October 25 (Sunday) As part of Crash Safely 2015 A Benefit for the National MS Society the Middle East Up has Township, Watts, Unnatural Axe and Fireking - that's a GREAT show!!

October 25 (Sunday) - TRiPLE THiCK, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders (ex-Lazy Cowgirls), Thee Itchies and Hambone Skinny are at The Midway

October 31 (Saturday) a Halloween Show at the Midway with The Satanics, Devil On Horseback, The Drawstring Lamps as Dead Kennedys, Ian Cat & the Crimsons as My Bloody Valentine

CONTACT US AT…… - Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

Love and Flame
John Keegan, Fred Pineau and The Count in Love and Flame
Photo: John Keegan
Lady Carolyn in Love and Flame
Photo: John Keegan
John Morrill
Photo: John Keegan
Nelson Slater checking the set list
Keegan with air raid warden helmet
John Morill
John Morrill in Love and Flame
Photo: John Keegan
Rat show
David minehan
Borgioli Tribute


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