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October 26, 2015

Richie Parsons
Richie Parsons - Unnatural Axe at Middle East

I heard the Midriffs at the Middle East last April and I didn't think a lot of them. I saw them Thursday at O'Briens and loved them. It was a total psyche out. The guitarist was reveling in feedback, fuzz, and dissonance. He was letting his imagination run wild. The drummer was with him with a whirlwind of beats. The bass did exactly what he should have in that situation and that was ground the whole thing by playing clear repetitive lines or clear melodic lines. The singer was also singing with passion adding more excitement into the mix. I was mightily impressed. It was a kick to hear this up close on a Wednesday night. Sweet rocking Boston you are better than ever.

Midriffs at O'Brien's

    I actually went to hear Idiot Gene. On Bandcamp they seemed to have a lot of humor in the music that rocked too. They had a real goofy way about them that I liked a lot and made for a fun set. If I was drinking I probably would think they were the best thing ever. There was lots of between song chatter that killed any set momentum but that was not a concern as they riffed on any subject that came to mind. Musically I liked the recorded material better than the live stuff. The final song was the one that stuck out. It had a jerky section that reminded me of Lump by the Presidents of the United States of America, another goony group. I left smiling. They would really fit in on a loose Friday or Saturday night. Get a look at them on the video called Randy and Drunk Constantly.

Idiot Genes
Idiot Genes at O'Briens

    Wednesday I caught the second Crash Safely night. These yearly shows have a lineup of favorites and the whole night is a benefit for the National MS Society. I walked in on the last song of Fireking who had the energy flowing. With that small taste I felt gypped missing the set. People were talking about it during the rest of the night.

Fireking at Middle East

   The set the Unnatural Axe would play would be their first in a year. Circumstances killed some planned rehearsals. They started slow but about halfway through the set the fires started to burn as the row of favorite songs built momentum and by the time they ended they were total bonkers.
    Richie ditched his guitar for the last few songs and that seemed to unleash him. There was fun with beer cans and spewing beer. Banging the microphone on his head started some blood works as Hitler's Brain did its usual job as a crowd pleaser. The Axe have their history which everyone in the crowd knows but they don't rely on that at all. They prove themselves every time as they deliver another set that fuels the legend. They are doing another show at Geno's in Portland soon. Let's not make it another one year stretch for us locals, guys. Meanwhile Richie Parsons is writing up more songs all the time for his next solo pop outing.

Axe at Middle East
Unnatural Axe

    Now Watts never starts slow nor needs any warm up of any kind. Bang, they're out of the gate and running. It was much like the Midway gig I saw a few weeks ago. I feel like I'm getting an arena show in a small club. The sound is BIG from the guitar work and the brute force of Johnny Lynch on drums. The new song by bassist McCoy again pegged it as new high water mark. They say they have lots more songs ready and Lou Mansdorf the Rum Bar Records tycoon says he has all intentions of getting the group into a studio soon. Before you know it another CD and more beer coozies.


   A few people were talking up The Struts who were playing a sold out show at the Sinclair on Sunday. The videos show a band worth catching. Check out Could Have Been Me where the singer is doing some Freddy Mercury stylings.
   Another hot show was Vintage Trouble at the Brighton Music Hall on Saturday. They were also sold out. They played TT the Bears about a year ago. A David Letterman appearance put them on the map.

New Pope
New Pope

  Locked out of those shows I went for something more esoteric at Cusine en Locale. They now call the club part Once to distinguish it from the catering part. They had a lineup of electronic and mostly instrumental bands. I didn't find out till late that the first band named E was a project by Thalia Zedek. I missed that but did catch a few songs by New Pope from Roslindale, a three piece with keyboards, guitar and violin. They played with prerecorded sound going on in the background consisting of bleeps, bloops and snippets of talking. At one point all three played one note over and over for a few minutes. That separates the men from the boys. You can appreciate the minimalist approach or cry with boredom. I thought it was hypnotic and the audience was fully with the whole thing.
   For them and all the bands there were visuals projected over them and the stage. That added a lot to the atmosphere of the night.


   Minibeast is a side project for Peter Prescott of MOB. It was another three piece with drums, bass and Peter on guitar and synthesizer. Again we had the bleeps and bloops but Minibeast had a bit more of an edge especially when the guitar came to the fore. I liked it best when the drums were busy and the bass hit a repetitive groove. The drummer had a neat trick that he did a few times. He hit the snare and made it sound like it was on a diminishing echo loop. Here was a sound originally created electronically that he was mimicking with live playing; ultra cool. You could tell Peter was having a good time as he danced a bit in place even as he multitasked with synthesizer, guitar and vocals.


   The headliners were Kinski from Seattle. They made their impression fast with their commanding overall sound and visually they had a flute player and the bass player was using a bow, and that's an electronic bass not a standup bass. They were more rock oriented than the electronic bands earlier. They have a lot of tricks in their bag and a lot of variety in the songwriting. I didn't stay for the whole set just because that was my third night out and I was finally weary.
   It was a successful bill for Cuisine en Locale…sorry Once, now. The projections were a nice touch. It's heartening to see them have more and more shows.

Keegan photo
Jane Lee Hooker and Greg Allen's Fringe Religion - Photos/Review

Other News........

There is a new song by Penetration. The song is called Beat Goes On. Impressive. ...and they do the Buzzcocks I Don't Mind.

I see this guy all the time at clubs, now I know his name: Jeff Freedman. He's a crowd control guy...Metro gives his story.

The Boston Music Awards have been announced. Line up is posted on Vanyaland. Trophy Lungs is up for best Punk Artist of the year. Trophy Lungs is having a busy year. Now their new CD is being streamed on Substream Magazine


Coming up this week....And of course it's - it's Halloween week.....

Jacques October 26 (Monday) A chance to see Black Beach that we go on and on about at the Middle East Up with Acid King and Gozu.

October 28 (Wednesday) The Girls Rock Camp Boston Fundraiser at O'Briens. They are having cover sets all night of The Runaways, Salt n Pepa, Dio, and Rage Against The Machine.

October 28 (Wednesday) Brian Young of WMFO has a part in the movie The Last Halloween which is screening at The Arctic Playhouse
117 Washington St, West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893 (FB page)

October 29 (Thursday) The Rev. Joe Fagan's new band Highway Chapel is doing an opening set at The Cantab Club Boho. Check out Kate drumming on her suitcase!!

October 29 (Thursday) Illegally Blind is throwing a Halloween Party with Vundabar, Creaturos, Televibes, Mini Dresses, and Wakes at The Middle East Up

Endation October 30 (Friday) At Jacques Underground it's Charlie Dont Surf (they go on at 8!) , The Brigands and The Courters and The Korps featuring Kenne Highland, Ken Kaiser, MJ Quirk, Matt Burns and John Keegan.

October 31 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers is having Peter Montgomery's Monster Halloween Party featuring All The Rest Burlesque, Peter Jam & more!...that's on WMFO 95.1FM 1-4PM ...followed by.....

October 31 (Saturday) a Halloween Show at PA's Lounge with All The Rest Burlesque, Women's Wrestling by: BLOWW along with music by The Deaf Cats and Strangers with Knives

October 31 (Saturday) a Halloween Show at the Midway with The Satanics, Devil On Horseback, The Drawstring Lamps as Dead Kennedys, Ian Cat & the Crimsons as My Bloody Valentine

October 31 (Saturday) Halloween Show at O'Brien's with PJ Harvey by Mud Dive, Hole by The Knock Ups, The Smiths by Four Point Restraints and The Pretenders by lotsa folks

October 31 (Saturday) In Salem at Koto a Halloween Party with 138 , Warthog, Ungraded, and Oh The Humanity

October 31 (Saturday) The Neighborhoods are at the Parlor, Newport, RI??

And out in the the future we have.....

November 5 (Thursday) The beast that is known as BOSTON HASSLE FEST 7 starts at the Central Square Elks Lodge. Home Blitz and lots more bands.

Muck November 6 (Friday) the LAST 2015 Bob Colby production at Store 54 with the intense Endation , and another two person group When Particles Collice ...the Store 54 gigs are the coolest shows you can go to. So, take the hint.

November 6 (Friday) BOSTON HASSLE FEST 7 continues at the Brighton Music Hall . Screaming Females, Battle Trance, Dreamcrusher, Form A Log & more.

November 6 (Friday) at PA's Lounge: L.S.C (Light.Sweet.Crude), Happy Little Clouds, The Knock Ups and Easy Reasons

November 6 (Friday) Jenny D and the Deelinquents are at The Lizard Lounge

November 7 (Saturday) BOSTON HASSLE FEST 7 continues at the Brighton Music Hall . Flipper (w/ David Yow), The Channels, The Lesser Knowns, Obnox, & more.

November 7 (Saturday) Get levitated by the sublime and psychedelic sounds of... Dead Leaf Echo , Magic Shoppe, S.S. Cretins and The Silver Mirrors at The Out of the Blue Gallery in Central Square (FB Page)

November 10 (Tuesday) Jonathan Richman with Tommy Larkin on drums will be at the Somerville Theater. Its a 7PM show. Tix are $21. We saw Jonathan and Tommy at the Middle East Up in March last year and it was FANTASTIC!!

November 10 (Tuesday) City Mouse, The Murderburgers, Lucky United, and Mr. Fahrenheit are at O'Brien's

Pop fest November 11 (Wednesday) International Pop Overthrow is at PA's Nov 11- 15 Day One starts at 7:30 with Trick Wallace Trio, Natalie Flanagan, The Eric Barao Band, Marriage Material, Bedford Davis and SHIRR FB Page for all days

November 12 (Thursday) International Pop Overthrow at PA's Day Twostarts at 7:30 with Skyler and The Brit, Oberon Rose, Richie Parsons, The Tripping Souls and Powderhouse

November 13 (Friday) International Pop Overthrow is at PA's Day Three: starting at 7:30 with Corin Ashley then Michael Oliver & The Sacred Band, The Forz, Big City Rockers, John Powhida, Fireking and 1.4.5.

November 13 (Friday) NoBunny, The Monsieurs, Nice Guys and Gym Shorts are at The Middle East Up.

November 13 (Friday) The Furs, Tom Baker and the Snakes, The Blue Ribbons and Peter Buzzelle and The Academy are at The Midway (FB page)

November 14 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers featuring Mary Lou Lord. Shoud be a good one!! 1-4PM WMFO 95.1FM

November 14 (Saturday) International Pop Overthrow is at PA's Day Four starts at 7 :30 with Arthur Nasson then Cliff Hillis, Lannie Flowers Band, The Brigands, London Egg, Watts and Dave Rave

November 19 (Thursday) This is going to be a fun gig - Muck and the Mires along with The Ugly Beats from Austin and then The Downbeat 5 at Sally O'Brien's

Hummingbird November 21 (Saturday) Jon Macey's news band The Hummingbird Syndicate is havong a 45 RPM vinyl record Release show: This is the debut show where the East Coast and West Coast band members all perform a 2 hour concert. We will play the new 45 single plus many songs from the upcoming album, POP TRICKS. You will hear an acoustic set in the middle of the show. We will do our own special versions of songs from our influences. This is at Hibernian Hall in Watertown. (Here's the FB Page for the event)

November 21 (Saturday) The Worried, Greg Allen's Fringe Religion, Two Saints and Charlie Don't Surf are at Koto in Salem.

November 25 (Wednesday) It's Thanksgiving Eve...what better time to head over to the Brighton Music Hall for an amazing line up of The Flamin' Groovies, Muck & The Mires, The Connection and Fireking!! WHOA!!Tix here.

November 25 (Wednesday) A Thanksgiving Eve party over at the Sinclair for the The Daykamp Poster and Photo Show featuring The Sheila Divine, Sidewalk Driver and Weakened Friends.

November 25 (Wednesday) A Thanksgiving Eve party at Atwood's with Jittery Jack and the delightful sounds of DJ Easy Ed spinnin' the platters too!

November 27 (Friday) Reddy Teddy returns to their hometown to play at the Unofficial Winchester High School Reunion.Its at the Winchester Elks Lodge 375 Cambridge St. Winchester. This is an early event starting at 7PM.

December 4 (Friday) Kermit's Finger, Penis Fly Trap, Padded Hell and The Unstables at O'Brien's

Core December 5 (Saturday) Corrosion of Conformity with Brant Bjork, Saviours, Mothership at The Brighton Music Hall

December 5 (Saturday) it's the Weisstronauts' Holiday Show with The Weisstronauts, Tsunami of Sound and special guests at the Midway

December 8 (Tuesday) Oh Oh OH!!! Rocket From the Tombs is at the Brighton Music Hall!

December 18 (Friday) The Rationales, When Particles Collide, The Static Dynamic and Stars Like Ours are at Great Scott

December 19 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers featuring DiabloGato. That's 1-4PM WMFO 95.1 on your radio dial.

December 19 (Saturday) The Figgs and The Upper Crust are at Great Scott

This year the Might Mighty Bosstones have decided their shows should feature all old school Boston garage and punk bands!! This is a AWESOME and most wonderful idea!! Here are the line ups:

December 26 (Saturday) Hometown Throw Down with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Neighborhoods and The Upper Crust at the House of Blues
December 27 (Sunday) Hometown Throw Down with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Real Kids and The Queers at the House of Blues

December 28 (Monday) Hometown Throw Down with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Outlets and Stranglehold at the House of Blues

CONTACT US - Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

Reddy Teddy
Idiot Genes
Idiot Genes
Unnatural Axe
Richie Parsons
Wild projections on Minibeast at Once.
David minehan
Borgioli Tribute


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