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November 23, 2009

    We start off this weeks news with a sad note of another loss for Boston rock'n'roll
The Dawgs' Phil Haynen has passed.

We got his from Allen Lewis of New England Music Scrapbook :
    "Phil Haynen was a Boston rocker we knew best from his days playing guitar and singing lead for easily one of my favorite early 1980s bands, The Dawgs. On record, The Dawgs had what I think of as slightly thin, lightly-amplified- seeming sonics that put the focus on the musicians own rock 'n' roll energy rather than on a wave of artificial sound that was more the work of big amplification and big speakers. These Dawgs were the real thing. Phil Haynen was the real thing". …R.I.P. Phil Haynen of The Dawgs

Phil Haynen
Phil Haynen
Frank Rowe sent us a photo of Phil by Denise Donahue Rowe and tells us: "Denise took this in the kitchen at Cantones in 1979. Phil is beginning to experiment with headgear in a search that will ultimately lead to his ubiquitous scollay cap.-fr"
Phil Heynen
And from Simon Ritt we recevied a note about Phil
and a cool vintage Dawgs poster:
"The first band I saw upon moving to Boston was The Dawgs. It was at the Rat in the Summer of 1980 where they held a Monday night residency for ages. Since then I've seen and heard more Boston bands than I can recall. But still I've never heard one better than those four guy's I heard the first night I was here. Phil was a sweet guy with a voice like gravel that most singers only dream of having. He wrote more great songs than most people forget and even after becoming ill he continued to write and record fantastic tunes. Why this amazing talent wasn't better known Is beyond my understanding. His passing Is a real loss to his family, friends and Dawg lovers everywhere.- SR"

    We went out this week to a couple different shows: Blowfish went to International Pop Overthrow at Church on Friday Night Nov 20th: Click for a write up and some picures.

I went over to the Cantab on Saturday the 21st to see The Varmints, The Port Charles Quintet, and Corolla Deville…it was a good night, unfortunately I missed the Varmints but saw Corolla Deville, they sounded excellent!! They dedicated their set to their good friend and Mentor Phil Haynen and did a really fun and powerful set.

   ... and I finally got to catch The Port Charles Quintet...Cam Ackland and Dennis McCarthy's new;s what it says oin their site : "PCQ is coming to rock your socks off and get your hips shakin with their particular blend of rock and roll, r &b and soul. Featuring fabulous rythm section Dennis McCarthy & Greg Steinbaugh, high energy frontman Cam Ackland, and the awesome guitar of "Joe Cool" Quintero." yup they did not dissappoint!! Cam was his usually high energy self and Joe is pretty damned awesom eup there I must agree and the rhythym section is killer... Dennis just plays those drummers so masterfully yet it flows out of him like with no effort, he is amazing! And an interesting note about this band is they do all covers, no originals! And you will definitely want to dance your butt off!

The Cantab Saturday Nov. 21.
Port Chorles Quintet
Corolla Deville

OK so coming up .....
    this week we gotta start off the holiday week off the right way…Monday at Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Sq is Vagiant, Cocked and Loaded and Gibby & The Buzzkills …now that's a damn good show!!
    weekend on Wednesday night Thanksgiving Eve, Nov 25th with a great show at TT The Bear's with Mark Lind & The Unloved, Death & Taxes, The Scars, The Rebel Dead and Marc Cannata of Far From Finished ,
    midway through there's a Jimmy Fund Benefit at Church on Friday, 11/27 with Jason Bennett and the Resistence, Lenny Lashley and Friends, Bryan McPherson and Six String Bullets
    and end it properly too with Red Invasion, The Murder, The Spoilers, The Egos who are doing a 1PM show at the Middle East UP on Sunday November 29th…….
   After you're stuffed on Thanksgiving Day you might want to do something music oriented - where do you go? Try Wierdo Records on Mass Ave in Cambridge who will be open. Here's what they say: The shop will indeed be open on Thanksgiving day, so once you've slept off the food & get tired of hearing Aunt Gertrude whine about the heat not being turned up, stop by for a visit. Likely be some impromptu imbibing & horror movie viewing as well as plenty o' records.

    In December …ugh, how can it be going on December ??? well here we are damn it, so….

Might as well make the best of it and there's a good start to the month at TT's The Bear's Place Friday Dec 4 are The Queers, The Leftover and Killer Abs…then the next night they have Preacher Jack, Wicked Whiskey, The Swindells and The Raging Teems Holiday Hoedown…whew!...

Saturday 12/12 is another new and fab Nancy Neon Nite at the Cantab with The Varmints, Classic Ruins, The Greg Robbins Band and Red Invasion…YEAH! Pastiche
    Monday Dec 14th is The Curses, The Egos and The Mess Me Ups at Charlie's Kitchen…. Monday, December 28th is Razors In The Night and Hate & War at Charlie's Kitchen
And get your tix now folks because First Night , First off: The Neats reunite in support of the recent reissue of almost their early recordings on Neats 1981-84, and play at the Orpheum along with Buffalo Tom and The Lyres. Then over at The Parkman Bandstand features Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints, with The Fatal Flaw. Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents bring their girl group sound to The Park Plaza. The Painted Lights, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys and Cirkestra play at the Hynes, and Emmanuel Church features a triple bill of Drew O'Doherty, Kristin Hersh and Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina performing pre-WWII country blues. WOW!!!

    And we got a note from from Hixx - America's most repulsive redneck rock n roll band is re-tooling and in need of a rhythm section. They tell us: "We need people that get the low brow, high concept that is the essence of us. You must be willing to create a character and immerse yourself in it, while on stage. We're just as much theater as we are a band - Think Hee Haw in an open marriage with Deep Purple and Tarantino. Hopefully you're also a master at your craft. Thanxx!" well that's a lot to live up to and check out their My Space site, even if only for the photo there! Yeeehaw!
alrighty folks I gotta run….have a good week and email me please!!!

The Stompers

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