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The Unnatural Axe 30th Anniversary Party

The Church 8/23/2008
Day Three

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    Well here we are; made it to the final night of the Unnatural Axe tribute celebration!!
    This being the final night AND the anticipation of the audience to see the selection bands made the energy level for the whole night on Saturday go through the freaking roof AND they had the air conditioning on; miracle of miracles!!!

    The Sleazies did a great set, high energy and very entertaining, , they were followed by a punk Italian band called The Nasties, they were made up of some of the members of the previous night's Miss Chain and The Broken Heels. …they were good, it just bugs me when bands get super smiley on stage but I felt they were earnest so it wasn't so bad….
    Then there was a super excellent set by The Queers with my of my other faves; Wimpy Rutherford singing lead…whew!!
    Wimpy was in everyone's face and the band sounded really good and did a bunch of Queers classics!!
    With Tesco Vee; The Meatmen were beyond incredibly entertaining and I was laughing so much that my jaw started hurting. It was really one of the best sets I have seen in ages!! And Tesco looks like a punk rock Rutger Hauer gone insane like the "skin job" Roy Batty in Blade Runner! And talk about classics , they did 'em : Centurians of Rome, Rock'n'Roll Jugernaut; there were a bunch and it was great fun! oh yeah!! …what a finish for a three day extravaganza…..we need more of this stuff!!!

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Axe at the Middle East
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Miss Hurricane
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Tesco Vee
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Tesco Vee as Roy Batty
nASTIES 2.jpg - 113.43 K
The Nasties
Queers.jpg - 107.36 K
The Queers
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The Winpy salute.
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