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February 15,2016

Photo: John Keegan

Chet (Richard Rooney) of Chet's Last Call died in December. Family and friends wanted a memorial of sorts involving the music community he helped foster. The girl with the mostest, Tontileo, got involved and got Chetstock 2016 with two more to follow in the year.

Ed Moose Savage
Photo: John Keegan

   The show on Friday worked as a reminder of how Chet contributed to the scene and groups of his time and a time warp showcase for those selfsame bands. You didn't get the big name bands in that small club but the regular working bands and more often the bands who were off kilter and non-formulaic. Now who does that describe more than Ed Moose Savage and the Mudbugs?

Ed Moose
Ed Moose Savage and Mudbug Ken Kaiser
Note the Chet's wallpaper

Photo: John Keegan

Ed got on stage later and gave an extemporaneous talk on how Chet helped the dynamic of the times for him and other struggling bands. It was a sentiment repeated a few more times from the other bands. The stage had the Chet's Last Call sign, the one that looks like it was spray-painted and then another great touch - a reproduction of the tacky orange foil wallpaper of the club. That was genius. We missed the Mudbugs set and the Liz Borden Band also. Liz is a survivor having been on the scene from the early days and still gigging.

Liz Borden and Lina Viens
Photo: John Keegan

   Pajama Slave Dancers were from western Mass. Just the name tells you they were skewered off the mainstream. They took the opportunity to leave a big impression with their set. We got in just as they were going off stage and the place was buzzing about the antics. The singer stood on an amp at one point and had his head in the suspended ceiling. Some of the tiles came down. Later Ed Moose Savage pointed to the missing tiles and said that now this club was beginning to look like Chet's too.

PJ dancers
The Pajama Slave Dancers
Photo: John Keegan
Pajama Slave
The Pajama Slave Dancers
Photo: Brian Young

   The Dogmatics were never meant to be funny they were just fun loving. The years have validated everything they did in their career, certainly everything they recorded. Other groups play their hits, with the Dogmatics every song they recorded was a 'hit'. I simply melt with each song. They all have such a heart and carry the memory of those times. I'm an emotional wreck after any set by them and this was a super set. To top it off you get Thayer Street. What can you say? You can always go back home with the Dogmatics.

Jerry and Jimmy of the Dogmatics
Photo: John Keegan

   Bim Skala Bim was another group that typified the off the mainstream road that Chet's helped to forward. Bim Skala Bim have done well for themselves and have survived up to now. The ska beats they play are pretty much irresistible and the instant party time comes with it. You'd have to be cast in cement not to move once they start. The singer hurt himself onstage and was bleeding close to his eye - see photo below. He kept going though. They left a very happy bopping crowd.

Bim Skala Bim
Bim Skala Bim
Photo: John Keegan

   A much anticipated reunion of the night was of Dogzilla. They had a regional hit with "Lunch with Ed" that got played on WFNX a lot. Like the name tells you they are a hybrid beast. They are a mix of a lot of things with some funk and art rock near the top. The rhythm section (drums, bass and percussionist) were tight and precise which was the perfect backdrop to the contrapuntal duels the guitarists put on. Often they introduced the songs with those ping pong riffs and then into some odd song subjects; like a two headed child or huge squid. After things were rolling along they would unleash guitarist George Hall. He would sear through the song like a comet. With control of his pedals he would pick a tone or two or three and riff an insane array of noises and notes. They made no musical sense (or not primarily) and had nothing to do with the song but they left you stunned for a few seconds and put the performance over the top; some real tour de force work.

Photo: Blowfish

   The lead singer Sean Brann who looked like Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory had his two children on stage at one point. The surprise artist of the night was the Archbishop Enema Fetish. Dogzilla was formed from the ashes of AEF. Out comes the singer dressed in garbage bags and mop wig announced as "Amy Mandible". They swing into "Voices Carry" although not convincingly and it sort of fell apart. But that was just a joke intro. They soon amped up the sound and put punch into the affair. It was all very amusing.

Amy MandibleArchbishop Enema Fetish
Photo: John Keegan

   In the end you did feel like you could see a commonality amongst these groups and that was what Chet was channeling. The night seemed to be a big success. There was a full club. People were lined up at the bar all-night. They were selling Chetstock t-shirts and lots of people were wearing them. The proceeds of all this are going to the Pine Street Inn as if you couldn't feel any better about this. The whole thing was being filmed and filmed by none other than Tommy White of the Axe. If you missed that you should feel bad but the next Chetstocks are pretty great too.

Magic Shoppe
Bong Wish, Magic Shoppe and Zip Tie Handcuffs CLICK HERE

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

Brigands February 17 (Wednesday) Poison Idea, Child Bite, The FUs, LIVVER and Profit Margin at Once Lounge (FB event page)

February 17 (Wednesday) Duck and Cover are on the bill at the Middle East with (ex Hanoi Rocks') Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar (Tix almost sold out folks act fast here)

February 18 (Thursday) Los Texicanos and The Weisstronauts are at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville (FB page for address etc )

February 18 (Thursday) Tsunami of Sound, The Knock Ups and Dust Clouds of Mars are at Once Lounge

Delgatos February 18 (Thursday) Keytar Bear is at The Midway...a bear's gotta play but it's cold outside!! He's on before Queereoke.

February 19 (Friday) Taxicab Cowboy , The Galvanics, The Brigands and Phil Yates & The Affiliates at PA's Lounge

February 19 (Friday) The Humanoids, Arctic Horror, In The Shit and Oxblood Forge are at The Midway

February 19 (Friday) The Monsieurs, The Barbazons, Nice Guys and Pouty are at The Middle East Up.

February 19 (Friday) Go help JJ Rassler celebrate his 65th Birthday!! At the Lizard Lounge with Sugar Blood Jinx, The Downbeat 5 and the Tarbox Ramblers

February 19 (Friday) The songs of Lou Reed, David Bowie, Nelson Slater and Joe Viglione with a unique twist - the Andylousian Dogs rock out at Club Bohemia, downstairs at the Cantab Lounge, Kenne Highland will be joining The Count on stage.

February 19 (Friday) Russian Punk bands Naive and Matrixx are at the Middle East down. More info on the FB event page But fair warning the tix are $55...really????

Giant Show February 20 (Saturday) Brian Young's A Crash Course for the Ravers has The Hummingbird Syndicate as special guests. 1-4PM 95.1 WMFO

February 20 (Saturday) Roy Sludge is doing a 6- 8:30PM set at Sally O'Brien's

February 20 (Saturday) Diablogato and Gold Blood & Associates along with DJ Valdez the Sinner will be shaking it up at Store 54.

February 20 (Saturday) Classic Ruins, Fireking and Plume are at The Tavern at the End of the World - go early and have dinner the food here is awesome!!

February 20 (Saturday) Quiggs, Howie & The Scrapes, Electric Octopus, and The Black Cheers are at The Foundation Room at the House of Blues (FB page for this excellent gig!)

February 20 (Saturday) The Handymen are at The Plough and Stars (10PM show)

February 20 (Saturday) M.O.T.O. , Stop Calling Me Frank, Sprained Ankles and The Johns are at The Midway

And out in the future we have.....

Jittery Jack February 25 (Thursday) Brian Carpenter & The Confessions and the Thalia Zedek Band are at The Lizard Lounge (Thalia does TWO sets 9:30 and 11:30)

February 26 (Friday) Township is having their Vinyl Release Party, also on the bill Sidewalk Driver and When Particles Collide - at Great Scott

February 26 (Friday) Jittery Jack & Miss Amy along with Cactus Attack and The Alrighters are at O'Brien's

February 27 (Saturday) Charlie Dont Surf are at PA's Lounge.

February 27 (Saturday) Cujo, Watts , Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents and Christian McNeill are at Thunder Road

March 3 (Thursday) Bret Milano's Book Release Party (reschedged from a while ago) is at Store 54 - he'll do a short reading and John Powhida will perform as well.

March 4 (Friday) The Upper Crust, Muck & The Mires and Tsunami of Sound are at The Midway

March 5 (Saturday) Jeremy & The Harlequins and The Connection are at The Plough & Stars (Great show! )

Spotlight March 5 (Saturday) Hopelessly Obscure and the Black Souls and Tiger Bomb at the Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME

March 5 (Saturday) Liz Borden Band, Tiger Bomb, Thrust Club and The Empty are at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly

March 5 (Sunday) the concert film Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is playing at the Regent Theater as a special Bowie tribute!! 7:30PM Here the FB page Buy tix here.

March 16 (Wednesday) Battalion of Saints, Phobia, Nomads and I am Become Death are at Great Scott.

March 17 (Thursday) celebrate St Patrick's Day with Highway Chapel at The Cantab Club Boho

March 19 (Saturday) The Devil's Twin and Diablogato are at O'Brien's

March 19 (Saturday) Greg Allen's Fringe Religion is having a record release party at The Midway also on the bill are The Disquiets, Jesse Ahern and the Roots Rock Rebel Review and Paul Hennessy this is a 4PM show.

March 19 (Saturday) Lux Lives! A celebration of all things Lux and The Cramps is back this year at The Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME featuring
The Gamma Goochies, Thee Ice Picks and Video Nasties
- also music by DJs Ty Jesso and Kogar the Swinging Ape -(FB page)

Artists March 23 (Wednesday) Girls Rock Boston is putting on a show with Girls Rock Campaign Bands, Ursula and Gravel

March 25 (Friday) OK whoa....this is gonna be a wild night...go if you dare...S&M punk band GASH is at PA's Lounge...also on the bill is DISIPLINE: Boston queer BDSM Punk.

March 26 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers (1-4PM WMFO 95.1) has Four Point Restraints as guests.

March 26 (Saturday) Trusty Sidekick and Shiny Beast (who are AWESOME!!! read our review here) at The Tavern at The End of The World! Sets start at 10PM and there's NO COVER

March 28 (Monday) The Goddamn Gallows, King Sickabilly Trio, and Outlaw Ritual are at The Middle East Up.

April 1 (Friday) "Drop Ya Mic and pick up yer paint brush" is a show of Musicians' art work at Once Lounge...check out the FB page..the list is looooonnnnggg. Providing music for the event will be The Old Edison, Tom Baker and the Snakes, Stars Like Ours and Ringtail. $9 cover with free apps, art at 6PM msuic about 8:30.

April 1 (Friday) Kenne Highland 60th birthday party at The Cantab Club Bohemia

Remains April 2 (Friday) Kenne Highland 60th birthday party at the midway (this is his actual birthday!) An afternoon 4PM show -looks like Hixx and Afrika Korps - more info to come

April 2 (Friday) the night show at The Midway is Wussy and The Thalia Zedek band.

April 3- 22 (Friday) Rock n Roll Rumble at Once Lounge

April 5 (Tuesday) The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Pine Hill Haints and Diablogato are at Great Scott

April 7(Thursday) Andysocial and The Antidotes, Jagger Holly, Mongorellis and Jimmy Jacked are at Koto in Salem

May 7 (Saturday) A Crash Course For The Ravers featuring The Cal Cali Band! That's WMFO 95.1 FM 1-4PM

May 13 (Friday) Barry & the Remains, Lyres, Cal Cali Band and Muck & the Mires are at ONCE Ballroom -This show STARTS at 8PM The Remains are on at 9:30.

May 21 (Saturday) We loved him...he was unforgettable so the show goes on...Joe Coughlin Memorial- Johnny & The Jumper Cables and Classic Ruins more to come

May 21 (Saturday) A Celebration of Life of Keith Brooks (friend and hardcore music lover) will be at The Midway - on the bill: The Struggle, Honest John, Words Of Truth, CHEECH, Straphangers, and DOT RATS -This show runs from 4PM to Midnight.

CONTACT US - Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

George hall

George Hall of Dogzilla
Photo: John Keegan
Slave Dancers
Bim Skala Bim
Photo: John Keegan
Group Ken and Jen

Tommy White, Ken, Jen and Ed Moose Savage
Photo: John Keegan

Photo: John Keegan
Grouof Rockers
Matt Burns, Carmelita and John Hess at Chetstock
Photo: Blowfish
David minehan
Middle East Holiday Party


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