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December 30, 2019

BGN 2019 Year End Review

Happy New Year to our BGN Readers!

First let's stop and think about those that aren't with us anymore. RIP: Rick Ocasek, Asa Brebner, Joe Harvard, Lorna Doom (Teresa Ryan)(bassist of the Germs), Sara Romweber (Drummer for Let's Active), Daniel Johnston, Ricky Martin (Third Rail), Roky Ericson, Roy Loney (Flamin' Groovies), Yolanda Stratter, (longtime owner of Diskovery Book and Record Store in Allston), Mike Denneen (Q Division), Jonathan Sprague (Prime Movers), Vinnie Earnshaw (Greg Allen's Fringe Religion), Barrie Masters (Eddie And The Hot Rods), Kim Shattuck (The Muffs), Sleepy LaBeef and at the very end of the year, Michael Whittaker, musician and blogger of the old scene.

Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek
Asa Brebner
Joe harvard
Joe Harvard
Vin Earnshaw
Vinnie Earnshaw

In January...

There was a lot of rock at the beginning of 2019. Right off there was a show at O'Brien's with The Dents, OC45, Duck & Cover and Blame It On Whitman. Blame It On Whitman didn't have many shows this last year, we hope they up the ante this coming year.

Barrance Whitfield (sans Savages) did a cool show at Thunder Road.

Barrence Whitfield
Barrance Whitfield at Thunder Road
Photo: Blowfish

Richard Young had a great photo show called Rebels at The Leica Gallery. It was all early English punks.

Keegan reviewed a show at Koto in Salem that included: Thee Fightin' Fish, Jones Creek, 61 Ghosts and Little Billy Lost. There are so many shows at Koto that we missed but we are so glad that venue was super active during this year. Review - click here.

Club Bohemia at The Cantab is back in action after a few months shut down.

Nat Freedberg releases album called Better Late Than Never.

There was a HUGE benefit show for Chris Doherty of Gang Green at The Paradise. Bands were Unnatural Axe, Outlets, Worm, Dogmatics, Springa (with Sonic Droogs), White Dynomite, FUs, Jerry's Kids, Skate to Hell, Dave Tree, and Slapshot.

The Outlets
The Outlets at Chris Doherty benefit
Photo: Blowfish

Smitt E. Smitty did a show at Once. These Smitty style showshave their own character. Also on the bill this time were The Gala, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets and Tiger Bomb.

Rock and Roll Refugee, a musical based on the life of Genya Raven, plays in NYC.

The Keytar Bear shows up with Tsunami of Sound at a Sally O'Brien's show which also had Little Billy Lost and The Chelsea Curve. The Chelsea Curve would get our best new band prize - if we did that.

Keytar Bear
Keytar Bear with Tsunami of Sound at Sally O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish

We go to the first show at the Union Tavern which is the revamped PA's Lounge. It's one of those English pop sets by Corin Ashley that melt our musical hearts.

Color Killer look great on stage at Thunder Road where we got our first gander at Louzy who we really liked!

In February...

Simone Berk of Kid Gulliver releases an amazing recreation of Crowded House's classic album Woodface. It truly astounds.

We catch another unforgettable set by Actor/Observer at O'Brien's.

Actor/Observer at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish

The Cantab proves it's back from it's hiatus with a bill that John Keegan catches that included the first time A Bunch of Jerks appears in the BGN but not the last.

A new CD by Rich Gilbert called 11:59. Rich, now located in Nashville, will play in the Northeast a few time before the year is out.

One of our new bands of the year is Labor Hex who are hardcore with a lead singer you can't take your eyes off of. We caught them at Once with Cocked 'n Loaded.

Labor Hex
Labor Hex at Once
Photo: Blowfish

Skybar does a radio version of the Messaround with Justine, Jay Allen and Tom Baker on his show on WMFO

The Thigh Scrapers are on the provocative Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party. Turns out this cable show is a new way of catching some of our fave bands.

Needle Play are a bunch of Berklee students that play a ripping hardcore. They were mucho impressive at a Great Scott show.

Needle Play
Needle Play at Great Scott
Photo: Blowfish

We catch DNZL, Bad Memories and Loser's Circle at a Midway afternoon show. We will be haunting this easy to take in afternoon show all year.

John Keegan gets to the Bauhaus show in Worcester. check it out here

On Valentine's Day we sent out a dozen Valentines from the BGN to our favorite crushes. Valentine Card Page - Click Here.

Valentine for Justine and the Unclean
Photo: Blowfish

1.4.5., a band who started in the 80s has a banner year. They were gigging and writing new songs. They release a funny "PAHK YA CAH!"

A Gang of Four did a very welcomed show at Once with MiniBeast warming up.

The Midway has officially changed their gig times. Matinee shows are now 3-7PM and night shows are 8PM doors with music starting at 8:30.

A bad snowstorm did not prevent John Keegan from seeing The Chills at the Middle East.

The Chills
Photo: John Keegan

In March...

A warm and nice feeling night at Once for Tony Kacznski's birthday party.

The Gala release their new album Bad News.

We are hit hard by the unexpected death of Asa Brebner.

It was a blast from the past with a show at Once with the Monochrome Set. Their wide ranging post punk was as fresh as ever. Locals The Very proved that the post punk spirit is still alive too.

Monochrome Set
The Monochrome Set
Photo: Blowfish

We get to see Stop Calling Me Frank play the House of Blues opening up for the Dropkick Murphys St Patrick's Day stint.

Brad Marino of the Connection releases his solo album.

John Keegan sees The Flesh Eaters at the newish club The City Winery.

Flesh Eaters

Joe Harvard passes away.

Phil N Phlash has a retrospective show in Boston. It included lots of photos from the early days. The show even brought out the Billy Goons as well as many others.

We catch Jenn Lombari's new two person group - Stubborn Hearts at Charlie's Kitchen. Charlies' Kitchen has had their punk heavy Monday nights going for a while. Long may they last.

Zip-Tie Handcuffs and Baabes play O'Brien's. We saw both of those bands many times this year.

Baabes at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish

Triple Thick did a show at The Midway, they now have Jim Seery back on drums and all is right with the world.

In April...

The Plimsouls play Once. John Keegan tells the story. View the story HERE

The Nervous Eaters put out a new album called Record 10. It's a new rocking chapter in the long history of this group.

There is an excellent bill at O'Brien's that brought out some familiar faces. It was garage band Bad Sports that was the attraction. Giving support was Nice Guys and Far Corners from RI.

Bad Sports
Bad Sports
Photo: Blowfish

Yet another death. This time it's Ricky Martin who used to play in Third Rail.

A new CD by Proletariat. They are still very much a political voice to pay attention too.

We had a better time at the Rumble than we ever thought we would. We went to support Justine and the Unclean. Also playing was the cool Art Thieves and Blindspot. Blindspot won the night. Blindspot turned out to be a very hard working duo who played steady the rest of the year.

Justine and the Unclean
Justine and the Unclean in the Rumble
Photo: Blowfish

The very talented Vinnie Earnshaw died unexpectedly. He was the bass player for Greg Allen's Fringe Religion but played other instruments and was a songwriter.

Skybar has Brad Marino on his WMFO radio show. Brad was talking up his new album.

The Midway was the site of a crazy night of groups that record for Slovenly. It was done in conjunction with WMBR's Late Risers Club. The groups were our own Monsieurs, Tommie and the Commies from Canada and Les Lullies from France.
Photo: Blowfish

It was as much about the club as the groups as we went to check out the The Hong Kong in Harvard Square. They are back to having groups play there regularly. We see In the Meantime/Handsome Scoundrels/The Hideout. The Hong Kong turned out to be a reliable place for a rocking Thursday show and more.

Mott the Hoople did one more run around and John Keegan was there to take them in. Link to page.

Robyn Hitchcock was in the area several times this year. John Keegan saw him in Natick. Click the photo link below for the story.

Miss Lyn goes to NYC and makes it a punk holiday. She gets to see a live interview with John Lydon and the show Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die: Punk Graphics, 1976-1986 at The Museum of Art & Design, then she goes to what turns out to be a very popular show called Punk Lust: Raw Provocation 1972-1985 at the Museum of Sex. Link to page.

Johnny Roton

Once is the place where we see proto-punks Death. Opening was MiniBeast and Duck & Cover.

We head up to the North Country to Beverly where Nervous Eaters play a nicely attended show at 9 Wallis. Opening was Carolla DeVille and Mr. Airplane Man. Rob Skeen does a guest shot.

Rob Skeen plays with the Nervous Eaters at 9 Wallis
Photo: Blowfish

We catch Secret Spirit for the first time at O'Brien's. They are one of our new favorite bands.

In May...

New Alliance opens their new studio in Union Square and have a big welcoming party.

We report on the pre-opening day of The Jungle in Union Square with The Stubborn Hearts, Carrisa Johnson and the Cure Alls and Salem Wolves playing. The official opening day was May 10th.

Stubborn hearts.
Stubborn Hearts, the first band to play The Jungle
Photo: Blowfish

John Keegan covers WMFO's live music day.

Evert breaks up.

The Dogmatics announce they are going to do a documentary called - Dogumentary.

We catch a deep and satisfying set by Thalia Zedek at the Hong Kong.

Thalia Zedek
Thalia Zedek at the Hong Kong
Photo: Blowfish

Joanie Lindstrom gives her vacation report on LA and Palm Springs.

We get word that 999 is going to tour America but the big disappointment - no Boston show! Miss Lyn starts work on that.

Geoff Palmer's (of the Connection fame) new CD called Pulling Out All The Stops comes out.

Another new club opens. This time it's The Square Root in Roslindale Square. We hit the opening night with The Worried and The Hi-End Playing.

The Square Root
The Hi-End at The Square Root
Photo: Blowfish

Rick Coraccio was back from his around the Great Lakes adventure and thus we got to see a show by The Last Ones at O'Brien's. Also on the bill is The Billy Connors Project and Fireking.

Boston hip hop/rappers get together for a show called Boston Answering as a response to the Boston Calling festival shutting them out the previous year. They got some funding from the city to do it too. We admired that.

Rum Bar comes out with four new releases: Genya Raven's Icon, The Laissez Fairs' Marigold, The Cheap Cassettes' Kiss The Ass of My Heart, and a Crom Fallon single.

In June...

Roky Ericson dies.

Roky Ericson
Roky Ericson
Photo: Blowfish

Jeff Walls also known as the Flesh Hammer of the Woggles dies.

It was a ton of fun at a Midway show with Muck and the Mires, The Electric Mess and Vicki and the Vengents.

Electric Mess at the Midway
Photo: Blowfish

We tried to get to the show billed as Reunion of Artists from Cantones, The Rat, The Club, The Channel. We headed into the Middle East in Central Square but we never got there because of no parking and being rerouted because of the Riverfest going on.

Asa Brebner Memorial and Celebration is on June 19 at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. Lots of music and memories with a gathering of long time scenesters. Click here for page Asa's Memorial

Asa Brebner
Trick Wallace at the Asa Memorial
Photo: Blowfish

Out of the Blue Gallery has an all day fundraiser at their new digs on Harvard Ave.

The bill at O'Brien's has two hard hitting bands we love - Oh the Humanity! and Secret Spirit.

Freeloader has a CD release party at the Plough. Who is Freeloader? Freeloader is: Nat Freedberg, Jim Haggerty, Charles Hansen, Jim Janota. Nat had a very productive year.

Maggies Lounge Grade 2
Grade 2 at Maggy's Lounge
Photo: Blowfish

Grade 2, a punk band from England, play Maggy's Lounge in Quincy. The next week, down the street, the Nervous Eaters, Stigmatics and Tsunami of Sound play Pete's Grill.

Jenn Lombari is a guest on Skybar's Rising show on WMFO.

Quincy has it's turn for Porchfest.

Adam Sherman releases a four song EP. The song "Sweet Release" captures some deep sentiments.

In July...

It was a crazy punk show at the Midway with Stolen Wheelchairs and Doc Rotten.

Stolen Wheelchairs
Stolen Wheelchairs at Midway
Photo: Blowfish

We catch up with the bookers who call themselves Kids Like You And Me. We do a profile Click Here. Then we go to a show they booked at the Elks Lodge in Central Square with the mighty Unnatural Axe, along with Johnny and the Foodmasters, the Atlantic Thrills, Andy California and Nice Guys. Now that was a show.

New albums by Brix'n Mortar and The Coffin Salesman and Diablogato.

Nice Guys release a self titled album.

Unnatural Axe
Unnatural Axe at the Elks Lodge
Photo: Blowfish

A Middle East show by Boston Cream shows they are a group to contend with. Popularity has not caught up with their worth. There's a lot going on with this group.

Boston Cream at the Middle East
Photo: Blowfish

The last two Neats albums are released.

They were competitors at the Rumble but now Justine and the Unclean and Blindspot play a show together at The Jungle.

The Dogmatics sign on to Rum Bar Records!

This year we loved The Square Root shows like the one with Classic Ruins, The Hi-End and Stigmatics .

In August ...

The Joe Harvard Memorial with at the Middle East down with many acts including: Skeggy Kendall, Martin and Fredette, Kelly Knapp, Cockwalkers and Unnatural Axe. Joe's son Adrian had a show stopping performance.

A Midway show features Down Boy, Doom Beach and Louzy. Louzy's singer takes a leap from a high perch and can't get up. He's carried from the club. They claim later that he was alright in the end.

The Rise
The Rise....
Photo: Blowfish
The Fall
...and Fall
Photo: Blowfish

The Midway had another punk afternoon show on a Saturday. We came to love those. This one had Flashback, The Ear Bleeds and Lewd.

Photo: Blowfish

Jonathan Sprague of the Prime Movers dies.

Quincy was Dick Dale's hometown. This year they have the first Dick Dale Memorial Surf Guitar Festival at the Squantum Yacht Club.

More rock in Quincy with CJ Ramone at Maggy's Lounge. Excellent show all around with other bands C.O.B. and Dog Party.

CJ Ramone
Lenny Lashley and CJ Ramone
Photo: Blowfish

It was a bill just made for us at O'Brien's with Von Traps, Silver Screams, Baabes and Lipstick Boys.

Keegan and Byrne

The Jungle start their live cycling class. You are on a stationary cycle as a live band plays.

A bill at O'Brien's gets us to catch up on Loser's Circle, see a cool English band called Barstool Preachers, and come to a better appreciation of the local Art Thieves.

John Keegan had a busy week. He was on the Rum Bar boat cruise in Boston Harbor with The Dirty Truckers, Stop Calling Me Frank and Muck & The Mires. Then he was up in Gloucester to catch Willie Loco and finally to the Square Root in Roslindale. He works up a video slideshow.

In September...

It was Labor Day and that means the Rat Beach Party down Hull. It had 46 bands all told. Michael Weddle promises next year will have MORE bands and expand their reach to the younger bands. The young line up in Fringe continued to impress. There was also Love and Flame, Hardwired, Mad Painter, Cal Cali and wild Baabes.

The Dogmatics release a new EP on Rum Bar Records. The first new material in decades and it's awesome.
The Vibrators at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish

Great Scott is the venue for the album release show for Brix'n Mortar. On the bill is DNZL and SkyTiger.

O'Brien's filled up for the Vibrators, the old English punk group, with Duck & Cover and Sticker Shock.

Chris Brokaw at the Hong Kong was sublime. Mountain Movers, a psych group from New Haven, did the impossible and followed with a worthy psych set.

Chris Brokow
Chris Brokaw at the Hong Kong
Photo: Blowfish

The shocking loss of Rick Ocasek.

John Keegan profiles Michael Stewart of WMFO. Click here for interview. .

There's a story that Thunder Road is going to close. It's still open as the year ends though.

The Lyres play Once in the lounge upstairs with Glider. We also find out that Crypt Records is releasing a live Lyres set from the Rat recorded in 1980.

Lyres at Once
Photo: Blowfish

We get to Sonia for one of the few times this year. We see a show headlined by Conflict a classic English Anarco-punk group. Also playing was D-Sagawa, Escuela Grind.

They put chairs in the Middle East Up and have a screen onstage as we see Punk the Capitol, a movie about DC punk. They had an interview later with the film makers and local expert Al Quint.

Punk the Capitol
Punk the Capitol screens at ME UP
Photo: Blowfish

Bret Milano has a new book out called 300 Songs for 300 Years. It's the music of New Orleans all lined up.

In October...

The Dogmatics do a EP release show at Newbury Comics in Norwood. It was such a good time and interesting venue. We wish there were more shows there.

Dogmatics at Newbury Comics
Photo: Blowfish

Eddie And The Hot Rods' front man Barrie Masters passes away.

The same week Kim Shattuck, bassist and singer most notably of The Muffs dies.

Unnatural Axe goes South Shore and plays PINZ in Kingston with The Woods and Straight Eights.

Unnatural Axe
Unnatural Axe at PINZ in Kingston
Photo: Blowfish

It was a great line up at The Jungle with Kid Gulliver, The Chelsea Curve and State of the Union.

MiniBeast opens for Mike Watt at Once.

Peter Prescot - MiniBeast at Once
Photo: Blowfish

Mach Bell has released his new book Once a Rocker Always A Rocker, to an unsuspecting world. It's drawn from his tour diary of the Joe Perry Project.

The Damned unleash a four CD retrospective: Black is the Night, The Definitive Anthology.

We saw Bike Thieves from Canada a year ago and we made sure to catch them this time around. They played with The Husbands and the much ballyhooed Lady Pills.

We know by now that the KLYAM shows are something to catch. We take in a show at the Greek American Social Club in Union Square with Nice Guys, Funeral Cone and out of towners Hussy who were fantastic.

Hussy at the Greek American Social Club
Photo: Blowfish

It was the worst show of the year.... or the best. That would be Flipper at the Middle East. Yow was dead drunk but was still doing...something. On the bill was Kilslug and Reagan Youth.

David Yow/Flipper at the Middle East
Photo: Blowfish

At Once it was Tiger Bomb, Richard Lloyd AND Flamin' Groovies...what a bill! Wonderful night. The next day at Once we were back for Glider, Muck and the Mires and the Fleshtones. A pissa double whammy!

John Keegan does the Halloween thing. At the Lizard Lounge it was NOTT the Hoople with many guest stars. At Thunder Road it was Glider, Baabes, Sara & the Scaliwags, Thee Fightin' Fish and Triple Thick Slide show here

999 play Koto in Providence with Glider and the Clap. it was a last minute booking! Miss Lyn, along with much help from Cal Cali and Bob Cenci got the show together. We have a page on it HERE.

999 Nick Cash
Nick Cash of 999
Photo: Eric Law

In November ...

One thing we can count on is that the Billy Connors Project will regularly release a dynamite EP. They do it again with the song "I Call Bullshit". It hits hard.

A Bunch of Jerks has a new CD titled Anguish as a Second Language. There's showy glam that underlines their punk style. One song had us bonkers called "Rainbow Pitbull Party".

We celebrate Hixxsgiving at Midway with crazy Hixx and out of towners Shut Up. Also playing was the Guilloteenagers. They reshuffled their line up and the group was transformed giving a show to remember.

Guilloteenagers take it to another level at the Midway
Photo: Blowfish

In our mission to not miss any Von Traps show we headed to The Jungle where they play with Pretty Pleased.

It's very familiar to us - the Saturday afternoon show at the Midway. For our punk blast this time it's SEE THIS WORLD, Damaged and Pint Killers.

We do a two day stint at the Union Pub for the International Pop Overthrow. Glowbox is a new power pop group that impressed us mightily. We also saw, Hummingbird Syndicate, Kid Gulliver, Crunchtime, Eric Barao Group, Richie Parsons Group, Trick Wallace Group, 1.4.5. and Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems.

Glowbox at the IPO at the Union
Photo: Blowfish

It took about a decade but the Neighborhoods release Last Known Address, a promised album and it sounds rocking and has some songs that will be added to the Neighborhoods classic material.

We get interviewed for the new documentary...or Dogumentary about the Dogmatics.

At the Midway we see Triple Thick who had urged us to see the show, not for them, mind you, but for Rodentt, who are like a drunken wedding band from the 1970s - hysterical. We also got a Classic Ruins set in there too.

Rodentt and their music from hell
Photo: Blowfish

Once gets another high profile show with Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding. Diablogato opens for them.

The Von Traps again. This time at Maggy's Lounge with the always great Duck & Cover.


A year later we get back to the new location to check out the progress of the New Alliance Studios. The place is popping. It's filled with art, and recordings are coming out of the studios themselves.

The yearly Toys For Tots show that Losers Circle puts on gets us in the Christmas spirit. C.O.B. also put in a set that impressed. And those gaudy Christmas shirts!!

Losers Circle
Losers Circle with Santa shirts
Photo: Blowfish

And yes, it's Von Traps again. This time they are on a bill at Once with Brix'n Mortar, Nice Guys and the seasonal funtastic showing of the Scrooges. That was fun.

John Keegan found the holiday spirit in the Christmas spectacle called Horton's Holiday Hayride 2019 at the Paradise. The Reverend Horton Heat had buddy Dave Alvin as quest. The Voodoo Glow Skulls and the's. Click here for review.


John Keegan interviews the people behind The WhistleStop Rock tour that's coming up early next year. Click here for interview.

Whistle Stop

Des Desmond starts posting photos of him building his new space, once again called The Magic Room. This time at the Norwood Space Center. Something to look forward to for 2020.

We interview Des about the can look forward to that here next week!!

While doing this year end review we hear about a very sad loss. Michael Whittaker succumbed to health problems on Friday, December 27th. Michael was a well known and much loved soundman. He began his stint way back when at The Underground! Michael also wrote the wonderful tribute to punk women who changed his life, 52 Gurls. Tons of love and tribute are already pouring in for Michael on his Facebook page. He was a brilliant guy and will be missed!! RIP Michael Whittaker.

John Keegan has made a video slideshow of some of his favorite photos of the year. See below.

The most watched videos this year. All got over a 100 plays:

Dogmatics Newbury Comics 10/5 - Video Link
WMFO live music day NYC 4/15 - Video Link
Johnny Rotten NYC 4/15 - Video Link
Needle Play Great Scott 2/26 - Video Link
Little Billy Lost Sally O'Brien's 1/18 - Video Link
Thee Sonomatics Sally O'Brien's 3/30 - Video Link
Labor Hex Sonia 5/19 - Video Link
Stolen Wheelchairs Midway 6/28 - Video Link
Runouts Midway 6/30 - Video Link
Labor Hex Once 2/8 - Video Link
Runouts O'Brien's 8/22 - Video Link
Vicky and the Vengents Middle East 6/1 - Video Link
The Last Ones O'Brien's 5/19 - Video Link

Mark you calendar for:

Oh the Humanity Friday Jan 3 Oh The Humanity!, Loser's Circle, Tensor, Rage//Quit at O’Brien’s

Friday January 10 - All Mod Cons Final Show at Once, because of the huge response it hads been moved from the upstairs Lounge to the Ballroom. (See below for more info)

Saturday January 11 -Black Beach / Nomad Stones / Labor Hex / Chrome Over Brass At Great Scott

Saturday January 11- Lyres (record release party) Middle East Up -early show at 6:30.

Saturday January 25- Punk Rock Aerobics is back! Get in shape after the holidays! At Once Ballroom 12-2:30 FB page

May 8, 9 & 10 - Salem Answers-Night: A three day music fest to celebrate and encourage the arts, magic, equality, and diversity of Salem! (listings below)

The Hoodoo Gurus are playing the Sinclair….on November 7 ….2020!! But lucky you ticket are already for sale!!

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

Hex December 30 (Monday) The Last Rebuilder New Year’s Eve Party at Charlie's Kitchen with Save Ends, Sorry and 1 special guest to be announced

December 31 (Tuesday) Ken Highland's HAPPY LOU YEAR 2020 New Year's Eve Club Bohemia

December 31 (Tuesday) NYE show with Margaret & The CoPilots & Sugar Blood Jinx at Atwood's

December 31 (Tuesday) Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys and The Devil's Twins at Once

January 3 (Friday) Oh The Humanity!, Loser's Circle, Tensor, Rage//Quit at O’Brien’s

January 3 (Friday) SkyTigers, The Prozacs, The Bin Men, Circus Battalion at The Jungle

January 4 (Saturday) The McGunks, Hamhocker, We Own Land, COB matinee show at The Midway 3-7PM

January 4 (Saturday) Handsome, Four Point Restraints, T and the Wrecks, Micah Howeson at The Jungle

Rock Show January 4 (Saturday) Freaking, Minibeast, Service, Nice Guys @ Great Scott

January 5 (Sunday) Jake McKelvie & The Countertops, Tyler Berd + His Deputies (ex Bellwire), Puppy Problems, Time and Place at O'Brien's

January 10 (Friday) All Mod Cons Final Show....this will be a special event...after 30 years and lots of shows in the UK All Mod Cons are planning a great night with great music and a host of local musicians getting together to celebrate the music of The Jam and the music of Boston. Also on the bill are The Cretins and Didn't Planet. Also, since the band Boy's Life twice played support for The Jam (at The Channel and the Orpheum), John Surette will take to the stage with All Mod Cons as his back up band to play a couple of Boys Life tunes and then a dive headlong into Private Hell to end it. It all happens at Once Lounge (upstairs) Music atarts at 9PM. Tickets here. FB page

January 10 (Friday) Nomad Stones, Labor Hex, Chrome Over Brass at Opus Underground Salem

January 10 (Friday) The Mercy Case, Bystander, blindspot, Foxes at Koto Salem

January 10 (Friday) Meanmugg, The Gala, Billy Midol & Fat Knuckle Freddy at Geno's Portland, ME

January 11 (Saturday) Black Beach, Nomad Stones, Labor Hex, Chrome Over Brass at Great Scott FB page

January 11 (Saturday) Lyres (record release party) Middle East Up -early show at 6:30.

January 11 (Saturday) No Fucker (NY), Sadist, Innocent, Bakkara at The Hong Kong Harvard Sq

Fu's rock show January 11 (Saturday) Nick Barbarian, Loser’s Circle, The Runouts, CE Skidmore at The Midway

January 11 (Saturday) Motel Black, The Bind, Me In Capris at The Square Root

January 11 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival at Askew in Providence- this is the first Whistle Stop - Featuring: Heather Rose In Clover, The Knock Ups, The Chelsea Curve, PowerSlut, Kid Gulliver, The Cold Expectations, Justine and the Unclean

January 15 (Wednesday) Randy Black & The Heathcroppers Plough & Stars Residency 6-8 pm

January 16 (Thursday) Camper Von Bethoven and Cracker winter tour at The Middle East Down.

January 18 (Saturday) Triple Thick, Crunchtime, 1.4.5., Butterscott at The Midway 3-7PM matinee

January 18 (Saturday) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Muck and the Mires at The Middle East FB page and tickets

January 19 (Sunday) Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and Tiger Bomb at Sun Tiki Studios Portland, ME 8PM doors - FB page.

January 19 (Sunday) Brix 'N'Mortar, The Hangovers, Stubborn Hearts, Hellbound Hitman at Koto Providence RI MUSIC Starts at 6PM!!

January 19 (Sunday) Stoploss, Secret Spirit, F.U.’s, more TBA at The Thirsty First Tavern Lowell FB page 2-6PM and this is an ALL AGES show.

And further out there is.....

Brian Young WMFO January 25 (Saturday) Punk Rock Aerobics 12-2:30PM at Once Ballroom

January 25 (Saturday) The Ratz, Sonorous Rising, Rockin' Bob's Punk Band, T-Wreck at 33 Golden Street, New London, CT

January 27 (Monday) il Mostro, Between Skies, Silver Screams at Charlie's Kitchen

February 1 (Saturday) Stop Calling Me Frank,Greg Allen's Fringe Religion,Tsunami of Sound at The Square Root Roslindale

February 7 (Friday) Lucid Lynx, Above The Din, Luxury Deathrap, Heavy Hands at The Midway

February 7 (Friday) Immolators, Labor Hex, Wire Lines, Brain Vacuum at 13th Floor Music Lounge Florence MA.

February 8 (Saturday) SS*25, The Von Traps, The Lipstick Boys at Sally O'Brien's FB page

February 8 (Saturday) Scuzzy Yeti, IL Mostro, Z/28 and Wrought Iron Hex at The Midway

February 8 (Saturday) Nick And The Adversaries (CD Release), Jason Bennett and The Resistance, Triggered at The Middle East Up

February 8 (Saturday) Confusatron, Escuela Grind, Willzyx, Lepra, Sores at Geno's Portland, ME

BGN Archives February 15 (Saturday) The Gala, Hambone Skinny, Zulu Lulu at The Square Root

February 16 (Sunday) Stop Calling Me Frank, State of the Union, The New Frustrations, The Steamies at The Midway - matinee 3-7PM

February 16 (Sunday) HardCore Stadium presents Fuming Mouth, High Command, Raw Radar War, Suffer on Acid, Mangled - MIddle East Up 7PM

February 22 (Saturday) Justine's Black Threads EP Release Party w/Two Fathoms Down at Atwood's TAvern - this is a 4-6PM show.

February 22 (Saturday) Rum Bar Records Anniversary Show with The Dogmatics - 11:00 PM, Muck and the Mires - 10:00 PM, The Dirty Truckers - 9:00 PM at The Square Root

February 23 (Sunday) Sick Minds, Skytigers, Color Killer, Nine Votes Short - 2-6PM matinee and ALL AGES at Thirsty First in Lowell

February 24 (Monday) Dead Bars at Charlie’s Kitchen

February 28 (Friday) LUX LIVES East Coast 2020 with The Evil Streaks, The Demon Seeds, Thee Benevolent Tarots and DJ Kogar the Swinging Ape playing Lux and Ivy's Favorites all night long! at Opus Underground Salem. FB page.

February 29 (Saturday) DJ Easy Ed presents: Lynnette & the Sundowners, The Barley Hoppers, Easy Ed's Record Hop at The MIdway for a 3-7PM matinee show.

February 29 (Saturday) PowerSlut “Fun With Junk” Release Party...AND...WhistleStop Rock Fest featuring The Chelsea Curve, Cold Expectations, Field Day, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine and The Unclean, Lockette, Kid Gulliver, The Knock Ups, The Shang-Hi-Los, and Tiger Bomb! EARLY show 3PM - Midnight mat Once Somerville.

Rock show March 13 (Friday) This is Night 1 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: The Knock Ups, The Cold Expectations, The Chelsea Curve at Koto Salem

March 14 (Saturday) This is Night 2 of a 2-night Whistle Stop Rock festival in Salem!! Featuring: Kid Gulliver, Heather Rose In Clover, Justine's Black Threads... And special guests: The Dents!! at Koto

March 21 (Saturday) POST PUNK II with Chuck Ferreira, Duncan w Johnson, Anthony Kaczynski at Sally O'Brien's

March 28 (Saturday) Bombpops, MakeWar, Pass Away, In the Meantime at The Hong Kong

March 28 (Saturday) The Zulus at The Paradise

March 28 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Portland with Tiger Bomb, Heather Rose In Clover, The Knock Ups, PowerSlut, The Chelsea Curve, Kid Gulliver, Justine and the Unclean at Sun Tiki Studios 6PM start!!! FB page

April 4 (Saturday) Uncomfortables, DNZL, Joe Division, The Damaged at the 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence MA

April 19 (Sunday) The Undertones at The Paradise

April 25 (Saturday) WhistleStop Rock Festival Western Massachusetts - featuring: Heather Rose In Clover, Kid Gulliver, The Cold Expectations, OTP and special guests State Of The Union at HiLO North Adams - FB page

Rock aerobics May 8 (Friday) Salem Answers-Night 1: This is a music fest to celebrate and encourage the arts, magic, equality, and diversity of Salem! 7-9 at Koto: Acoustic sets with Pink Malahares, CoffinSalesman, Jenn Lombari - 9:30 to close at Koto: Salem Wolves, Oh The Humanity!, Radio Compass, Bad Larry's....9:30 to Close at Opus: Marianne Toilet and the Runs, Losers Circle, Red Ledger, Hyber, Subourban Sunrise FB page

May 9 (Saturday) Salem Answers-Night 2: 7-9 at Koto: Acoustic sets with Live Nude Girls, C.Murray, C.Okeeefe - 9:30 to close at Koto: Diablogato, Brix'N Mortar, Hellbound Hitmen, Skytigers, Motel Black...9:30 to Close at Opus: The Gala U.S., Z28, The Von Traps, The Downhauls FB page

May 10 (Sunday) SalemAnswers-Night 3: 7-9 at Koto: Acoustic sets with Carissa Angelo, Opus, Vilanvs, - 9:30 to close at Koto: Stiff Propisition (Glamtastic covers members of Bacterial Husk, Sexcrement, and Brix'N Mortar), Master of Beers (Metallica), Aces High (Iron Maiden), Warthog (Ramones ). FB page

May 16 (Saturday) Baabes, The Knock Ups, Mister Vertigo, Motel Black at The Jungle

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Outlet for love
Our Outlet Valentine
Photo: John Keegan
Asa's Memorial
Photo: Blowfish
Rock the year away
OC 45 at O'Brien's
Photo: Blowfish
Art Thieves
Art Thieves
Photo: Blowfish

Photo: Blowfish
Rock and Roll
Frank Rowe - Classic Ruins
Photo: John Keegan
Wayne face
Wayne Viens at Newbury Comics
Photo: Blowfish
Brix n Mortor
Brix'n Mortar at Great Scott
Photo: Blowfish
Photo: Blowfish
Duck and Cover
Duck & Cover at Molly's Lounge
Photo: Blowfish
Von Traps
The Von Traps
Photo: Blowfish


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