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December 21, 2020

Another sad loss for the Boston music scene....Bob Moses, well known for being a guitarist for Busted Statues, died this week. Busted Statues were, a mid-eighties group. They never got too much traction and had very few recordings but to those that heard them there is a cult like fanaticism. They could be transcendent.

The First video below is their single “Red Clouds”. The second video below is a live version on "Light in August"

RIP Bob!!

Greg Allen of Greg Allen’s Fringe Religion has a long and interesting rock history. Every time we hear him talk, another facet of his career comes to light....and Greg really knows how to tell an anecdote! Right now he’s working on a new album and it’s almost done.

Greg Allen John Keegan did all the heavy work in this BGN interview. You'll get the skinny on the new album and a few good tales out of Greg. It a good read!!
Here's a little of it:

JK - Rumor has it that you have a new disk on the way. Does it have a title yet? Who’s in the band?

Greg- We’ve been working on a new record for about 5 months and have 5-6 songs in various stages of mixes.

JK - Did you have ideas that you were trying out or some things that you wanted to change up from past efforts?

Greg - Yes, this is going to be a pretty diverse record. Some are 60’s – 70’s pop-ish, some are punk rock (whatever the fuck that means), some delta blues, some almost like ska, a couple of acoustic numbers, some rockers. We’ll see how it all comes to fruition. Its closer to a record that I did with Johnny Rao a few years back called Just for You – but with more variety and detail.

JK- The song “ I Need a Facelift” that you premiered on Joe Public Speaking (Listen Here ) is hysterical. Do you consciously think of making a song funny?

Greg Allen Greg - I saw some disturbing evidence that led up to writing that song. I don’t ever consciously write to be funny but sometimes the characters lends themselves to it. That one took about 5 minutes. It’s pretty easy when all the information is right there in front of you and you don’t have to labor over the lyrics or anything. Like Joe Friday on Dragnet, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

JK - How did you feel about the Jerry Nolan book that came out a couple of years ago? Was it fairly representative of the Jerry Nolan that you knew?

Greg - No, not as far as I’m concerned. Curt Weiss is a good guy, a good writer and a good drummer but he didn’t know Jerry. I don’t think he even met him. All the information in the book is from other people - their opinions. And who knows what salacious intentions the publishers had to sell that shit.

The Jerry Nolan that I knew was a good guy – sorta like your cool older brother who goes to Vietnam (War) and comes back different but he’s still your cool older brother………

Hit the photo below to access the interview

Greg Allen

Nancy Barile is a punk/hardcore fan that took the lessons she learned in the hardcore scene and put it toward her career as a teacher. She's written a book called I’m Not Holding Your Coat. We love everything she has to say in the Dig Boston interview she did – that’s here.
Punk authoress She reveals more even in this Guardian interview.

Too often people from the outside have seen involvement in punk as a problem. We know it isn’t but it’s hard to convince those people with preconceived ideas. It’s comforting to think that people like Nancy are IN the system (Revere High School) and can help steer and explain away some criticism. We’re sure she’s not the only one either.

She spent her hardcore years in Boston, the Channel is her favorite club. Sound like a book to get? We think so and it’s not from a corporate publisher either but from Bazillion Points. They describe themselves: “America’s “smallest but heaviest publisher. Bazillion Points delivers books from many netherworlds to a rabid, overlooked readership of voracious bookwurms. We are independently independent, opening the gateways to a bazillion points of interest.” Order I'm Not Holding Your Coat on their website.

Brian Coleman had a quest spot on the Greater Boston
Channel Two
show. If you still don’t get what the book Buy Me Boston is about this is a chance to get an idea of what it is ... and the memories and issues it brings up.

Vanyaland posted an article on the loss of mid-sized venues in the city. Nothing new really but maybe we still can’t get used to the idea. The Midway was not mentioned!! Not even when listing the venues that are surviving!! Now that's a misstep we think, and hang on, we still have a ways to go!! Anyway read the article here.

Now there are two vaccines that are just being shipped and front line workers are getting the early doses. When the public begins to get doses and then reaches herd immunity is a guess. When the clubs get back going? Six months? A year? We're chompin' at the bit...we hope it happens sooner than later. Meanwhile......

The Midway has been consistent in the frequency of their live streams and that’s much appreciated. Saturday was a great two band bill.

Paper Tiger
Paper Tigers
Stubborn Hearts
Stubborn Hearts

We first saw Paper Tigers in the Midway live stream and here we are again this Saturday. We also saw them just last week on the Once Virtual Venue. They've made themselves available for these shows where others haven’t and that's helped raise their profile . They're getting some traction, at least with us, just on their live streams with no prior live show to base an opinion on!!

They are able to somehow transmit their intensity through the live feed. They rock loud but not too loud for the electronics evidently because you can hear some tonal variety. Their songs also are distinct, they don’t go by in a blur. They played for almost 45 minutes. We would say that it was one of the
best live sets yet. You know what we are going to say – now, we are dying to hear them live!!

Stubborn Hearts is a band that always wants to play. Before the shutdown this Providence duo was in Boston regularly. They even were the first band to play The Jungle. We’ve seen them many times. They're a duo of guitar/drums and Jenn Lombari on guitar fills up a lot of acoustic space. One of the main things that separate them from others is the songwriting. Jenn is a prolific songwriter and the quality never slips. It’s fast punk with some emotion.

For us it was like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while. The minute we hear Jenn’s voice all the memories come back.


C Note fundraiser The C Note in Hull is actively trying to pay the rent over this period like every other club. The C Note is important because it’s the only South Shore punk/rock venue, if that goes so goes the music – completely for the area.

Mikke Worm of Wreckless Wreck Chords is the process of recording Save the C Note, a compilation whose proceeds will help to keep the C Note open. We'll keep track of that as time goes on. You can help the C Note now by contributing to their GoFundMePage.

As we know, Once is closed ... Once Virtual Venue has an Facebook event on December 31 at 8 PM. Consolation Prize is a "a night of performance, art, anecdotes" . On the bill is the ineluctable Linnea’s Garden, The Shang Hi Los and Walter Sickert and the Army of Toys among many others. The Facebook event page is here.

Bandcamp Fridays has become a thing in this covid shutdown where Bandcamp has waved their fees on Fridays. Bandcamp announced that the program will continue in 2021 for the months of Feb/March/April/May. The next Bandcamp Friday is Feb 5. Check this page for updates.

Color Killer Color Killer

It’s been a while so we glad to see Color Killer do another live stream this week. They all seem a few inches taller since we last saw them, which is something we have never said about any other band we have ever seen! Guitarist Dylan had a previous appointment and couldn’t make it but they still sounded full and rocking. There were some familiar songs like. “I’m Not From California” and “Spiders”. We always thought their Christmas song “I’m Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas” was one of the few seasonal songs we like. They tied it all up with a cover of Green Day’s “American Idiot”. Nice seeing the guys again. Watch the video here.

Garagecast Linnea
Linnea Herzog

Linda's Garagecast did Episode 15 this week in the most welcome live stream on the air! This week with Linda Bean Pardee was the ubiquitous Linnea Herzog and Hands O’d. The song is “Flying Saucer Attack” by the Rezillos. We always want more Rezillos! Linnea was dressed in silver pants and red hair – Fay Fife would approve!! Oh and ... John Keegan saw the Rezillos in 2005 at Johnny D’s.

Linda's Garagecast on Facebook watch it here!!

Shang Hi Los The Shang Hi Los' five song EP Kick it Like A Wicked Bad Habit is very close to being released. The title is a line from everyone's favorite song this year “Sway Little Player”. Right now you can listen to "Sway" and “Skipping Record” which like “Sway” is simple, retro, catchy with an in the pocket fiery guitar solo. Check it out on Bandcamp.

Still unreleased is “Funeral Home Mint” – what?? We can’t wait to hear that one!! They also cover Chicago's “Saturday in the Park” which they did in a video stream celebrating the debut of “Queen of the Drive In” back in July. We cover that and have a link to the video here.

Cold Expectations have a video on Facebook of their new Christmas song. “Coat of Snow” is not a mindless jingle but a serious turn to the season. Gee, it’s very adult and that’s a nice way to be treated. It’s also a bit haunting. We think this is the way to do things. We’d like to see more of it. Check it out on Facebook

Circus Battalion created a video “Christmas Mix” to their song “Misery”. It’s a gift of punk for your Christmastime. It made us realize how we really have come up short lately for punk in general. The video of "Misery" is below.

Hummingbird Syndicate have another video from their album Keep Loving Keep Living. “Seems to Me” is a winsome sunshine pop gem, it also contains the album encouraging title in its lyrics. Jon Macey has put a lot of time and effort into promoting this album despite, and because of, this quarantine problem. He’s right to do so, on a few levels. One thing is that the songs on this album only sound better the more you hear them and become familiar with them. The video of "Seems to Me" is above.

French Radio Joe Viglione is now adding Radio Shows onto the Cantab page. It’s pretty cool. He posts the playlist and the link to the radio show that will either stream or, in the case of Salem’s WMWM, will stream or download. Bob Nelson who is the DJ on the WMWM show plays a wide range of music. We like that he has a long history in local music and has the stories to back it up.

The other show on the page is Free and Easy from France. It’s all garage rock and lots of fun. You hear a version of the Doors “Crystal Ship” in French. Muck and the Mires are included with “6 O’Clock Baby”. Listen to this for a French intro to Muck…Muck French intro. Then they hit up a 1983 cut by The Prime Movers – that got us by surprise. Here is the intro in French and the whole song – hey, it’s been a while! Prime Movers song with French intro.

These were very enjoyable diversions. We are going to keep track of the postings. You can too at The Club Bohemia Newsletter

Robin Lane has a new album. Instant Album has a generous 16 cuts on it. You can buy on Robin’s website

Juliana Hatfield did a live stream from Q Division on Saturday. She played her whole 1993 album Become What You Are. It was just her and her acoustic guitar.

The sound was so clear. You could hear every word and every string plucked. It pays to do a studio set up like this. Juliana has a very busy guitar style. She has her own musical logic. There were unusual chord shapes. Many were moved around the neck with open strings. At the end she added and extra song - “Christmas Cactus”.

She had been talking about doing the album over again on a better Martin guitar…and she did it…the whole thing again! The Martin did sound better. It was a double dose. This is must see for Hatfield fans!!

Radio and Podcasts.....

Bay State Rock Carmelita and Bay State Rock did their thing again this week playing a expert combo of new and old Boston rock. The show started with The Dirty Truckers doing “Help You Ann”, the Truckers captured the magic on that one. Then it was the new The Wandering Ones featuring Johnny Carevale. It went on with old numbers by Native Tongue, Buffalo Tom, MOB, The Hoods, and Bosstones and new ones by Salem Wolves, The Hoods, Sky Tigers and Diablogato.

Listen to Bay State Rock on the Anchorfm site

The podcast Soundman Confidential had an interview with Jerry Harrison. Jerry talks about his time with Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. You don’t hear anyone talk as much about the group from the inside. He moves onto his time in the Talking Heads. This is much worth listening to for both Modern Lovers and Talking Head fans. The podcast is here: Jerry Harrison ~ Talking Heads and Modern Lovers (

Jonathan Richman

Harrison mentions that he played on Richman’s last album called SA and that it was not on a major label or any streaming services but was available on Bandcamp…sure enough it is. SA on Bandcamp

Jonathan RIchman Tote There are elements of Indian music, like drones, going on in some tunes. In that way it harkens back to some Velvet Underground sounds. Then he is singing in an Indian style on many songs too. Then again he has a song called “Alegre Soy!” which is Spanish. No matter how he frames his songs it’s all very Jonathan Richmanish.

Some songs like “Yes, Take Me Home”, “The Sad Trumpets of Afternoon” and “And Do No Other Things” could have come off any earlier album. You can get the album in digital form or vinyl. You can also buy a t-shirt or tote (photo to the right) with the album art, which is drawn by Jonathan. All that is on the Bandcamp page – link above.

CDs/ Music....

Richard Mirsky has his new album Run Away on YouTube. If this was all created and done during the pandemic shutdown it’s an amazing piece of creativity right there.

Run Away It begins with “I Have a (Peter) Gub", (yes Gub that's not a typo) It's an instrumental with a “Peter Gun” style riff. That shows off Rich’s instrumental prowess but doesn’t reflect the rest of the album.

As the album plays on you can feel the unity between the cuts and you hear Rich’s outlook in the lyrics. For us the song “Losing My Mind” was a lead in to “What’s My Name" That song with its orchestral type backing in spots hits hard with its sobering self-analysis.

What a deep and comforting song “Clear Fine Day” is. It a song to listen to closely and give your full attention, it will resonate.

The album is on YouTube now and Preorder the CD due by Christmas at Rich’s website

Coming up.....

Virtual/ Streaming/Online Events.....

Garagecast Don't forget to check out Linda Bean Pardee's Linda Garagecast every week.

Monday December 21 -8 PM Say good-bye to Once Ballroom with Radium Girls Full Moon Farewell: Live at Once Full Set Video Premiere. Link here.
Please join Radium Girls for a Live Chat as Once Virtual Venue airs the entirety of our final hurrah filmed at the packed Once Ballroom and edited for your at home pandemic viewing pleasure. Show starts at 8.

Crash Course Sunday December 20 -6:30 PM Lenny Lashley's Gang of One is doing a live stream called The Christmas Gaggle. There'll be merch giveaways, fan fave song polls and more!! A portion of the proceeds go to The Pine Street Inn. FB page for link.

Wednesday December 30- 9PM - Join Patti and her band for a performance on her birthday, December 30th at 6pm PST, 9pm EST. (This is a live only event so be there) Patti Smith on Veeps for tix and watch.

Thursday December 31- 8 PM - Consolation Prize NYE Offering of Silver Linings x OVV- FB event page.

well if we can't have music we have some cool film events.....

Thursday January 14- 8 PM - The Coolidge Corner Cinema hosts Virtual Seminar: Blue Velvet with Beatrice Loayza - FB page.

Bruce in Evil Dead Saturday January 23- 9-11.30 PM How cool is this?? Watch The Evil Dead with live commentary by Bruce Campbell!! "Have you ever dreamed of watching your favorite movie with the star from that flick? Now is your chance to hand over the remote control to Bruce Campbell and let him guide you through The Evil Dead like you have never experienced it before. Relive the movie through the eyes of the star - pausing the action to explain scenes, tell unknown stories about the action, or provide funny tidbits of trivia... straight from the source. Bruce Campbell, legend, actor, producer, writer, director, best-selling author…cult hero." FB event page.

CONTACT US Send us your gig listings, your anything else ya got!! You want your CD reviewed?? Contact us for that too.

Lenny Lahley Lenny Lashley


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